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Agriculture & living off the land

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Messenger: Joseph I Sent: 12/13/2015 5:55:00 PM

Blessings and greetings Idren and Sistren. Iman looking for ways to educate Iself in agriculture and being self sufficient living off the land. Where I live in New Orleans it doesn't have many options, however I have an education fund which can only be used for education, if anyone knows of a school of some sort Iman could attend for this sort of thing. Any resources, advice or links is much appreciated. I want to make my living in this way which reflects I rasta livity. If there is an option for education which has rastas there so Iman can reason and grow, this is preferred. I want to move towards my goal of living off the land somewhere in the Caribbean.
I email is if any of the I them prefer to contact in this way.
Give thanks & praise.

Messenger: Voodooruuts Sent: 12/13/2015 10:13:46 PM

Many schools offer agriculture programs, there maybe some urban gardening projects around the city the I can get involed in. There may be some Ras there that make garden.

Bless Up

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 12/14/2015 7:28:28 AM

Greetings Joseph I, below are a few links and resources. Some are Rasta based, others are not. It wouldn't hurt to contact them, they probably are more knowledgeable and have more resources (perhaps local to you) that they can direct di I to.

Rastafari Agricultural Development in Jamaica

Heartical Farming

Sustainable Agriculture Internship in Jamaica

Jamaica Agricultural Program


The Ecology Center

Ras Farms

Bongo Wisely Tafari's
Sankofa Rainbow Roots Farm
Sankofa Roots Farm

Facebook Link

The FarmsNOW apprenticeship program is an advanced on-farm program combining hands-on training and skills-based education for those seeking mastery in the art and business of sustainable agriculture

Farms Now

Messenger: Humble one Sent: 12/14/2015 9:57:52 AM

WWOOF is worldwide opportunities on organic farms.

So it covers all countries. Haven't done it myself but am thinking of joining.

All the best,


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