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What have we done,what are we doing,what do weplan to do,what are we going to do

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Messenger: Bobobinghi Jahcub Sent: 5/28/2015 6:02:08 PM

Blessed love family

InI acknowledge that there is a lack of unity in this Rastafari movement,InI say we want the same things,we have different opinions on what needs to be done,we don't reason enough on how and what we plan to do to make progression,everyone seems to be doing their own little thing its not affecting the big picture and the reality of the situation.InI greatest resource is ourselves and we need to start learning from each and reasoning on things we can do now and in the future to make our visions reality.

In terms of raising finances,what is working now and what has worked for the I dem in the past? What ventures have people embarked that have failed and why? Selling reggae CDs and beaded necklaces is not going to set us free.It is time we bear the cross in this iwa and make sacrifices,we are in slavery whether ones want to admit it or not,Rastafari is a liberation movement,so make us liberate ourselves,this is not about living a 'nice' life in babylon and slaving for the same system that put us in this position in the first place,stop strengthening Babylon,We have a nation to rebuild,now is the time,save up your money and come out this system,I see some Idren go buy big bags of food each week,much more than they need,how much money could they save if they bought the bare minimum.there not even putting the cash in a black mans hand,they give it all to the indian man. and that is only one area InI can reduce our spending.Imagine this if you save 100 pounds a month in 2 years that's 2400 pounds,that can by a plane ticket and secure some sort of shelter,InI have to think wise and not through away the little we have, additionally don't be afraid to send finnancial strength into projects in Africa and support ones already doing the work in the motherland,call them,email them ask what you can do to aid them so they can make way for InI and future generations.Or go and do something yourself.

Everyone needs to play a part and nothings going to happen if InI don't work together,Just do what you can,Iman tired to see people talking with no action,I want to know who the real Rastafari are,stepping out on the battlefield every day until we get our victory.ALL SIT DOWN REGGAE REGGAE WOLF IN SHEEP CLOTHING STEP ASIDE. MAN NEED TO SEW SOME SEED BEFORE YOU START REAP THE FRUIT,REMEMBER THE ELDERS THAT GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR THIS TROD.

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 5/28/2015 10:39:53 PM

Praises Bobobinghi Jahcub
Wise and powerful words

I have recently relocated to California to be with I Queen. In a couple of days IandI will be RElocating to New Mexico to live and work on an organic farm. We will be gaining knowledge and experience towards living self sustainably. Collecting rain water, growing all that we eat, composting, crop rotation, ect.. Living in a self determined and efficient manner is a dream of I and I Queen. One day, we will have our own farm[location undetermined] and hope to provide housing and work for any of the I's looking to escape babylon. This is our dream and moving to New Mexico is a step in that direction. Realistically, after the farming season in New Mexico, we will have to find housing and occupations until we have the funds necessary to buy land and start farming.. I had previously thought that a great route for us would be to find an established Ras Tafari farming community to take us in[very beautiful and still plausible] yet we are now thinking that instead of 'looking', we will start our own.. Realizing that it will take many years and a lot of hard work for this dream to come to fruition is pleasing. Jah give IandIandI strength to complete HIS works in due time.

Strength and Love to ALL Jah Children
Courage and discipline in Holy works

One Love

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 5/29/2015 10:36:09 AM

very nice to read, hemphill. this would be a dream come true to me as well.


i as a white man can't say anything about rebuilding africa. because i'm not qualified and i respect it too much to mess with it.

so call me disillusioned but we can't underrate or even ignore the signs and symbols of lies and injustice which are in deed spread both mentally and physically by the reigning heathens of the babylon system internationally to help everybody and to allow true repatriation as well. so i think right now we have to rebuild our communities on a global level to make people conscious about life and destiny and their powers to rebuild our whole society worldwide.

a movement is not to be mistaken as a court. sometimes it seems like something like that for no reason at all. facts are facts, reasonings are reasonings but every individual can truely BELIEVE in whatever she or he wants. but since we are all human beings we have to do what is truely right to live right and without being too negative we might have to change the whole world in the end to get rid of babylon which is truely manifested on earth as a political and social cancer. and it wants to live by the help of our blood. and there is only one blood.

rastas might put repatriation under the banner of the popular phrase "one destiny" but remember there is only one heart as well.

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Haile Selassie I