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Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 12/24/2014 3:12:14 AM

I couldnt find the proper name for di thread of this article.

Lets go back to Africa:Bakehase;-Rastafari explaining itself through African Cosmology!

Africa have more than 1000 Nations with more than 1000 World Views(Cosmologi;es).
And here is one of them to rationalize Ital Livity(Fruitari;anism and Vegetarianism) as African Divine Livity from Ancient Times before the Bible.

Mashona Cosmology-The Supreme Divinity and the Creator of Our Nation,Mwari,ma;de the first human,Musikavan;hu,in the heavens(in the Greatness of Its Divinity).

He put the man to sleep and dropped him down to Earth.As Musikavanhu was falling,he woke up and saw a stone falling near him.
Mwari told him to step onto a stone(the first footprints found on rocks all over Africa).
Water gushed from the place where the stone landed with Musikavanhu,and; it became a sacred place for Mashona(Shona Ontological Phenomenon).

Musikavanhu had a dream of birds and animals.When he woke,his dream had come true:Birds flew through the skies and animals roamed the Earth.

Mwari then instructed Musikavanhu about how(High Laws/First Ancestor Law-African Law)he was to live.
He could eat vegetables and fruits,but he must not harm animals(avoid flesh based diet).

Fundamentally according to most if not all African Cosmologies the African's Diet was a ''Plant Based Diet'' associated with the African Divinity to give one good health,longevit;y and strength.
Animal based diet was introduced when Africa moved from a Spiritual Culture to African Traditional Religions based on the Animal Sacrifice.

The Pre-God and Pre-Religious African Spiritual Cultures did not have the Animal Sacrife as some of the Animals used today are fairly new among the Bantu.

African Cosmology does not place man above the animal like religious theologies does but man is one with nature and other natural life.....for the longest while in Africa man was the hunted than the hunter!

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 12/24/2014 6:35:23 AM

This is brilliant.
Good meditation

Ankh Udja Seneb my Lord

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 12/24/2014 8:49:43 AM


Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 12/24/2014 9:24:07 AM

Iman hear supm like dis from some Nuwabian sayin it was dat way in pre-dynastic Kemet with no animal sacrifices also watch a video weh an Akan Queen mother was sayin in many villages d people don't eat meat other than fish and an Igbo tell I say d same for his village so I thoughts was dat at one time in d past they didn't eat fish either.

Even when dey brung us yah InI food was heavily vegetarian the meat was always an extra IF it was available

But now hear say many city Dwellers in certain African countries love chinese food

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 1/21/2015 10:48:05 AM

The stepped architecture of the Danan'ombe Zimbabwe looks like the Stepped Pyramid of Djesora Mucherechedzi at Sakara. The Danan'ombe edifice is said to have been the residence of one of the Amunhumutapa emperors. This may very well be true but the stepped shape of the remaining part of the ruined structure does pique one's curiosity particularly the use of these monuments possibly having being designed to enable the spirit of the kings to ascend to heaven to join their ancestors. What I know is that we have stories of historical events that seem to capture the essence of people who were desirous to climb stairs or ladders to the heavens.

One such story talks about an emperor who asked people to build a ndasva, that is a ladder, to heaven but is collapsed with catastrophic results. There was another story that also talked of an emperor who conscripted people to dig up a mountain and move it to the imperial court. Yet again, the mountain collapsed. Inevitably, a lot of people died.

In modern parlance, we talk about ndasva and aspirations to climb to the moon to haul it back but it may actually have had a deeper meaning, a meaning possibly no longer part of our memory, than what hear today. Going to the moon might have meant going to heaven, a place that was said to be accessible in a physical sense, to be with adzimu, or gods, to use the Western rendition of the name of the deified ancestors.

Interestingly, as you duly noted by Sapitwa Healer Osiris, the ancient Egyptians did have the same notions, the reason they build the colossal edifices like Mucherechedzi's; ndasva murui, the Stepped Pyramid, and Makare's immaculate temple in the Ta-Apat (Dza-Apasi?) white (Machena) hills that has an incredible ndasva. These pyramids were called mirui, artificial mountains, so to speak. They were built at great cost, particularly in terms of human life. The stories have quite uncanny resemblance to the stories some of us grew up hearing from our elders, the tragic story of the ndasva that collapsed.

Seanofura attempted to build a massive pyramid but it ended up collapsing in a manner that is reminiscent of the stories of the catastrophic ndasva. Because his initial design was stepped, or of the ndasva design, when he tried to smoothen the side using loose blocks of stone, sheer gravity forced the pyramid to collapse. Much like in the ndasva stories, a lot of people died.

Seanofura's son, Modjaji Chiname Chufu, went on to build one of the three pyramids of Giza. A lot of labour was required, so historians tell us. It is possible that ordinary people were conscripted. The people were said to have greatly suffered until the priesthood based at Unu decided to intervene. One such priest was invited to Chufu's court because the king was said to have been under stress and therefore in dire need of solace and relief --- it is possible that the loss of life at his project was haunting him given that the ancient Egyptians had the concept that said that the people who had perished unjustly sought justice from beyond the grave. The priest told Chufu that the nation was going to have a new line of kings.

