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What Kind of Dread Locks Should The I Grow?

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Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: DeTuff I Sent: 4/7/2015 10:03:32 PM

Should I do neglect? Two-Strand? etc.

I was thinking of free form, let Jah make them, but how do I make sure it is made by Jah

Messenger: Lemuel Sent: 4/7/2015 10:58:46 PM

Brother, put away de comb and de wax. No condition the I's hair and only shampoo. your locks will grow on deir own

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 4/7/2015 11:11:54 PM

Yes I. Natural.

Without combing and using natural washing methods[1 or 2 a week] the dreadlocks will form in their own time depending on hair texture.

I have naturally 'wavy' hair. When combed out, the hair would just start to curl, a mostly straight texture.. After getting rid of the comb, it took several months before any locks had begun. After the first year, only the back half of IandI head was locked, closing in on the second year; the sides and front locked up while the back began to 'congo'[grow together, 2-3 locks forming 1].. Now at 4 years, IandI dreadlocks are growing long with thick roots.

I strongly advise the natural neglect 'method'. This natural process breaks babylon chains and promotes self growth.. IandI.
A covenant between the I and THE I.

Be patient and ready to learn

One Love

Messenger: DeTuff I Sent: 4/8/2015 8:01:47 AM

Thanks Idren :)

Messenger: DeTuff I Sent: 4/8/2015 8:04:13 AM

Thanks bredda, I'll see about posting a photo once they take root

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 4/8/2015 8:18:34 AM

Bredda look DEEP Into yourself

You don't need to ask any man about your dread

If you do (and you did) then maybe take a second thought and look into yourself asking yourself if you really know Wha you a do? And why so.


Messenger: DeTuff I Sent: 4/8/2015 12:40:30 PM

The I knew which dreads I should have, but I wanted to hear about the different varieties of starting. I wanted dreads for many reasons, for a closer relationship with Jah, so other Rastas can not only tell I'm Rasta by I's heart, but by I's appearance.It is very symbolic for me personally also.

I was asking because I had no clue how to start them, but I realized the best way is to just let Jah shape them

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Haile Selassie I