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Kemetic-HellenoTurkish or Euro-Hellenism

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Messenger: Cy-ko-bro Sent: 7/24/2015 4:03:36 AM

Blessings Rasta Goddess, I very much like your posts, however in this instance I was told a different story. It is not my intention to argue, solely to share my overstanding. Nor am I particularly interested in defending Alexander, despite being Cypriot. All the questions VR asks are asked by Cypriots regularly, our identity remains unresolved, and there are plenty who reject the identity of being "Greek". Anyway, the story of Alexander in Kemet that I know is that at the time Kemet was governed by Persia and the people of Kemet were very unhappy under this regime. When Alexander entered Kemet he respectfully went to the temple in Memphis. Having been schooled in philosophy, which was essentially the knowledge and etiquette of Kemet, he was recognised, and told he was to be Pharaoh and saviour of Kemet from the unpopular Persians. Thus he was anointed Pharoah and was very popular with the people. I know this story does not fit into your "racialized" projections back in time, pero the truth is that "racial" distinctions were not the same back then as they are today. Indeed I would argue that the whole concept of "race" did not exist in ancient times, only "ethnecyti". The ancient "Greeks" held Africans in high esteem seeing them as the source of their culture. I'm sure you've read "Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization" by Martin Bernal, which details the good and respectful relationship between "Greeks" and Africans at that time. In summary, it was because Alexander was schooled in the knowledge and etiquette of Kemet that he was anointed Pharoah, to blame him for the destruction of the libraries also seems a bit na´ve.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 7/24/2015 5:07:00 AM

Pharoah is not a thing to be annointed to.

What kind of saviour enslaves the people and burns the knowledge (literal fire) and culture

Why was Kemet so set on keeping out any outside rule for thousands of years and all of a sudden they change they mind according to you?

Kemet was to be ruled by the Kemetyu. Which is why the entrance to almost any temple shows the black Indiginous Nysut holding a foreigner up by his neck ready to smash his head open with something..... Really though, common imagery in Kemet

The book Black Athena was to detail the AFRICAN presence in Greece as the origin of the cultural theivery and not 'Indo-Europe'

This is not radical racial used theory. This is standard knowledge among any historian dealing with antiquity. Largely thanks to the works of the ancestors Dr Ben and Dr Clarke. Your version of events is the outdated racist and insensitive "we invaded your land captured your wealth destroyed culture and knowledge but you wanted us to do this so our brothers from Persia didn't rule'. You see how crazy this sounds.

Finally, the Persians capture Kemet for NINE YEARS. You mean to tell me after only 9 years the people had given up all memory and prospect of indiginous rule..... After thousands of years. This makes no sense.

The Greeks saw how the Persians were moving and wanted to take over their lands, all of it and not just kemet. They took over the Persian empire full stop not just a quick hand of help to Kemet.


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 7/24/2015 5:11:05 AM

GRANDMASTER: 'Athena mock civilisation thinks they brought civilisation'

Black Athena was made because the Greeks were the first to try and write Africans from history.

Messenger: Cy-ko-bro Sent: 7/24/2015 5:16:57 AM

Thank you Garveys, there were power struggles in the ancient world, of that I have no doubt. What I object to is the projection of "racial" concepts back to then. "Race" is a modern invention, the foundation of Babylon. There is no "race" in Islam nor in the original Hellenic ideals. The Hellenism that you speak of is an invention of the West Europeans who wanted to legitimise their conquest and plunder of the world with references to real culture. Babylon is not the continuation of the Hellenic world, it is a beast that has risen in the past 500 years.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 7/24/2015 5:24:22 AM

I would say race WAS present in the ancient world. In terms of nationalism: indigenous people liked to rule their indigenous lands and did not take kindly to outside invasion / foreign tribes. What I mean by this is one race interacting with another race did not cause any contention as far as I overs. But one race RULING over another, or one group of people taking land which wasn't theirs and ruling the indigenous has never ever gone down well in Kemet.... The haripu, the hyksos, the persians........ The walls are filled with imagery fighting against this, sometimes viciously. I agree, the white man of modern day expanded this into a Global racist SYSTEM (systemic racism) as well as remaining Colonial nationalists.

I leave the rest to RastaGoddess.



"The Hyksos
Historian and author J.C. DeGraft Johnson, contended that the Hyksos were African tribes who invaded Kemet / Egypt because, he contended, there whatever they left was indistinguishable from the Kemetians / Egyptians. Scientist and scholar, Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop conjectured that the Hyksos were a conglomerate of nomadic tribes both African and non-African. Europeans scholars (most of them pseudo-scholars) contend, mostly out of racial motivation, that the Hyksos were White. Diop offered substantial evidence to support his contention.

