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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/16/2016 12:03:07 PM

The things written in the original post are a mix of true and false claims, as well as false assumptions and inferences.

Firstly, the woman referred to as the first Eve was not the first woman. There were male and female humans at that time and for a very long time before. Those are just false inferences made through lack of knowledge and objectivity.

And in all likelihood, the time our Ancestors were not male and female would have been long before we were humans or other form of primate, and likely before we were mammals. And the exact form of how we lived is not known. There presently exist various types of asexual production, and some species that do have male and female, don't become one or the other based on DNA, but instead based on the environment.

The claims of human woman asexual reproduction is very unlikely and there have been no verified cases. Just because claims have been made doesn't mean it's true. And in present time, if anybody made such a claim, it would be easy to verify with a genetic test.

And this:
The Y chromosome comes from female scientists, as Ninti, known as Mother Ninti or Nunet, who experimented with the side of an X chromosome maiming it by removing 2.8 percent of X chromosomes.

Do the I them seriously believe this? To I, it is just another bible-like story, mixed with scientific appearing fiction.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/16/2016 6:25:43 PM

Good spot, I don't believe that X and Y chromosome information is true at all. What we do know is that the X is older than the Y, make of that what you want. The Afrikan wombman gave birth to the world, from that perspective she is God. She is also the original manifestation of InI ancient perspective of God. When we first come into the physical world she is sole responsible for our survival and sustainence, in this aspect she is God; if one pays attention to the full definitions given to the word. This thread is to acknowledge and uplift the feminine divinity, which is just as, even arguably more relevant or true than male divinity.

Maat is balance. And even she is a woman!

Watch the videos though!!


Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/18/2016 7:38:01 PM

"Matriarchy is not an absolute and cynical triumph of woman over man; it is a harmonious dualism" --Cheikh Anta Diop

"I am more then just a woman. I am a temple. I am of and for Gods and if you cannot come to me as divine, then do not come to me at all.." --Mayahausca


Afrikan culture has long believed that the MOTHER and child relationship is the foundation of all society. Most of human society, to very recent historical times, also clung to this moral and spiritual precept. Thus, in ancient times, MOTHERHOOD was a source of great celebration, honor and authority.

It is MOTHERHOOD that guards the morality of the community. In ancient cultures, MOTHERHOOD is the core of communal organization. It is the MOTHER who was responsible for transmitting political rights and confirming social position. The etymology of the word "MATRIARCHY" is 'ARCH', which means principle and 'MATRI', which means MOTHER.

Thus, the word matriarchy means MOTHER principle. It does not imply woman domination or the systematic abuse of men and boys. The communities of the matriarchal Amazons and the Gorgons of Libya are a decided formation of beliefs and culture that stand outside the great epoch of classical civilization. These societies formed after the ancient ones collapsed.

NURTURANCE, COMPASSION, ALTRUISM and PEACEFULNESS in this context are Communal Concerns. This is the Great WISDOM of Ancient Civilizations that seem to maintain a SENSE of ORDER and BALANCE, which is UNIMAGINABLE among modern peoples. Among ancient Afrikans, a Woman's place derived from her OVERALL ABILITY to CREATE and SUSTAIN CULTURE. Her powers were SPIRITUAL, MENTAL and PHYSICAL and her True Place was in the HOME or GREAT HOUSE of the KNOWN and UNKNOWN UNIVERSE.

The OLDEST known system of Humanity is MATRILINEAL SUCCESSION. Matrilineal Culture has long believed that the MOTHER and child relationship is the CENTER of COMMUNAL LIFE. For all communities, to very recent times clung also to this moral and spiritual precept.

The emergence of Patriarchal Societies came with the many waves of VIOLENT INVADERS and FORCED AND DECEPTIVE CONVERSIONS of aboriginal peoples to religion. The new religion accompanied ENSLAVEMENT and COLONIZATION, which was presented as Social Caste. This is ironic since many major religions emerged from the efforts of the MOTHERS and PATERNAL HEADS THAT WERE NOT DUALISTIC AND WAR-LIKE IN THEIR TEMPERAMENT. The roots of religion are traced back to Afrika. The new "church" initiated and maintained thorough patriarchal consciousness in social organization, politics and theology.

