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Holy anointing oil

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Messenger: Humble one Sent: 1/11/2015 3:05:32 AM

Dear all,

I remember hearing this somewhere and would really like to try it. I remember reading that "It makes anything it touches holy".

From what I remember, it was mostly olive oil, some cannabis oil, and a few others which I can't remember. Neither do I have the proportions.

I already anoint my skin with a mixture of olive oil and cannabis oil daily. But it would be great to know the exact recipe,



Messenger: Ras NazIr Sent: 1/12/2015 5:13:04 PM

This is the only cannabis specific recipes, as LIEbles these days inna babylon language have changed the oldest forms of scriptures. That why Dem a keep em inna LIEbrary. Haha...

כ;;;;ג;;;; ו;;;;ְ;;;;א;;;;ַ;;;;ת;;;;ּ;;;;ָ;;;;ה;;;; ק;;;;ַ;;;;ח;;;;-ל;;;;ְ;;;;ך;;;;ָ;;;;, ב;;;;ּ;;;;ְ;;;;ש;;;;ׂ;;;;ָ;;;;מ;;;;ִ;;;;י;;;;ם;;;; ר;;;;ֹ;;;;א;;;;ש;;;;ׁ;;;;, מ;;;;ָ;;;;ר;;;;-ד;;;;ּ;;;;ְ;;;;ר;;;;ו;;;;ֹ;;;;ר;;;; ח;;;;ֲ;;;;מ;;;;ֵ;;;;ש;;;;ׁ;;;; מ;;;;ֵ;;;;א;;;;ו;;;;ֹ;;;;ת;;;;, ו;;;;ְ;;;;ק;;;;ִ;;;;נ;;;;ּ;;;;ְ;;;;מ;;;;ָ;;;;ן;;;;-ב;;;;ּ;;;;ֶ;;;;ש;;;;ׂ;;;;ֶ;;;;ם;;;; מ;;;;ַ;;;;ח;;;;ֲ;;;;צ;;;;ִ;;;;י;;;;ת;;;;ו;;;;ֹ;;;; ח;;;;ֲ;;;;מ;;;;ִ;;;;ש;;;;ּ;;;;ׁ;;;;ִ;;;;י;;;;ם;;;; ו;;;;ּ;;;;מ;;;;ָ;;;;א;;;;ת;;;;ָ;;;;י;;;;ִ;;;;ם;;;;; ו;;;;ּ;;;;ק;;;;ְ;;;;נ;;;;ֵ;;;;ה;;;;-ב;;;;ֹ;;;;ש;;;;ׂ;;;;ֶ;;;;ם;;;;, ח;;;;ֲ;;;;מ;;;;ִ;;;;ש;;;;ּ;;;;ׁ;;;;ִ;;;;י;;;;ם;;;; ו;;;;ּ;;;;מ;;;;ָ;;;;א;;;;ת;;;;ָ;;;;י;;;;ִ;;;;ם;;;;.

כ;;;;ד;;;; ו;;;;ְ;;;;ק;;;;ִ;;;;ד;;;;ּ;;;;ָ;;;;ה;;;;, ח;;;;ֲ;;;;מ;;;;ֵ;;;;ש;;;;ׁ;;;; מ;;;;ֵ;;;;א;;;;ו;;;;ֹ;;;;ת;;;; ב;;;;ּ;;;;ְ;;;;ש;;;;ׁ;;;;ֶ;;;;ק;;;;ֶ;;;;ל;;;; ה;;;;ַ;;;;ק;;;;ּ;;;;ֹ;;;;ד;;;;ֶ;;;;ש;;;;ׁ;;;;; ו;;;;ְ;;;;ש;;;;ׁ;;;;ֶ;;;;מ;;;;ֶ;;;;ן;;;; ז;;;;ַ;;;;י;;;;ִ;;;;ת;;;;, ה;;;;ִ;;;;י;;;;ן;;;;.

כ;;;;ה;;;; ו;;;;ְ;;;;ע;;;;ָ;;;;ש;;;;ׂ;;;;ִ;;;;י;;;;ת;;;;ָ;;;; א;;;;ֹ;;;;ת;;;;ו;;;;ֹ;;;;, ש;;;;ׁ;;;;ֶ;;;;מ;;;;ֶ;;;;ן;;;; מ;;;;ִ;;;;ש;;;;ׁ;;;;ְ;;;;ח;;;;ַ;;;;ת;;;;-ק;;;;ֹ;;;;ד;;;;ֶ;;;;ש;;;;ׁ;;;;--ר;;;;ֹ;;;;ק;;;;ַ;;;;ח;;;; מ;;;;ִ;;;;ר;;;;ְ;;;;ק;;;;ַ;;;;ח;;;;ַ;;;;ת;;;;, מ;;;;ַ;;;;ע;;;;ֲ;;;;ש;;;;ׂ;;;;ֵ;;;;ה;;;; ר;;;;ֹ;;;;ק;;;;ֵ;;;;ח;;;;ַ;;;;; ש;;;;ׁ;;;;ֶ;;;;מ;;;;ֶ;;;;ן;;;; מ;;;;ִ;;;;ש;;;;ׁ;;;;ְ;;;;ח;;;;ַ;;;;ת;;;;-ק;;;;ֹ;;;;ד;;;;ֶ;;;;ש;;;;ׁ;;;;, י;;;;ִ;;;;ה;;;;ְ;;;;י;;;;ֶ;;;;ה;;;;.

Here is the link, but the I will want to use the Hebrew and not english. Just change the Hebrew Block letters (Alephbet) to anglicized Hebrew (google translate). Knh-bosm is Cannabis in the recipe. So there is a starting off point of reference for translation. :)

Exodus 30:22-33

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 1/13/2015 12:58:56 PM

Blessed reasoning I&I, give ANKHs for this topic, give Ises for the lashon and Iducation.
Haile Selasie I.
What Iwombman wonder is, why would the recipe be so? Where did "Moses" learn it? Why is the recipe beneficial as it is? The cinnamon, qaneh, olive oil, myrrh, qadah... What are the benefits of these things?
AnyOne know what is this bshm/spice called cassia/qdah in the scripture Iyah NazIr shared?
Iyest love Idren!

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Haile Selassie I