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Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 1/18/2015 8:24:46 PM

what other instruments d Idem play (not letric) besides drum and shaker?

Any I deal with any other African instrument say stringed instrument or other?

Do d I play other drum and style other than Binghi?

Do any I blow Abeng?

Zion Mountain do d Shona have Talkin Drum; or any other Iyahs deh on d continent?

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 1/19/2015 11:18:43 PM

My Lord. Deh are many different musical intruments ina Africa. But de problem with nuff Rastas ina Africa is dat dem tend to want to mimic Idrens abroad dats why nuff intruments still not popular widin de Rasta population. Some of dis intruments are played during cultural events while some are at risk of extinction.

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 1/20/2015 4:29:09 AM

True dat Blackheart

In our culture we got mbira,I dont know any otha name for it in English bcz its an ancient Instrument in I culture

Mbira consists of metal plunged on a woodplate.Unfortunately Iman using a mobile phone to browse this web,otherwise I would have uploaded a picture of it.

We also got marimba,xylophone in English,and hwamanda,trumpet in English,made frm animal horn

Blackheart is right,Rastas in Afrika tend to imitate Jamaikans and forget about I roots.The other time,di elders denied one Rasta at a binghi to play his mbira instrument just because it was not part of di guidelines.

Also some binghi Idrens visited di shrine of one of the highest spirit mediums in Zimbabwe,i.e Chaminuka,and they played the binghi rhythm and were laughed at because its aint familiar in our culture and also they were laughed at for wrapping turbans since only women wrap their heads in our culture

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/20/2015 5:00:55 AM

I will ask you both just as I ask Binghi.

How can one claim Ital, one life, muma nature......

And beat drum

Made from the skin of animal?

I know some brethren don't agree on the one life thing and have no bother with deadas as long as dem not eating it. But for the ras who don't deal with deadas.......Animal instrument???? The best response I have had is well..... Jus a african tradition from long.

Den is it like a leather shoe thing where it often just get overlooked


Messenger: Black heart Sent: 1/20/2015 5:44:01 AM

De issue of animal skin & other animal products in instruments & tools dat I & I use is what I man bn questioning ever since I started to trod ital livity. I even made a personal decision about 9 years ago dat I na go buy any animal leather clothing any more, yet I dicided to keep de leather shoes I have till they worn out. Even I first post to dis Rasta website was questioning de use of animal skin drums by Nyahbinghi man who trod Ital livity. I man been lookin fo alternative drums

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 1/20/2015 6:52:08 AM

The use of animal skin for drums and clothing is post-Afrikan culture...dat is tradition where dem even sacrifice animals.

Ital Livity is a pre-traditional culture,long before the slaughtering of animals.

Spirit mediums some of dem nuh evn use metal,they live in the hills and they tok to Mwari during a trance and you cud a even hear a wombman talking with a male voice or vice versa

Ites up still afrikan tradition,ca when done well,blessings a come

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/20/2015 9:07:13 AM

Haha the Idem look at certain things just like I. BigUp

Soon leave England, second babYlon and head back to Jamaica, first babylon; from toMorrow! I will continue to put this question forward..... and look out for some other form of drum. Believe me, its not only Binghi we are into....


Messenger: Bobobinghi Jahcub Sent: 1/20/2015 2:22:44 PM

Iman have also wondered about the goat skin,I have heard the binghi house has looked into drum heads from a natural composite material.I don't think InI should look down at the bredren for using the skin,InI don't know exactly how and when the Idrens get it.I ask the question if not goat skin what else can the bredren use that is readily available without making the drum sound synthetic? Rastafari is not going to abandon the drum any time soon.nuh true?

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 1/20/2015 2:29:18 PM

Here pon dem use canvas to make drum

Messenger: Bobobinghi Jahcub Sent: 1/20/2015 2:32:15 PM

Look at these drums looks like a metal head

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