Some estimate that the matrilineal epoch of humanity lasted for up to 25,000 years or more. The MATERNAL CLAN SYSTEM is as old as Humanity itself. This is the Pre-Family period. Certain aspects characterize many Matrilineal Civilizations. This does not only express its FEMINIZATION, but it is well-known that most, if not ALL of these cultures were Afrikan.

Matrilineal patterns of Social Organization are strong in Ancient and even modern Afrikan communities. Some suggest it is this very idea that has essentially defined proto-Afrikan culture from more modern populations. This is the assertion of Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop in his book, The Cultural Unity of Africa, 1990. Correctly, what characterizes Matrilineal Culture also reveals Traditional Afrikan currents and concerns.

Matrilineal Communities are known to participate in and or manifest certain Communal aspects:

Maternal systems space their children for health and weaning.

Maternal systems support equal growth for women and men.

Maternal systems support communal sharing of resources and land.

Maternal systems respects a woman's right to choose and decide her future.

These are some of the general traits. These traits definitely pertain to the more notorious Matrilineal Afrikan civilizations like Cush, Khemet, Indus Valley, Crete, Troy, Babylon, Sumer, and Canaan among others.

Modern people tend to view Matrilineal Societies with fear. Their legacy and level of accomplishments CANNOT BE DISPUTED OR OVERLOOKED. For they are responsible for ALL MANNERS OF SCIENCE, ART, PHILOSOPHY, RELIGION and CULTURE.


Excerpt (Edited) from Author "Matomah Alesha"

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/19/2016 10:48:10 AM

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/19/2016 6:24:12 PM

– by Dr. Suzar


...where all life begins, for we still are in the Yoni ¬the Great Turning Circle ¬Yoni-verse of The Great Mamma of Creation. From Her Great Womb of Life did flow the primordial Waters of Creation ¬the Sound ¬ the Word that was In The Beginning. The Essence of which was, still is, and ever will be, LOVE.

Yoni = Uni, Oni, One. And One begins with the Circle which is the Hole, the Yoni, the same Yoni-Circle found in the Arch-symbol of Life called the Ankh. And Yoni begins with the Y of Her Thighs. For it is the Doorway, the Y-shaped DELTA entrance, outrance of the Womb of Life, from where the souls of all beings emerge. Delta itself also means womb. And in Her Creation, absolutely Everythang is moving in Circles, Spirals. Even as you read through the circle of the pupils of your circular eyes, you are moving in multiple circles: the circle from the spinning of Earth, the circle from Earth revolving around the sun, and the circle of the whole solar system revolving in a spiraling = circling galaxy, itself moving in an even vaster Circle. The Cosmic Circle of The One.

Your Mother. Our Mother. Creation's Mother. Mother Of The Universe. The Great MAMMA of All Living. You've seen Her if you've stared in wonder at the Starry Night...of Nuit. You've (almost) felt Her as the Earth beneath the concrete beneath your shoe-clad feet. You've reveled in Her Essence as the Water flooding your body in the shower or a pool. You've felt Her caress as the wind across your cheeks, or your mother's comforting touch, lover's comforting touch. She is your Mother and the Mother of your mother. You've witnessed Her in ways not suspected. Raped Her in pillaging the Earth in conquest of Her riches. Felt Her in ways you thought belonged to another, and it did. Eaten Her Body as your food ¬bastardized or not¬ as the fruit of the Earth; as the blood of your mother Mother while yet in her womb, Her Womb. Sacred Blood; the Sa, Sea. Original Holy Spirit. Red Likwid of Life called Blood. White Likwid of Life called Milk. Mil-Lak. Mel-Lact. Mel sweet as MELons. Lact, Lic, Liquid. All forms of Her sweet Water. The Liquid Likht, Light of Love. You've tasted Her Sweetness in Fruit; the ripened ovary of plants. You've tasted Her Sweetness in the kiss of your beloved, Beloved.
You've experienced Her wrath in the rathing writhing of Her quake, Earthquake, Heart Quakes.

