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Purification Reasoning: Blessed Love Sistren, Purification is a calling and JAH Guide.

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Messenger: Christ Conscious Sent: 7/13/2015 1:07:00 PM

Blessed love and salutation to the righteous ones. I give thanks for Christ Consciousness and humble myself to the eternal teachings of Bobo. I give thanks that we are situated eternally in a relationship of everlasting compassion with Most I God, the Absolute Truth, Jah RastafarI.

Purification Reasoning:

This is my first post and to initiate my participation may I humbly introduce the topic of purification to this forum. I trust this is a space where we may strengthen one another. JAH shares that I and I are to promote the livity of I and I so truly let us share in love.

Personal Experience:

For the past four months, I have been receiving the calling to observe the purification principles and it has been most blessed to naturally respond to this divine invitation.

Purification manifests itself to me as an extended Sabbath. These are days of spiritual rest and refreshment observed with reverence. It is a time to know one's Iritual Gates and stay within. Some days are very difficult, while most days are naturally blessed.

Since respecting this calling, I have observed less worldliness in I flesh and healthier connection to menstruation (bras and menses barriers have spontaneously disappeared from my life).

Perhaps the most surprising thing I've learned through this is accepting and embracing that as a Sistren I need much rest. This being so new, I still sometimes feel uneasy and almost ashamed by how much rest is needed for my mind and body nearly every day.

I have found myself naturally separating from my already simple social life. I have stopped moving around the city aimlessly, have no more interest to go to events, and I've found that I only move to purchase food and step into nature. The only "social" engagement I take seriously is to meet to reason with the man who introduced I to God in Flesh.

I do spend every day at home, being fortunate not to have formal Babylon employment, and truly this is JAH blessing for I-sistren. It is holy to stay at home undisturbed and to maintain the meditation with steady continuity day by day. I trust that Jah bless the righteous with what is needed for the ital life.

Being a 25-year-old single person without children, dependents, and no Idren or Sistren to serve, it sometimes gets lonely and even monotonous to only care for oneself. No matter, I do give thanks for JAH life.

Purification has increased by passion to return home to Africa for I can see that it is not really healthy or invigorating for Sistren like myself following the path to stay cooped up in apartments in vacuous industrial cities. I moved to Europe from Sub-Saharan Africa two years ago and I am ready to return with good cause. It is my dream to soon return to my ancestral forest land and continue fulfilling this divine mission. Give thanks for the livity of I and I!


I trust Sistren may share and continue the purification reasoning.

Blessed Love.

Messenger: Humble one Sent: 7/13/2015 2:27:55 PM

Yes, purification of the physical body and therefore the soul (because the body is the soul's temple), through Ital living, is a JAH calling indeed, one that I have realized through visions.

We are living in Babylon, where people are so heavily indoctrinated, and people are born into bodies formed of junk food.

Ital food corrects the brain chemistry. Keep up the purification of the temple



Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 7/13/2015 8:44:18 PM

Blessed Sistren, give thanks!

May I ask whichpart is the ancestral forest in?

Messenger: Christ Conscious Sent: 7/14/2015 4:54:29 AM

Give thanks. I am very blessed to come from Zambia where it is traditional custom that everyone born to a Zambian mother and father is freely entitled to land in either or both of their parent's place of origin. Both of my parents are from the Eastern Province of Zambia in traditional villages in the bush. It's very beautiful, particularly my Father's village in the mountains of Chama District which is remote, the forest is still preserved, and the touch of Western civilization is very slight (there aren't even pictures of this place available online). My relatives currently living there practice subsistence agriculture and continue to fulfill their heritage.

Like the majority of Zambians, I've grown up in the city knowing this land is available to claim and return to when one is ready. Jah is the blessing!

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 7/14/2015 8:24:14 PM

Live Up SisStar!

Isis to Incestors for holding up d Incestral land and ruutz for d I can carry d Incestors on for Iver

Yes I SisStar a must InI live Up I mother the place kissed by the Neteru

Blessed love!

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 7/15/2015 12:49:26 PM

Righteous Sistren, blessed Love, and thankhs for joining the reasonings. It is a joy to see more sistren coming forward. And I am glad to reason upon this subject of Wombman rituals and purity.
This topic has been on Iwombman mind recently also.

Iman Black Christ Salvation had posted some things in relation to this on another thread, the thread about ANKH, More life, Sex; these are the things that Iman said:
Happy Celebration to all Wombman of Right, above all the Black Wombman Mother of all nations. Holy Empress Menen I King Selassie I Jah RasTafarI! Give Thanks For Our Mother Empress Menen Queen Omega perfect example in beauty and dignity, give thanks for all the empresses who keep the standards high and strong of How a Goddess is,

Give thanks for King Emmanuel leading and teaching the way, bringing it to remembrance with Love and Right. Give Thanks for the 21 days wombman purification principles, Give thanks for the Turban Robe and sandal way. Give Thanks for the fasting days and Sabbath to be kept Holy! All Empresses must hold to such principles including the 10 commandments! Principles of Life and Respect for ourselves. Give thanks for giving to all those who seek, knowledge of Right and Truth, knowledge of how to keep yourself and live LIFE, and not walking to the end of wrong and nothing.

