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Messenger: John I.S. Sent: 11/18/2015 3:18:49 AM

there are many prophesies too speaking about this, so I man have no doubt at all. Jah is my shepherd, I shall not want.

Messenger: John I.S. Sent: 11/18/2015 3:19:03 AM

Blessed Love

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 11/21/2015 2:53:00 PM

Burn this thread.....

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 11/22/2015 1:03:33 PM

well, well. christianity and this forum...

john israel. i as a believer in christ understand what you mean. the reason why i follow christ is because i dont know why we should deny a man who tries to bring TRUE happyness into everybodies life by being a rolemodel when it comes to follow ten great rules and a lot of wisdom to make people live together the best way possible (!!), who is full of mercy and defending righteousness to bless us while we can`t proof that this man of god isnt real. and even if you thing so, he`s a perfect rolemodel, you know. i mean christ and not christians. you can read this words, you can feel the positivity and sanity behind that words, its real to me. even if other mighty beings claim to be gods in a dream or in real life and if some mighty people claim that they know all about the bible we can believe in this righteousness and in god as we believe in our one god. even if you want to be free without a god you shouldnt trust the snake of the bible. and i mean the satanic snake. this isnt your friend. who feels it knows. no animal and no african traditions. in this case i mean the bible snake. when it coms to history nobody can prove jesus was there but the way how the story has spread (there are even pieces of ancient chinese reports about jesus) and evidences of an ancient flood show that there must have happened something huge.

the biggest problem is that even if you want to follow african traditions the mighty bloodlines of the west who worship their badmindness, magick and satanism want to confess you that satanism is the one real great religion just like some ordinary people want to confess you to follow christianity in the west. but the real leaders are fanatic satanists. at least no christians. so they still try to influence people with the bible or their demonic stuff. at least it`s far away from righteousness. it`s a network of lies, greed and insanity.

with that being said i still don`t blame anybody for their believes. i only wish that the respect for different groups doesn`t get lost and that nobody deals with what the west calls black magic.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/22/2015 1:19:37 PM

re: Bible snake.

I see you strongly disagree with my interpretation. Is that coming from you feeling and knowing or from anything in the text to make you think otherwise? In my opinion as soon as you write a story about TALKING SNAKES then its simply up for interpretation.

2 people in a garden who we are unsure if they are being kept freely or prisoner by a god character who claims if they eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil they will become like a god but they will surely die.

They eat..... they dont die. This god then goes on to banish them from the garden and then forbid them to eat from a different tree name the tree of LIFE which he puts under guard. So that the 2 people can't live forever, again, like god.

God seems oppressive in this instance
The snake is representative of brining knowledge and bringing the ability for man to be a god.

Give thanks for the snake
Its up to us now to bust back into the garden and get to that Tree of Life

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 11/22/2015 5:18:49 PM

you can do it. but i dont see it this way. why should i search for such a tree? i'm not god. i drink, i eat, i sleep, i reason and do what i can do to make things work in my environment and try to have a little bit fun. then one day i`ll die. that`s it. that`s completely ok with me. i dont need no magical powers. for sure i don`t need no hollywood kind of lifestyle. god has banned them. so in the end they weren`t controlled by god anyways. i don`t see how them have suffered in there. god only come down when people do bs to each other but the snake only goes for his own agenda. total chaos.

but besides of biblical metaphors i have everyting i need. i don`t need any light bringers nor magic.

people can do so but i just follow my normal, ordinary life.

Messenger: Malcom Ra Neter Sent: 11/22/2015 5:52:13 PM

It’s hard to justify the claims of Jesus Christ when we only know of Jesus Christ through a book called ‘The Holy Bible’. When one reads this book and think about its statements logically you’ll only realize that its contents describes people, places and events that derived from imagination, in addition to, or rather than, from history or fact.

Lol hahahahahah @ Garvey's Africa "Give thanks for the snake
Its up to us now to bust back into the garden and get to that Tree of Life".
Lol i like that 1

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/22/2015 7:40:46 PM

Let us for a moment imagine and take the "Christianity" out of the brothah known as "Jesus" (aside from the fact that was a "jew", not a Christian). Let us for a moment disassociate him from the "holy bible"...he's simply a Kushite brothah, a master teacher, revolutionary, and healer...

Some of those many "miracles" he was performing such as "raising the dead", would have been regarded and accepted as Afrikan Spiritual Science. Performed by others before this "Jesus". But from a Roman (western) perspective, it would have been defined as "magic" and even "Black magic"

It is well known that in Haiti, they brought over the art/science of certain herbs, roots, in accordance with the "heavens" (stars, planetary positions) that will "raise the dead" after 3 days of being "clinically dead" (heart beat is so low it is undetected). Maybe one of dem sistahs at the crucifixion gave the brothah a likkle bit of good ol' "roots"? LOL

I'm sure when the western bible was brought into traditional afrika, di elders dem wouldn't have regarded those events as miraculous, themselves well familiar with similar experiences and stories.

"Magic", sciences, etc must be overstood from an indigenous perspective, not a Biblical one, to fully discern truth from fiction.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/22/2015 7:41:55 PM

I must put a Fire on any one Whe take InI away from the tree of life and the garden of Eden onto this Western Hemisphere. If I am Adam in that story I see Bible God must really be the false god European whe come to enslave. Then the snake come as a blessing from Jah. The same snake whe sit on the crown of the Nysut. Anything African the false god want to demonise. The bible can be read in any which way.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/22/2015 10:24:17 PM

Seen. What ini hold sacred, like wombman, or the serpent, among many other things, religion has demonized.

For us, the serpent has many meanings. Transformation, rebirth, kundalini, feminine/sexual energy, and so on.

I'll stick to the original creation story, the source of the bible, where "Eve" gives "Adam" the (key of life) ANKH from the Tree of Knowledge. Rather then being a curse unto man, she instead is his divine blessing/reflection.

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