Undulating gyrating swerving curving flowing. Sweetest Nectar. Queen of Queens, Mammas of Mammas. Mother of Mothers. Passion of Passions. Lady of Ladies. The Great Lady.
Unfathomed. Most familiar Mystery, Mist-Teri. Veils never parted. Miss-Terra the Earth. Womb of Source. Source of Life. The Ut-Opia. Uttermost Op. Op the OPen Hole. Hole of Holes. Holy of Holies.

Ethi-Opia. Yoni of Yonis: Kuan Yin, Queen Yin, Queen Yoni! Womb of Source. Origin, Ori-Gene, Oral-Gene. Mouth-Hole of the Be-GENE-ing, BeGINning of Life. GENesis. Gen-Isis. Isis, Goddess As-t. The Source. MAMMA!

Unfathomed. Most familiar Mystery, Mist-Teri. Veils never parted. Miss-Terra the Earth. Womb of Source. Source of Life. The Ut-Opia. Uttermost Op. Op the OPen Hole. Hole of Holes. Holy of Holies. Ethi-Opia. Yoni of Yonis: Kuan Yin, Queen Yin, Queen Yoni! Womb of Source. Origin, Ori-Gene, Oral-Gene. Mouth-Hole of the Be-GENE-ing, BeGINning of Life. GENesis. Gen-Isis. Isis, Goddess As-t. The Source. MAMMA!

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/19/2016 6:26:21 PM


She is Blak, not because of the "dark phase of the moon." Not because of the "fertility principle of the Earth." Not because of the "darkness of Night." Mamma God is Blak because She IS Blak, being the Source and Core of the Cosmos. Blak is the Color of the Source. Echoed as the Blak Melanated Center of the cells of living things, and the Blak Pupil of all Eyes, I's. Only Blak contains all colors. Only a Blak Mamma can give birth to beings and Hue-mans of all hues.

Mamma God is Blak for the same reason Afrakans, the Parents of Hue-Manity, HuHuManity are Blak. (HuHu, ancient name of Creation's Blak Source). For MELANIN, like Nappy Hair, expresses / out-presses profound principles of Her Creation, the Yoniverse. Thus, Blak Melanin is found as the vital element in the human nervous system and brain, the sheath of the ovum and sperm, in the soil, plants, animals, barks of trees, seeds of plants, everywhere, throughout the entire Cosmos. Only BLAK -with its full rich self- contains All and can birth all things -the rich fullness of the Universe. Truly, there is NO LACK in "BLAK." The Great Mamma is "The Great Blak." The original Great Blak that gave birth to "The Light," the Loving Light of Life. Personified as the Great Pyramid with its jet Blak Capstone and polished white limestone casing ¬which gloriously reflected the Light of Her Son the Sun. The Great Pyramid ¬a monument whose many original Afrakan names included "KUTI" ¬the true source of the very word "GOD" itself!

That Blak Stone enshrined in the Kaaba at Mecca was originally a symbol of The Great Blak Goddess. Called Kore in pre-Islamic Arabia; their version of the jet Blak Virgin Goddess KAR, HeartSoul of Blak Mother Earth. The patriarchal Islamic men might have a fit if they found out the truth. Or maybe they know it but are in denial.

The Great Blak is Dalmanutha. A word so powerful, it is mentioned one time only in the Bible (Mark 8:10) (see pages 301 in volume 1 of BOTW). Dalmanutha, the Blak Abyss of Creation. Blak Hole. Blak Source. Womb of the Abyss. "HuHu." Abyss of All Beginning. The Primordial Abyss that gave birth to the Cosmos. "The Place of the Waters." The Utter Blakness before there was Light. "The Deep" in Genesis 1:2. "[A] secret Deep that nobody can fathom, which sends out light in the dark."

