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The truth about JAMAICA by Master Amaru Ka'Re

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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/15/2015 7:23:43 AM

at the Marcus Garvey Museum in Kingston

how we became slaves and why we still are

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/15/2015 9:04:22 PM

Many Native people of the Americas have features similar to those statue heads, especially in south and central America.

While some American Natives have mixed with Africans over the centuries, many have not, and still have these features, and it is also not the case of them mixing with Africans in ancient times, because their genetic makeup doesn't show any African ancestry.

His claims is just more distraction for people away from their real African history.

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 2/16/2015 1:40:25 AM

Olmecs have been linked to Mende/Mandinka peoples of West Africa and not just Olmec but also some on the N.American mainland. Some old Mende script was supposedly discovered among the Olmec and gentic test and facial rebuild of the earliest Americans revealed an African/Australiod origin. The people from those areas the pure native type dont look like those Olmec heads, they left paintings of them selves and they looked much the same as the people of today. The people that also resemble Olmecs in the fatness of the face wud b Melineasian/Polynesian type like Samoans. Ive yet to see Ameriandian people with those features unless mixed but i could be wrong i just havent seen any and have met from Alaska to the Amazon. Also Sailors from th Mali empire reach NA in the 13th century. Yoruba or Benin sculptures were discoverd in the states also

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/16/2015 5:06:21 AM

I strongly disagree. They were originally African, depending on how far back you wish to go. Migrating from the west coast to South America naturally by way of the Antarctic circumpolar currents. If not the OOA migratory group from East Africa by way of Southeast Asia (asiatics). Later becoming mixed, an influx of many different people into the Americas is what gives you today's 'Indian'. Even the Aztecs were a mixed bunch of ethnicities.

For centuries people tried to tie their ancestry to Europe but that myth has been destroyed

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/16/2015 5:32:41 AM

But please remember we are taught that we as Africans had no connection with the ancient people of the Americas pre columbus. This is 100% wrong. I don't disagree the fact that OTHER races were involved in ancient America but the African influence is undeniable.


The problem is the point of ANCESTRY is perhaps the most irrelevant point in the WHOLE video.

Please watch all / most of the video before commenting as the heart of the reasoning is toward the mid and end sections re Jamaicas economic and political slavery and how it had been set that way from its origin. Never trust white supremacy for a fair deal...


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