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Messenger: MaR-I Sent: 6/14/2015 3:55:28 PM

Greetings to all Jah people, respect from italy.
i see the meditation as a thing that you look into yourself, even if i don't practise breathing exercises . in your opinion is a right thing?
How do you make your meditation?
I give thanks mi bredda an mi sista.
One love

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 6/14/2015 4:33:16 PM

Each day it is recommended to go inside before going outside

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 6/14/2015 4:55:49 PM

ive never "learned" how to meditate in courses while sitting in a certain kind of position with a special technique to breathe or something like that. once i had a list of about 25 things i have to do on a daily basis including eating and sleeping right and to "meditate". but i think you just have to listen to your inner voice daily.

babylon loves to talk about psychology and what i do for my psyche on a daily basis is just like its been mentioned, to go inside before going outside. i let myself time to "wake up" and get conscious regarding the things i want to do. strongly suggest it for everyone with a sense for righteousness and strength. even if its just about a few minutes. i dont leave the house in a rush to follow things without thinking.

babylon loves to talk about philosophy and what im doing is every day i sit down in the garden, in a park or just in front of my window and i start to bring my feelings on "one level". im conciously searching for love and try to get rid of all of the frustration just by enjoying "silcence" or a "meditative mood" for a while. because that keeps me going and stick to sanity. i never walk around with ear plugs so i think about all the things that are in my heart.

another part of mediating is to me that i try to follow my heart. i try to relaxe physically every day and looking for something that makes me laugh. i think thats really good for your heart. but if you have a reason to be sad, follow that path. sometimes you have to get rid of your emotions.

every evening before i pray, i also take care of my mind. i try to find solutions for some situations and try to stay relaxed and focused. every day i think of all the values that are important to me to stay conscious and about the things that have happened lately.

then of course, every evening i have to pray. thats a meditation for my soul. while praying, i try to connect myself to heigher heights. to let met confront my true inner self. i try to be honest to myself.

it just happens naturally that i follow those things. another kind of mediation for me is to stay true and loyal to the ones i like.

Messenger: Shasatabe Makonnen Sent: 6/15/2015 12:24:09 PM

InI herbs is I meditation. take away all stress anxiety and such. Give thanks for Jah blessing of meditation of the herbal kind

Messenger: Humble one Sent: 6/15/2015 2:21:31 PM

For I, meditation is realizing that every truth can be found within the ones self, and not outside oneself. For happiness, people will look forward, backward, left, right, up and down. But rarely do they look within.

Meditation allows one to realize the divine child within themselves, and to break every chain of mental slavery that Babylon has put upon them.

It is the realization that beauty is in the perception, and not in the object, and that life in it's original perception is heaven.

With that knowledge, meditation for me means happiness, ultimately.

All the best,


Messenger: MaR-I Sent: 6/15/2015 4:25:47 PM

JAH bless everyone.
I agree with all your opinions
certainly herb helps to improve our meditation but it's not all. in my humble opinion we must learn to listen our heart and so also who don't smoke herb can do it.
My meditation is similiar to yours and so i tell you I'n'I go forward against Baylon system with our meditation.
the fyah keep burnin'... Give thanks!
JAH bless

PS: Every wicked man need a deep meditation

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 6/15/2015 5:56:36 PM

Blessed Love I&I&I
Great quote Garvey I.
Iditations are the tool to bring the mind to an Iyer level. "Is it a right thing?" It is not only right, it is vital, to reflect inwardly and to hold the reigns of one's own actions, thoughts, and emotions. Meditation means exactly that to I; one's emancipation from mental slavery.
I personally use yogic methods: breathing, movements, and hums or vocalizations. Combining movement and breath in certain ways has different results. Standing poses can invigorate and strengthen the mind. Balancing poses test the focus of the mind. Twisting poses can allieviate stress or anxiety. Running can help thoughts move in linear forward motion (if one has writer's block or something similar in creative ifforts, this can help).
I&I also need education, facts, and reality to keep the mind in an Iylah functioning level, in order to make an impact in this Iwah. It is not just about sitting in a cave and meditating, although some people find enlightenment this way; for I it has to be a balance of reading and studying enriching materials combined with the physical practices of Iditations.
More strength and peace
ThANKHs Qedamawi Iylah Selahsie

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Haile Selassie I