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Poor and Needy

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Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 6/12/2015 10:06:53 AM


but i think i mean the same thing. why can only the ghetto people sing about poverty? because who feels it knows. the rich dont feel it. because they are distracted. you study sociology but some of your social perceptions are foolishness. you deal with a lot of money but you cant handle it. you dont do the right thing with it.

luciano also says that jah should forgive them because THEY are so confused that they dont know what they are doing (give praise to rastafari).

rich people get money but they are poor in the end too.

of course you can see the problem by going into the ghetto or listen to bounty killer. i like that hes even mentioning the corps who are laying around. but the more wealthy guys dont see how poor we are as part of the system so they should start to give some of their money away and see that we are only the puppets on the string.

ghetto people are poor. but at least every citizen is poor in a certain way. only the one who is conscious and saves money to go back to africa or to do something good in the west ("create an ital vegan shop for example") escapes that circle in my opinion.

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