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Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 5/8/2015 2:45:37 PM

love impersonations.

tried to find the twin of twins kung fu movie online not long ago but couldn't find it. but i'm done with credit cards and ordering stuff online anyway.

don't wanna be to cheesy and hype stereotypes but of course rasta is about burning babylon and some things are just not right. so i tell you. i'm done with ordering stuff via internet. when we watch certain documentations about africa on tell-lie-vision, all we see are people in corrugated-iron shacks who have to work all day outside. even together with their little children. but in europe, people have to suffer continueally too. your contract tells you that you have to work 40 hours a week and main stream media gives us an image of living in the west is equal to attend a party without limits but in reality it's around 65 hours a week in a dirty, dark factory while your boss insults you every day plus hours of traveling. just like a machine. trying do be thankful but we may not have to eat rice everyday but the stuff we have to buy in the supermarkets aren't any more than a lot of carbs, way too much salt, roughage and proteins too. plus dangerous chemicals. every year more and more people are suffering from cancer. so i know that this huge internet companies are forcing people to work hard every day without a decent loan and the guys who have to transport our packages aren't better off either. the richer are just getting richer. aren't supporting babylon economy anymore in this case.

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