A review of the material artifacts left by them show nothing distinguishing them from the Kemetians / Egyptians except for the writings principally by the Kemetians /Egyptians disdaining their presence. The representational artifacts show them looking like Kemetians not like any other ethnic or racial group.

It is my contention that there is nothing to distinguish them because they were not of high-culture and had nothing to offer instead they adopted intoto the culture of Kemet. Additionally, they did not invade or occupy Kemet / Egypt proper. They were expelled without making any significant impact or contribution to Kemet.

The Assyrians
The Kemet / Egyptian government and adherents to the Kemet way of life were defeated after many battles that lasted over several hundred years. Eventually Kemet was invaded by the interloper's modern day writers now call, ironically, Assyrians. The Assyrian intervention into Kemet was short lived, they were eventually driven out by a coalition of Kemet and Nubian forces. The tribes of the people called the Martu continue to dominate in the Mesopotamian region till this very day under different names - including Sarbeans and now Jews and Arabs.

The Persians
The Persians were a confederate of tribal groups of African and non-African races. Persia had been invaded and dominated by Aryan groups. Building upon the success of the Assyrians they were about to

The Greeks
In 332 BC the Greeks invaded and occupied Kemet / Egypt until the Roman invasion and domination. The Greeks, going further than their predecessors, moved their capital from their 'homeland' to Kemet / Egypt. There, they indulged themselves by imitating the Kemet / Egypt way of life, while plundering the country of its wealth and resources. Because of the status and regard for Kemet / Egypt knowledge and technology it became fashionable for Greeks to fabricate stories of being trained in Kemet / Egypt, many by way of copying Kemet / Egyptian text and affixing their names as the author. (See Stolen Legacy by George G.M. James, African Mother of Western Civilization - Yosef ben-Jochannan, Africa and Africans as Seen By Classical Writers - William Leo Hansberry, The Histories by Herodotus, and The Antiquities of Egypt - Diodorus Siculus.

The Greek invasion brought to an end the Dynastic period in Kemet / Egypt proper as the rightful rulers retired to Nubia and pressed battles against the Greeks from there.

The Romans
In 225 BC the Romans invaded and occupied Kemet / Egypt

The Arabs
The Arabs continued the line of attack begun by the Martu - large scale enslavement of the population, embryonic racism (including race based discrimination), usurping of the indigenous culture and technology and claiming to be its creator. However, they went further a proclaimed that "God had no image" and set about destroying Kemet / Egyptian temples. In many instances they used the materials to build mosque. However they too could not escape the religious / philosophical influence of Kemet, as they were illiterate and without high-culture they appropriated Kemetic / Egyptian concepts and terminology to express religious-philosophical thoughts and ideas. For example Kaba is taken from the Kemet / Egypt language for spirit (Ka) and soul (Ba).

The Europeans
Continuing in the footsteps of their predecessors the Europeans came again as tomb robbers in search of wealth and fame."

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 7/24/2015 7:32:29 AM

man you know your stuff.

but i have to say that you only need to watch one of their hollywood movies to see what their agenda is all about. i dont remember that many facts about alexander from school but just a few years ago i watched this hollywood movie about him. i thought to myself "man. this is just another attempt to distort facts about the behaviour of europeans when it comes to conquering the land of other people".

its laughable sometimes. they also have a disgusting show called "spartacus". its the most violent show ever produced i think. its full of splatter and gore effects, explicit sex scenes and explicit language. so they want to show how barbaric and animalistic the romans were with their violent and perverted kind of entertainment and at the same time the people who watch this are entertained by violence and perversions. they just want to confuse youso you dont know whats right and whats wrong anymore.

not much has changed since the days of rome. of greek. of babylon. back then it was more like "straight in your face" but today they confuse people to control them with the same tricks. its all about distraction and mixing fiction with reality.

alexander was a gangster.

the more i get conscious about it the more i belive that egypt like we know it from our history books has never existed. if you stick to christianity you might say that some pagan traditions were born there (even though those were just they own imaginations of god) but all of the stories regarding pharaos, slaves and perversions are just made up or brought to kemet by europeans. no lie. somehow the root of all evil in kemet, in africa, was always a bunch of white guys.

the one michael jackson has mentioned it. he said even the history books are lying and he cant take it anymore. now the man is dead. some sick stuff is going on in this world.

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