Give Thanks for all those who, still up to now, are keeping strong through trials and tribulations giving great example and encouragement, Give thanks for all those sisters, mothers, Empresses who teach eachother the way, and support one another. Give Thanks for all those who are leaving the way of babylon, leaving the lost ways of death, of nakedness, lack of principles and lack of life. Keep fighting the Good Fight of Good over evil O Goddess, leave the false teachings and come to Right! This is a Divine Livity, therefore empresses must find our goodwill to stand Wombmanfully with Principles, virtue and Loyalty as a True Goddess has to be. Give thanks again and again ! I sing in my rapture, Oh Glory to God, for such a Redeemer as mine!


I have been pondering these ideas, and I am glad the I has brought the reasoning forward. I hope the I and also King Black Christ Salvation will be able to enlighten Iwombman about some of these things.

About the 21 days of purification:
Does this mean that a wombman should separate from her Kingman for 21 out of the 28 day cycle, only coming together during 7 days? Or does this mean 7 day separation only during the menstruation time?
Either way I am not sure I see the reason for any literal seperation between man and wombman.
Obviously sexual intercourse during moontime is messy, unnecessary, and in I personal opinion it is not desired at all during that time. But for the I's especially who have a very intense cycle, I do not think the wombman should be left totally on her own. I used to try to tough it out alone during the moontime, but I realized that if I let my Kingman be there to help me, I feel much better. He makes tea for I and he even knows a certain technique that can help remove some of the pain.
And in terms of longer seperation, I think this is totally opposite of the Inity and Cohesion that I&I strive for. I was in another state for a few days recently, and when I came forward, the King was telling I about everything that he had completed. It was a very productive few days for the I. So I asked him, "Does the I get more done if I am away?" and he laughed. He said that it is the absolute opposite. Before I&I were together, he would sometimes only sleep 2 or 3 hours, because after a long day working he would have to come home and set up the peas and rice, and all that cooking takes a while. He said it is nicer to have someone there to make dinner if he is coming home late, then it will already be set up. Iman also has migraine issues sometimes, and I would not want to leave him to deal with that alone. In the same way he cares for I during the moontime, I care for him when this pain comes. Actually he has told I that the pain is a demon and it is afraid of I, that it always starts to ease when I am around. I think the reason is also that I have paid close attention to the foods that cause the headache, like wheat or packaged foods, and strongly urged the I to stop eating those things. I also make sure that the I is never lacking herbs and have also urged Iman to smoke herbs during this time, while others have urged him not to. These things have helped him so much, and if was not here with him every day, I would not be able to see the triggers or know the right suggestions to make.
And Iwombman also feel the same, that it is nicer to be together every day. Haha even though I usually end up with more to clean up, I would still rather have the King there than be separated even for one night and leave my house spotless. It is a challenge to be together with another person so frequently, but surmounting the challenge brings such extreme Overstanding, about the Iself and about the way human interactions work, and helps both people to be kinder and more compassionate. I do not see why anyone would refuse those lessons, unless they are just not mature enough yet to handle relationships in a productive and egalitarian manner, and they just need to be single for the time. But to have a Queen or a Kingman and to stay separate for most of the time, or even for one week each month, and to live that way til both people get old or even til they both pass, it seems very illogical and unbeneficial to I.
I am hoping that ones and ones can bring more insight on why that practice would be thought of as righteous... (other than Moses saying so).

About fasting: what should a person, or an Empress specifically, fast from?
From Iytal food?
I&I sight the word fasting to usually mean, stop eating or drinking caloric foods, and sometimes even pure water, for an amount of time.
Surely this is not recommended for keeping the Istren temple in Iyest strength?

Iman Black Christ also mentions Nakedness, and the way of Turban, Robe, and sandal. Of course in the modern, perverted society, being covered is necessary, to protect oneself from these evil intentions as much as possible. But is nakedness in itself an evil thtlat should be avoided? Or is it the perversions that must be eradicated so that the nakedness can return to its purity? I hope that there will again be a time when all man, wombman, and child shall be able walk in naked splendor, without the concept of sexual perversion to taint the natural Ixistence. Indeed in many places today, this is still the case, partially if not completely:


Naturally I would rather see a return to this mentality, than to see all wombman (and all men) worldwide start to wear clothing, especially consumerized, industrialized clothing.

And in reference to what the I says, about resting and staying in the home:
Yes, it is wonderful if a wombman is able to do this. But many wombman have to leave the home to make an income. Even to go work in the fields of one's own gates, many wombman around the world must be at work all day every day to provide for themselves and their families. What does the I suggest about wombman who must Itinue to do large amounts of work Ivery day?