The words DEEP and DEPTH are apparently from Egyptian TEP /TEPT. "Egyptian tepht, the abyss, the source, the well, the hole from whence the water issues... Tepht or Tept is also an Egyptian name for the old first Great Mother as a figure of source."

On all continents, the Supreme Being was originally worshipped as The Great BLAK MAMMA GODDESS

Human society first coalesced around the figure of The Mother. And it was Blak Afrakan Women, the Mother of HuHuManity and true Authors of Civilization, who founded the Original Cosmology/Technology from which the world's religions and sciences developed. This Cosmology was "StarScience, " the Mother of Sciences ¬and it was GLOBAL. It produced the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge and innumerable other megalithic (huge stone) structures around the world surviving to this day...all built to honor Creation's Great Blak Mamma, although "his-story" books dare not tell you this! The world's present day religions, mathematical sciences, astrology, astronomy, horology, chemistry, and computer science are but dilutions, fragmentations, distortions or corruptions of the Original Blak Mother Science.

From time immemorial until the Albino man usurped Blak civilization, the Primordial Supreme Being was worshiped all over the world as a Creatress, not a Creator.

The earliest icons of God depict God as a Blak Female with kinky, pepper corn hair ¬the Holy Hair of the Gods. Holy because it is "SPIRitual," ¬that is, SPIRaling. Spiraling because it expresses the fundamental motion of Creation: all life moves in a spiral, circular motion ¬from atoms to planets to galaxies. All the earliest most ancient images of The Great Mother Goddess are Blak because it was Blak Afrakans, the original people and original authors of civilization, that first portrayed and documented Her.

Evidence of the worship of the Great BLAK Mamma goes back at least 30,000 years. Throughout (Neolithic) Europe small stone sculptures of The Great Goddess (such as "Venus of Willendorf") have been unearthed by archaeologists. Books by white authors mention Her big breasts, big genitals, and big hips, but NEVER mention Her BLAK identity nor Her NAPPY Hair which usually covers Her entire head and face. Neolithic Europe was BLAK. "Modern white people" are a mutated species, less than 6000 years old.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/19/2016 6:29:15 PM

The "many goddesses" of the ancient world were all forms of the One Great Goddess!

Worship of The Great Mamma was GLOBAL, in every corner of the ancient world. In Afraka, where knowledge and documentation of Her began (before being dispensed throughout the world) Her many names included Nu, Neith, Neter, Uati, Ma, Mawu, Mut, Maat, Ast, Kar, Har, Meri and Hathor.

In ancient North America She was called "Woman," the Mother, the Grandmother, and the Old Woman who tends the fires of life; the Old Woman Spider who weaves us together in a fabric of interconnection; the Eldest God who Remembers and Re-members. The Hopis called Her Huruing Wuhti ¬Hard Beings Woman¬ who is of the Earth, but lives in the worlds above where she "owns" (empowers) the Moon and Stars. As Tlazoltéotl She was the Aztec Mother of the Gods.

Her many names in India included Ida, Sarasvati, Shakti, Kali, Chandi and Laksmi the Goddess of wealth and good fortune. As Maya She was the Virgin Mother of Buddha; as Devaki She was the Blak Virgin Mother of Krishna. She is Maha Devi, "The One Great Goddess."

In China She was Kuan Yin (Yoni of Yonis), Nu-Kua, "She who created the Universe," Shin-Moo the "Holy Mother," "Mother Goddess" and "Virgin." As Ch'ang-O She was Goddess of the Moon. The Chinese built many splendid temples to honor "Ma-Tsoo-Po," the "Queen of Heaven." [BM 326] In Japan She was Kwannon. She was Mama in Sumeria; Ishtar /Mylitta in Babylon; Astarte in Phoenicia; Anaites in Armenia; and Cybele (Sybil) in Phrygia. The ancient original Blak Jews called Her Shekina ¬the Bride of God or God's female Half.

