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Kebra Study

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Messenger: danyel Sent: 1/21/2015 11:02:22 AM

"...and u fi give us di teachings of his majesty..."

was my thinking that there should be a study edition of the Kebra Nagast the same way (actually better than!) there are study editions of the Bible.
So I made one that is really different than anything else out there. It is electronic, multi-touch, with tons of video and audio of historically relevant information, speeches of Marcus and His Imperial Majesty, and documents of their time.

I am looking to spread the word - not as self promotion - but in a serious attempt to propagate important truth, but also to get feedback on how to improve what's already there. This is a multi-volume work, of which volume 1 has just become available. I would love for I&I to consider and meditate upon what you find. If you have thoughts, please leave a review and/or contact me too.

The limitation with the book is that it is electronic and tied to the iPad platform. If you own one of those I strongly encourage you to check it out. There is even a free sample. If you don't own, you can at least get a feel for the content from the description. I kept this book as Black as God, so in a way, I don't think anybody will hear about it unless I&I make a conscious effort to point to it's existence...however, I think that it fills an important generation gap, and should be known.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
Peace and Blessings. Blessings and Love.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 1/21/2015 10:15:16 PM

Bless Idren. I do not have ipad but I give thanks for the creation of this digital version still.
Any one try the app yet?

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