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A thought of Africa

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Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 11/21/2015 12:53:27 PM

Mainly for d African I dem but any I who may have an answer or had a similar upbringing or so.

Well it bn raining and the thought of thunder madecI think about something that I suspect may be African in origin.

When I was younger and I grandma and her generation was around when it rained and we were all inside and it thundered we werent allowed to speak because were tild the thunder was "God talking". Well while at work I mentioned the phrase to some of I black coworkers around some white coworkers and the white ones had no clue what we were talking about, so I began to presum it was an African thing!

Has any I of any African background heard this before or any I in d Mama Land?

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/21/2015 1:33:25 PM

LOL! I'm not familiar with that particular one, but I like it! The ones I remember the elders dem saying was that when it was sunny, but raining and thundering at the same time, it meant the devil is beating his wife.

Or not to make noise during a thunderstorm and light a candle tll it pass, or it will bring bad luck.

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 11/21/2015 1:39:28 PM

It got I curious because I think it show a connection non separation of nature and creator. In an African context of of Orisha/Neters as forces of nature as aspects of the creator

Yes, I remember the rain and sunshine devil thing lol

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/21/2015 1:48:34 PM

Seen bredren. Definitely an aspect of the Creator/NTR. One that should humble InI for it is AWESOME and magnificent. If the sound and vibration don't humble one, I don't know what will!

Staying quiet during dem times is simply a respect to that powah.

Gotta love us.

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 11/21/2015 2:25:56 PM

Yes I

Nature is revered in Afrikan culture.I haven't heard the similar story though but wat I know is.every creature is deified.e.g.when crossing a river,our amcestors would do some praise poem like(I cudnt find an english word.for that ritual)asking.for.permittion to cross.from.the.natural forces governing rivers.

I ancestors saluted the Sun early in the morning when it rises

I man would say true dat VDR

Messenger: John I.S. Sent: 11/23/2015 3:48:30 PM

Who can speak when Jah Ras Tafari thunders in majesty and glory? The voice of Ras Tafari convulses terebinths of Kadesh. The voice of Ras Tafari strips forests bare and breaks cedars of Lebanon. Great and terrible God Jah Ras Tafari.

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 11/23/2015 4:33:20 PM

no man. im german and even my grandmother had only german (and some polish) ancestors regarding the last couple of centuries and black people were nowhere to be found at the time she has lived here in germany. i don`t think she was that influenced by certain teachings but lightning and thunder used to scare her to the max. my mother told me that she used to put chairs for her, my mother and all of her siblings in the floor which was located in the middle of the flat and they had to sit there praying and wait until the weather has changed. she also used to open up all of the windows. she thought that there was a divine power behind it.

there also is a saying regarding this kind of weather. i think its really a german saying.

the one who sleeps shall sleep and the workers shall work but all of the munchers who dare to eat shall be beaten to death.

i think she was influenced by this saying as well. but i also have to say that she once saw a lightning bolt flying from one window to another in one of the flats she has lived in.

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 11/23/2015 9:05:15 PM

This WASNT a scare thing Iyah, pure respect as one is expected when a Queen/ King or Judge speaks. You would sit down and ALL business stops like Beta Yisrael (Falasha) on sabbath. Lightning was a different thing had its own beliefs, unless when talking bout God striking down someone.

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 11/24/2015 5:34:59 AM

ah. ok. sorry. no. never heard of this specific thing. but i dont have any respect for kings, queens nor judges. any respect i have for kings are the ones that are mentioned in the bible as well as the king of kings. if i respect a single person i really should call queen, it`s my queen. no judge on earth in this iwa has deserved my respect. i don`t get how confused or evil someone can be to be a policeman, politician or judge. and this is not a phrase or a diss or something like that. if any of you or people you know do this jobs i respect it in deed. but the jobs they are doing...when they speak as judges to defend evil and unnecessary`s a thing i don`t like and i don`t respect their judgements in this role as judges judging other people. they steal the weed to go home and drink whiskey. they judge you for stealing and then they go home paid in a system which is empowered by the gold theyve stolen from africa. they judge you for murderer and then they are bombing syria again. they judge you for a robbery but they want their taxes and force you to work in this dirty system. they judge you for copyright and law specific things while they dont have any right to use this non democratic law at all. they judge you for rape while their bosses do the mk ultra kind of thing. at least in many, many cases.

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