The Greeks called Her Isis, Aphrodite, Metis, Demeter, Nix, Hera, Gaia. The Romans called Her Isis, Venus, Medusa, Dianna, Minerva. The ancient Scandinavians worshiped Her as Frigga. The Druids worshiped Her as Virgo-Paritura ¬the "Mother of God." The Germans worshipped the Great Virgin Mother as Ostara. The Christian "Easter" is named after Her (Ast-Ar, As-Tar, Ishtar). Christian worship of Her survives as the Catholic worship of the Madonna or Mother of Christ, who is called Our Lady, the Queen of Heaven, the Great Lady, Star of the Sea, Mother of God, Immaculate Virgin, etc., all titles previously applying to Goddess Ast (Isis), the Afrakan original.

She is the Power of Intelligence, having a multitude of names and emblems. She is the true Creatrix for She is Thought itself, from which all else is born. She is the Spirit that informs right balance, right harmony. And these in turn order all relationships in uniformity with Her law. To assign to this Great Being the position of "fertility goddess" ¬as typically done in male-authored books discussing Her, "is exceedingly demeaning: it trivializes the power of woman."

The top Deity heading Kamit's pantheon was Female.
"[White, male] Egyptologists found in ancient Egypt a concept they could equate with their own notions of a supreme God, though they did so only by ignoring the matter of gender since all evidence suggests that this primal being was female."

The primal Afrakan names for this Primal Deity were:

* Neter (source of the word Nature.)
* Neter Ua (Goddess Neith who is the One God, The God ONE, The Great God.)
* Nu ("The deified primeval water whence everything came." The Celestial Waters)
* HuHu ("the primeval watery mass whence came everything.")

NU is source of the word NEW for She is ever regenerating; and source of the word NOON, for 12 o'clock NOON was the original time when the NEW day began. The anti-Goddess Europeans reversed this when they came to power, starting the new day at midnight. We find the same Nu in DalmaNUtha. Nu and the Great Mother are one and the same. NU or NU-T is also the NUN, the Primal Ocean ¬an Ocean of infinite extent and fathomless depth, bearing the germs of all kinds of life. The name Noah is a variant of NU; the original Noah was Female. Noah's ark was really NU's Womb, the Womb of Creation. (In the book of Numbers 26:33, Noah is represented as female, one of Zelophehad's 5 daughters.) NU was the hieroglyphic symbol of Water that Goddess Nut carried on Her crown. The power of NU was "the self-created," "maker of the gods," and "creator of men." NU was the Triple Goddess, expressed by the slandered number "13." The 3 in 1. The Original Trinity. Of Her Three Divine Fluids of Life: Water, Blood, Milk. Nun also gives us the word NINe, 3 x 3 or the Trinity multiplied by itself. She existed before sky, earth, mortals, or gods. From NU the Sun was born. The Son went back into Mother NU's Great Gate in the west when he died.

Note, the name Neter (Niter /Nater /Nuter) is doubly feminine in that it contains two Afrakan words for water: NU and ATER. Nu also means Blak. This implied "Blak Water" can only be Melanin! MEL-A-Nun. And since M and N are often synonymous, then MEL = NEL = NILE (River). The word Nile, like Mel, also means Blak. Further, NU = MU. Nut = Mut. The Great Blak MUT-her was known as both, Goddess Nut and Goddess Mut. Neter, then, equals Mater, Mother! Blak as Mid-Nite. Mut-Nut.