I can relate to feeling ashamed and even annoyed at myself for feeling so weak at times. Sometimes I will try to open a jar til I cry just because I dont want to ask for help... I pride Iself in being a Lioness, an athlete, and a Hailefull force to be reckoned with. I have many times stood up to bad men in a physical or verbal sense to protect Iself or others.
Yet I also have been known to have accidents (dropping things, breaking things, even getting in car wrecks) during I&I moontime. It is very hard to accept the ebb and flow of energy in that sense.
What does the Istren do when there are priorities that must be completed even when the I is feeling weak? For Ixample, a few months ago I was with my nieces in another state, and I began moontime the day before traveling on the airplane to come forward to CA. In the airport I was so weak, I was almost fainting, but it seemed I had no other choice but to muster up the energy and get through it. Does the Istren ever have engagements that take priority over that time of rest? And if so, what does the I do to strengthen the Iself?

Thankhs again for this topic of reasoning. I am hoping to learn more about the reasons and the practical application for those pieces of advice.
More Life + bless-sings to All.
JAH guidance

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 7/15/2015 3:30:21 PM

yes. i dont think that everybody should walk around undressed all the time if he doesnt want to but i think having a society like this would be like living in paradise you know.

i think the main problem is, like some people openly confess, that our bodies have become a construction area. even though many girls are abused by the system to dance around naked they always need three hours in the bathroom to get ready. they want us to hate ourself. as a guy. before you dont look like schwarzenegger in the 70s youre not able to take your shirt off in public because you are still "working" on your shape. you have to hide your pimples and use certain cremes etc. things on your skin that are ironically nothing else but side effects of those cremes and products.

and the naked body is an empty sheet nobody wants to expose to the public. its a PRODUCT. a sexual prduct. one song comes to my mind. lady saw featuring cecile - nuh wear none. those singers say that "today they want to be some bad bad b**ches because they dont wear anything". so being naked is sexual. because if you have sex you are naked (most of the time) and your body is the tool of passion and the tool to give life. but the human body is more than that. not made to look like one of those models to be sexual attractive (to them). those slim and pumped up guys are in pain all the time and its an illusion created by the media. schwarzenegger has a whole in his heart right now. i think its because of all of the protein bars and drinks.

a (or i really think every) nude woman is atractive to men. so what? its natural. as long as its not about the incest thing, about abusing people (especially the youths), about perversions and adultery (i know within some cultures you can have more than only one wife) its ok.

especially if you are naked you learn the difference between just walking around like we were created and moments of intimacy. that intimacy is not about exposing certain body parts alone. nudity is not pornography. if its kept like i nthose african societies. in our society there are hidden thoughts to pictures of nude perons most of the time.

you can talk to a nude woman without abusing her.

i think if you belong to a group of nudist to get naked with members of the other sex might feel a little bit like participating in a revolution at first. it feels animalistic and sexual energy is part of it but i think its just honest. if you leave all of your superficial thoughts behind you and you talk to a member of the other sex face to face while being naked can be a wonderful experience. its just honest and leads to trust. the pretty nude girl becomes a personality of equality (in a certain way) and even though they are unclosed the focus on spiritual things will improve.

there is a song called "bathroom sex" by general echo which shows who thin the line between perversions within a society like that and natural behaviour can be. althoug its a little bit explicit but i know its ok because he does it that innocent that you know its about humor and a nice mirror to society.

if we could live in a world that accepts the body as something natural without hurting ourself and others with superficial and perverted thoughts it be would be very lovely.

Messenger: Humble one Sent: 7/16/2015 12:34:14 AM

^Yes, reasoningtime. The reason that people are afraid of nudity in public (apart from the built up social constructs) is that they don't want to show themselves as a product of the system for what they are.Ie this is why the social constructs have built up

I do often think about this and, (obviously apart from when the weather is unsuitable eg you may get hypothermic doing it in icy weather) we are all expected to hide our true nature. No animals do this. Yes, it would definitely be a good thing, because we would realize, "What are we hiding from"? And realize that we are all one.

And I think aswell, it must be healthier (given the right weather ofcourse), because I think we musn't be designed to only make Vitamin D from our arms and face; we are missing most of our body out. And also the air, too. And then the issue of artificial clothes rubbing off on the skin.

All the best,


Messenger: Anishinaabeg Jiisakiwinini Sent: 7/16/2015 8:52:16 AM

Welcome Sistren Christ Conscious.
I feel the I strength. I Give thanks for sharing.
You are never alone in dis trod RasTafarI
even if it feels so at times.
JAH Bless and protect
- AJ elDanI

Messenger: royal dawta Sent: 8/25/2015 8:06:58 AM

Greetings love and blessings ini in Selassie I name .. There is another reasoning also in here made 9/20/2007 started by Ark I with the topic named Menstrual cycle

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