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What to get my Rastafarian empress for Valentines Day ?

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Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Iamdjlegacy Sent: 2/11/2015 8:02:49 PM

I recently started dating my new empress, she has showered me with much gifts.. she recently blessed me with a bronze bracelet with quartz.. I'm new to the whole rastafari lifestyle and planing a dinner at a vegetarian restaurant in NY, still looking btw.. if anyone has ideas ? is flowers ok ? what type ? what gift can I bring for her ?

thanks for you guidance in advance bless

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/11/2015 8:44:18 PM

I would Iducate her on the reasons InI put fire under the babylon pagan Lupercalia holiday.

Love is all I bring

Messenger: Humble one Sent: 2/12/2015 3:22:22 AM

As GA said, love is the most important thing as no physical gift can compare to the gift of spiritual hapiness.

However, if you wish to I don't think you could be any sweeter than if you go and pick your own flowers from outside (if, like here in the UK, there are a few very early spring bulbs), make them into a bouquet, and tell her how much you love her.

All the best,


Messenger: Black heart Sent: 2/12/2015 6:39:28 AM

Giv her love but eliminate valentine with fire. Teach her about ancient livity & Afrika, let her know dat Rasta no bow to valentine but give her love. Let her know fire is I & I culture. Burn Vilantine

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 2/12/2015 10:06:04 AM

Blessed reasoning I Kings.
RasTa Wombman don't want valentine anyway, RasTa dread n serious in this Iwah. Give the wombman Itality and pure rIghteous love on that day, just as every day. Burn commercialism and guilt pressure to buy, spend, make sure your gift is up to par. The "vegetarian" restaurant is most likely not Iytal too, so why not prepare the food at home?
The Empress who gave the bracelet, hopefully she was giving freely from the heart, and not expecting anything in return.
Blessed LOVE allways.
Selahsie I Haile

Messenger: Humble one Sent: 2/14/2015 6:27:47 AM

"Giv her love but eliminate valentine with fire. " Black Heart

I agree. The best way to show you that you love her is to show her the Itinuity of your love; you do not just love her on one day on Valentines day, you love her everyday.

This is one of the biggest problems besides materialism for all the western festivals for me; ie christmas.

From an early age, I had huge influxes of material presents on December 25th, yet there was always a deep sadness of that day. Its sad, because people would say, "look how much you have (meaning presents), why are you still sad". My sadness was not ungreatfullness, but rather sadness for humanity in that they think that huge influxes of material gifts are how to love someone.

The best kind of love can be found everyday; the idea that it would be once a year is not right, and the problem I have with it is the material nature of showing love.

This is why I do not bow to the western idea of Christmas; because my love for my parents/people should be the SAME everyday, and I certainly wish to show it in a much more genuine way than material gifts.

The greatest gift that you can give someone is knowledge; of themselves. Let them know how Babylon controls them. Consciousness will bring them the greatest hapiness in the long run, and is therefore the greatest gift.

I only suggested the flowers because it was the most natural of all the material gifts that I could think of, but personally I would not bow to Valentines

All the best,


Messenger: Empress Blogger Sent: 2/14/2015 10:32:15 AM

Your post brought tears to my eyes.

Messenger: Ras NazIr Sent: 2/14/2015 12:28:38 PM

Fyah burn valentine day. It was created by babylon to take more money from people. All commercialism. InI give Queen NazIr love iveryday. Dat more important than any physical gift. It seem to InI that the blessed and honorable Idren and Istren have already covered this reasoning well.

If the I insist on giving the wombman a gift, gift her knowledge of the roots. Gift her knowledge of JAH livity. Maybe a book or something about the livity of Ras TafarI. Then a nice homemade Ital meal. Nah mean?

Blessed love Iya. JAH live and HIM goodness Idureth for Iver.

JAH RastafarI.

Messenger: SamanPrat Sent: 4/30/2020 3:02:01 AM

Valentine’s Day is the day of lovers, and they met with their loved ones and share gifts. As far as this is known, are giving tips about the gifts that which type of them are in trend.

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