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Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/13/2016 2:35:41 AM

In the words of John:

"Let us agree. The Word of Haile Selassie I is the Word of God. I am ready to curse whoever disagrees"

In the word of Haile Selassie I "the word of God":

"Today, the women of the world are not content only to live as housewives. In most countries they are striving harder and harder for higher education so that they may participate in the civic duties of their community and nation. In time of war, women like men, have served their country and some of them have fought side by side with the men against the enemy"

"African civilization in its potential magnitude must be able to command fortitude, patience, tolerance, and diligence. To sustain us in all our tasks we count on the women of Africa. Without their relentless vigilance no aspect of our responsibilities can be attained. Women role has never been so demanding, and you can be proud to answer the call for the betterment and future of mankind”

– His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, Dec. 1960

Messenger: Jahona Isreal Sent: 1/13/2016 2:41:09 AM

I agree, my sister. I add that women must not forget their role in the house.

Messenger: Jahona Isreal Sent: 1/13/2016 2:44:16 AM

They can, like Sarah, Abraham's bride, find (a) maid servant(s) to look after the house while they pursue economic betterment. His majesty Tafari and Menen had servants.

Messenger: Jahona Isreal Sent: 1/13/2016 2:50:09 AM

Virgin Mary was one such woman to whom the Word of Selassie was revealed, a prophetess. The old testament ( I dont support division of the Word into pieces) speaks of other prophetesses. The majority of women and girls, however, have to learn from their husbands and fathers at home.

Messenger: Jahona Isreal Sent: 1/13/2016 2:52:02 AM

Praise JAH

Messenger: Jahona Isreal Sent: 1/13/2016 3:02:39 AM

Read psalms 45, prophesy of David concerning Ras Tafari (Jahovia) and rasess Menen (children of Israel/the church of Christ). The queen(woman) is advised to bow and worship her king(man); quoting from my international bible: "...he is your lord, bow low before him..." verse 11

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/13/2016 7:14:40 AM

This youth has much to learn. He keeps referring to himself as African but I can see from his ideals he is anything but. I thought it was just religion but it's a 360 degree lost his mind.

If man was the head of woman and you use His Majesty as an example, you realised Ras Tafarl Makonnen was ruled by a woman?

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/13/2016 7:25:31 AM

John you tell me where the black race would be if we didn't listen to women or think women 'know nothing and should keep their mouths shut' or even that they should be ruled by men...... Knowing that Queens like Nzinga Mbande, Nanny to ones like H.Tubman lead .... They LEAD crucial parts of the fight for freedom away from white oppression. Would you still be the one negro on the plantation whining about your not willing to follow a woman they no nothing and should have kept their mouths shut? There's a name for black people with such a mentality......

'They no nothing'

When you came out of the womb who taught you how to feed? Walk? Talk? And so on..... Your mother was your first teacher whether you accept it or not you didn't come out the womb talking about shut up you know nothing

Fire on supremacists.

Royal Dawta is right though. Should you ever Buck up on a real African princess, we will all find it amusing to see the results, once she has whipped you into the shape of an African man.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/13/2016 9:40:56 AM

One can clearly sight the mental confusion and psychosis that western Christianity can cause, rendering ones completely blind to Natural Creation!

For according to them, woman is born from man, and is taught by man. Creation (the FIRST word of JAH) clearly reveals to us on a daily basis, from the beginning of time, that wombman is the Giver of Life. Our first teacher.

If this likkle youth is indeed born from the womb of an Afrikan wombman, ini know damn well that he'd get his butt beat talking about "Ma, shut your mouth for you are a woman and know nothing"...

As we say....I wish he would!!! LOL

Let us not forget that H.I.M comes from a line of Kentake Queens, fierce warriors that valiantly defended foreign invasions. They didn't keep their mouths shut, or walk behind men...but birthed, loved, healed, taught, raised, defended and crowned all Kings of Kings!

Messenger: Jahona Isreal Sent: 1/13/2016 10:17:58 AM

Fire burn you, all of you. You hail the man Ras Tafari and you dont even realise that his mind is in the highest Zion Jerusalem at the throne of the living God. Yae, the man pon the earth but his mind is God.

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