In defining "Neter Ua," Wallis Budge deceptively wrote: "Neter ua, the god One, a title applied to any god and even any goddess, e.g., Neith, who is for some special purpose regarded as the 'Great God'." [underlines added] Notice he contradicts himself plus, in spite of his attempt to dethrone /subtract credit from The Great Mamma (The original "God One" and "Great God"), still could not hide the fact that the "Great One God" was in fact a Goddess, the Great Mamma as Neith! On the same page, he defines "Neter Aa" three ways. If you read between the lines, again the fact is revealed that "Neter Aa" is really The Great Mamma as the ancient Triple Goddess in Her Serpentine form (3-headed winged serpent).

The earliest MALE god known to any mythology is the Son of the Mother, the eternal child, boy, or lad. The Sun was Her Son, who was born from Her darkness each morning and returned to Her in death each night.

The disguised (& usually slandered) Presence of Mamma God in the Albino Man's Patric Bible

• Eve, 'the Mother of All' (Gen. 3:20)
• Sarah, "the mother of us all" (Gal. 4:26)
• Mary
• Astoroth
• Queen of Sheba
• Double Wives of all the patriarchs
• The 3 Marys at the crucifixion are One (John 19:25). The Gospel of Mary said all three Marys of the canonical books were the same.
• Mary Magdalene
She was an apostle of Christ. The Gospel of Mary depicts Mary Magdalene (never recognized as an apostle by the orthodox) as the one favored with visions and insight that far surpass Peter's. Mary Magdalene is the great one of the three Marys, who is generally put first, event before the Virgin Mary, when these are named together. She "ministered to Jesus of her substance" in life; She was first at the tomb for embalming of his body, first at the resurrection. (Details in BOTW vol.1, chapter 13, pages 295-298)
• The Queen of Heaven
Incense burned to the Queen of Heaven in Jeremiah 44:17.
• Ark of the Covenant. A major "Bab-El." (See vol 3, #30: BAB-ELs (Bibles) ¬Creation's Unrecognized Power Generators)
• Wisdom, called "her" in Proverbs 9:1 and Luke 7:35.
• The Spirit of Truth (a title of The Goddess as Maat!) in John 14:17.
• The Deep and The Waters in Genesis at the beginning.
• The Fig Tree
• The Tree Of Life
• The "woman clothed with the sun" (Rev. 12:1).
• The Dove
• The Word, The Logos
• Holy of Holies (in reality symbolizes the vagina & womb)
• Christ's "Church" (in reality means The Great Mother's body)
• Solomon's "Temple" (in reality means The Great Mother's body)
• The Holy Ghost, which is even called "the comforter" (John 14:16, 26)
• God refering to Herself as a Mother to Her people: "For thus saith the Lord, behold, I will extend peace to her like a river, and the glory of the Gentiles like a flowing stream: then shall ye suck, ye shall be borne upon her sides, and be dandled upon her knees. As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you; and ye shall be comforted in Jerusalem" (Isaiah 66:12-13).
• Diana, "the great goddess Diana ...whom all Asia and the world worshippeth" (Acts 19:27). Note that the "g" is in lower case, not Capitalized, even tho She is called "great."
The Great Blak Mamma as Multi-Breasted Goddess Diana, 2nd-century A.D. Rome. She is Blak and spiral-haired, with Afracoid features

• "Mammon." Diabolized in the rewritten, anti-Goddess Bible. The original meaning of Mammon was the rich outpouring of The Great Mama's Big Blak Inexhaustible Breasts (Mammae), Nourishing All Her Children. In fact, She is the Many Breasted Goddess, "the great goddess Diana ...whom all Asia and the world worshippeth" (Acts 19:27).
• Alpha & Omega
As noted earlier, the book of Revelation states: "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is yet to come, the Almighty" (Rev. 1:8). This is directly plagiarized from Afraka's Nile Valley, from the temple of the Great Mother at Sais, where they were written on stone many centuries before the Albino man's Bible was compiled.
• PAPS, Girdle. In the above there is even a biblical clue to its feminine source; the being the prophet saw was "girt about the PAPS with a golden GIRDLE" (Rev. 1:13). Men don't wear girdles and they don't have "PAPS," a term referring only to the nurturing female nipples!

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