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Tradition and culture

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Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 4/20/2015 12:38:41 PM

What is the difference of culture and tradition?

I have seen many confuse di two to curse Afrika and Afrikans.

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 4/20/2015 3:06:46 PM

I not gonna use proper word definitions as that can be easily googled but just quick thoughts.

I think culture is or can considered what is the norm in a said society, how it moves and/or what moves it

I also think tradition is or can be the manifestation of a culture
For example: If a culture believes in animal sacrifice then what animal sacrificed would be the tradition

So I would say in a society culture is the spirit and tradition is the physical

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 5/13/2015 7:37:15 PM

very true.

culture is all about social aspects while traditions are the rites that are mainly accepted within a community i'd say.

what's important to me is that even though we have to hold on to our cultures for our identities and history i think that we need to know that we still need to think about every aspect of it and not everything about our cultures is right.

i've heard some german reggae fans who are heavily influenced by rasta culture saying that rasta is the root of everything positive to them but in the end they are no rastas, they are germans. maybe some african rasta would agree with that since rasta itself is mainly a black movement.

to me, it sounds odd. what is a german guy who lives like a rasta and praises his majesty? a rasta ally? ok. at least you can't think that you are completely dedicated to rasta and still follow certain things like drinking beer several times a week just because you are living in a town which is mostly known for their beer exports. you don't need to lose your identity but you can always change things for the better. some people are just ignoring some things because they think they have to do certain thing because it's a tradition. that's where the power of babylon christmas and easter comes from to me.

i still i can hold on to my own culture without adopting anything from it without giving it a thought.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/14/2015 2:44:32 PM

Been thinking about this and I still wouldn't know how to explain a difference. Maybe traditions can be a part of a culture but a culture doesn't necessarily have to have tradition

Messenger: Sister Sent: 5/14/2015 3:40:23 PM

“…i can hold on to my own culture …. without giving it a thought” (RT)

“traditions can be a part of a culture but a culture doesn't necessarily have to have tradition” (GA)

I would say ‘culture’ arises naturally with and around people, whereas ‘tradition’ is passed on to or via people.

Traditions can be kept and performed by diverse cultures, culture can be communicated to an extent through tradition. No-one is without culture; traditions can be picked up and left.

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