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where is the balance

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Messenger: royal dawta Sent: 9/27/2015 4:37:21 PM

Ini normally hearkin ini saying "God can't Die" especially when ini speak about the flesh of Selassie I ... Well what about the Goddess Empress Menen who shed her flesh even before Selassie I was declared Dead... ?? ...why is Her death or Her passing of her flesh so easily accepted but not that of the King??

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 9/27/2015 9:05:12 PM

For ones who rock dat way I would say from male oriented biblical theme!

Messenger: royal dawta Sent: 9/28/2015 3:35:35 AM

I find it patriarchal mindset in Claiming Haile Selassie as the only person who is alive whereas you overlook the existance of Empress Menen I ..

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 9/28/2015 4:33:53 AM

The fact is it is HIM who is responsible for the awakening and betterment and self realisation of the majority of InI. Being more visually and vocally present. So naturally more people lean that way. It is also HIM who they lied about with bone lies and propaganda about his alleged death. We know this was false. This is what sparked the Jah no Dead movement.

But a majority of Rasta don't deal with death in any form. Whether with HIM, the Empress or any individual.....

I don't think its patriarchal to say Haile Selassie without mentioning Empress Menen, everytime

Messenger: Ras Sent: 9/28/2015 6:10:12 AM

The passing of Empress Menen is a fact ( unlike the lies of Mengistu.

Messenger: royal dawta Sent: 9/28/2015 11:28:12 AM

womban is the creator who gives life
Empress Menen Asfaw The Consort of The Ethiopian Empire is Not Alive today but Her Companion Emperor Haile Selassie I his Alive Today what kind of Mental illness is that Rastas ? Let them tell the importants between The Coronation of Empress Haile Selassie I and The Coronation of Empress Menen Asfaw, and See if their Not using Judeo-Christian Patriarchal Mentalities or Not ?
Any Rasta who claim That Haile Selassie I is Alive today and forever more but His Empress Menen AsFaw is not Alive today is Mentally Ill and Sick and He or She is Paralyses in Analyses...,

Messenger: Bobobinghi Jahcub Sent: 9/28/2015 12:01:42 PM

King Alpha and Queen Omega live within InI. That is where to find them,in ourselves and each other.check it,right now you don't see Haile Selassie or empress menen in their bodily vessel that we most commonly attach them to,so I ask the question,does it really matter to your immediate existence?

Rasta just do Jah work and stop talk,seen.We have a continent to uplift

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 9/28/2015 1:59:41 PM

Atum's name is thought to be derived from the word tem which means to complete or finish. Thus he has been interpreted as being the 'complete one' and also the finisher of the world, which he returns to watery chaos at the end of the creative cycle. As creator he was seen as the underlying substance of the world, the deities and all things being made of his flesh or alternatively being his ka.

Atum is one of the most important and frequently mentioned deities from earliest times, as evidenced by his prominence in the Pyramid Texts, where he is portrayed as both a creator mother and father.

In the Heliopolitan creation myth, Atum was considered to be the first god, having created himself, sitting on a mound (benben) (or identified with the mound itself), from the primordial waters (Nu).Early myths state that Atum created the god Shu and goddess Tefnut by spitting them out of his mouth. To explain how Atum did this, the myth uses the metaphor of masturbation, with the hand he used in this act representing the FEMALE PRINCIPAL INHERENT WITHIN HIM. Other interpretations state that he has made union with his shadow.

In the Old Kingdom the Egyptians believed that Atum lifted the dead king's soul from his pyramid to the starry heavens. He was also a solar deity, associated with the primary sun god Ra. Atum was linked specifically with the evening sun, while Ra or the closely linked god Khepri were connected with the sun at morning and midday

Atum is said to have ascended from chaos-waters with the appearance of a snake, the animal renewing itself every morning.

Atum is the god of pre-existence and post-existence. In the binary solar cycle, the serpentine Atum is contrasted with the ram-headed scarab Khepri—the young sun god, whose name is derived from the Egyptian hpr "to come into existence". Khepri-Atum encompassed sunrise and sunset, thus reflecting the entire solar cycle.

I agreed Menen I deserve Raspect SAME WAY!
So I and I see that
when I chant JAH dis Incompass Haile I and Menen I as one
including all I and I souls intergrated inna work of art like our individual bodies that compose ONE HEART!

I also recently reasoning w I bredren Inna ST.Ann, to I and I callin ourselves Emperor so and so would seem offensive as opposed to calling oneself King dis and dat or Ras whateva, Seen?
So why it seems accepted to call Oneself Empress Something?
A Man takin Emperor as title seems a bit overstepped to I.
Why is it ok For Queens dem to be called Empress so and so?
Seems a bit dis respectful to the Emperor and Empress no?
EMPRESSES-Nothing against anyones on here Family, not personel -
just a thought fi reasoning. Maybe I think too hard on words.
Ones have opinions on this?
Love and MORE LOVE !
Mo`a Anbesa Ze'imnegede Yihuda

Messenger: royal dawta Sent: 9/28/2015 3:08:22 PM

Its not as much about Hailing up the Empress each time ini Hail up the Father I over that man in his essence nd fullness is man and iwomban togetha but I'm talking bout the religious belief and unbalance I find about the physical flesh nd mortality or divinity bout the King Haile Selassie nd Empress Menen

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 9/28/2015 3:54:24 PM

Blessisngs. Sista, balance is de order of mama nature but ideologies of mankind created through biased pespectives made it look like deh is no balance. Now de problem with de I is lookin in water fo a sheep. To sight grazing sheep just face towards de grazing field instead of de water. How do yu realy expect to see a grazing sheep in de water where yu lookin? De only thing yu can see is de reflection instead of de real thing. Offcourse yu will sight imbalance in water image. Raspect

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