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Reparations in Chicago

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Messenger: ShivaJiva Sent: 4/23/2015 11:14:23 PM

There has been a campaign for reparations in the city of Chicago that has taken place over the last 20 years or so. I wanted to share because I know that Rastafari are seeking reparations for all black people. This is a small example of how it's done, even if the city only agrees to a small amount of what has been demanded.

It's possible! Stay strong and keep your head up! Liberation will not come all at once, it will come in bits and pieces. Each victory like this is one step towards our goal.

Peace everyone,


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 4/24/2015 3:32:15 PM

Reparations as far as I know is not somethin to be asked for. It is something for black people to initialise themselves. And the monetary part being one small aspect of the holistic 'repair' process.

Which leads me to the question.......... How you define reparations?

Shiva, a joy to see the I here again.
Much love


Messenger: ShivaJiva Sent: 4/25/2015 4:24:20 AM

I agree entirely. The full reparations ordinance demands much more than the city is willing to give. I dont think this is enough by any stretch of the imagination, but I share it as an example of what real life reparations look like. I think the path to full reparations is a process, and to me it looks like a lot of things. For one, I think capitalism cant exist without true reparations to me would imply that capitalism is a thing of the past. Reparations to me is also more than an economic/monetary thing; I think that public service centers need to be re-opened and psychological/spiritual services provided to marginalized and oppressed peoples. I feel like true reparations requires a fundamental restructuring of Western society...we have a very long way to go. Its late so I wont go any further..but I fully agree in that reparations is not something that can be asked for. The monetary compensation is only a very small part, and while I dont think it should be overlooked it also shouldnt be prioritized.

Thanks GA
Glad to be back :)

JAH RastafarI

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