Displeased by the promised end of his family's grip on power, Chufu requested to know the location of the new line of kings not because he wanted to worship them but to get rid of the children who were going to rule the nation as a new dynasty. Fascinatingly, this story resembles the incident at Herod's court when he heard about the birth of Jesus. However, the point that historians have stressed is that the priesthood wanted to put an end to the suffering of the people that may have started with Seanofura's catastrophic projects.

Much like the termination of Seanofura-Chufu; dynasty, the stories of the ndasva-building; emperors ended up with the demise of the ruling familes' power. This is captured in the aphorism that says Varozvi vakapera nendasva, a condensed and therefore memorable summation of the tragic history of the construction of stepped edifices that were mean to be staircases to the land of adzimu, and how the Rozvi lost their [truncated by WhatsApp]

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 1/21/2015 10:56:02 AM

Rozvi lost their position as the leaders of BuKalanga-VuKar;anga, better known as the Mwenemutapa Empire.

The architectural resemblance does seem to be more than just coincidental, more so if we consider the stories of the catastrophic collapsed of both monuments and dynasties

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 1/21/2015 11:00:24 AM

alph Sibande

INGQANGA IFILE - THE BATELEUR IS DEAD.(Funeral dirge on the death of a great King in isiXhosa.).


Latin - Terathopius ecaudatus
(Marvelous face tailess)
Afrikaans - Berghaan
Swati - Ingculungculu
Zulu - Ingqungulu
English - Bateleur Eagle
French - Bateleur des savannes
Dutch - Goochelaar
Portuguese -Aguia-bailarin;a
Shona - Chapungu
Tswana - Ntsu
Tsonga - xiMongwe

The Bateleur eagle is held in awe by almost all African cultures in Southern Africa. It is regarded as the messenger of the gods and is the bringer of good news.

African culture seldom gives reasons for its beliefs, but is practised with faithful adherence. The reason for this may be found in the fact that with the advent of Christianity many custodians of African wisdom died without bequeathing their knowledge to young successors, most of whom were won over by the mission school and its new power, the written word.


However it is possible to guess the reasons for this. The bateleur eagle spends no less than eight hours per day flying in the sky in search of food on the ground. The sky being regarded as the abode of gods, this clearly cemented its status as a bird favoured by gods. It then possibly became a messenger of the gods.


Its aerial acrobatics and virtuouso aerial display made it to be perceived as a favoured citizen of the heavenly realms.


The bateleur ate the flesh and drank the blood of its victims. Blood being perceived by all ancient cultures as the bearer of life , this fact alone possibly consolidated its status as a the bird of gods. The Shona call it therefore Shiri ya Mwari.


Snakes are on the menu of bateleur eagles. To ancient Africans this did not go unnoticed. The bateleur was therefore sent into the world to punish and destroy evil in the land. Snakes being seen as a type of evil, the bateleur's status as the avenger of the gods and saviour of people from venomous snakes, that is evil, was possibly entrenched.

This symbolic language resonates with modern theologies whose metaphysical description of the language of redemption uses almost the same symbology.


The bateleur has found a place in modern history as recently as during the death of former president Nelson Mandela. His last praises carry the poignant cry by his abaThembu subjects: A bateleur has died!

Is the bateleur really a bird of God or gods? The answer does not lie here nor there. Yes it is in a metaphysical sense. No it is not in a real objective sense. Ancient men relied on what they saw in nature in order to take their first tottering steps towards putting together their spiritual metaphysics. They certainly did not start off as seasoned philosophers but it is in the wilderness or the bushveld that we can trace their thoughts and mental footsteps in the difficult task of developing concepts and philosophical speculation.

Today we may take our philosophies as God given to us fully developed but it may have taken one resourceful guy around Satara 50 000 years ago who had observed the bateleur over many years and heard all its fact file details from elders around a camp fire, while eating wildebeest shanks, to realise the valuable metaphysical ideas that this bird is still portraying so eloquently and accurately even today.

Is metaphysics the truth? I don't know too but I certainly enjoy going to Kruger National Park with an open mind and an enquiring spirit. That is why so many people want to go there and learn and experience a world which may soon die away and slip through our fingers.

Story by Ralph Sibande The bateleur picture was taken by my wife on 02 January 2015 at 12h19 on the H1-4 road towards Satara rest camp!

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 1/21/2015 1:25:40 PM

Bless m Lord. Big up fe de teachings of Africa. One Black Love

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 5/11/2015 3:07:00 AM

Istory tym......This is from 1930 when the missionaries in then-Southern Rhodesia were trying to harmonize the Karanga languages, which they misnamed Shona languages. You will notice that there is the identity of the Nubi/Nyubi mentioned in the document. These are actually located in the Matopo Hills, and it is from these people that the Munhuari/Mwari priesthood are exclusively selected.

The priest are of the baboon/vervet monkey totem. They have honourific title like MAKUDO EBVUDZI JENA, which translates to APES OF WHITE HAIR. This is identical with the honourific title conferred upon the AMEN-RA/AMUN-ARI priesthood in the Hills of Thebes.

As in ancient Egypt, the Nyubi priesthood of the APES OF WHITE HAIR are known to be exceptionally brilliant and very studious. Owing to their intelligence, one of their names is Malaba or, in Karanga, MARAVA. It is a name that clearly denotes their intellectual brightness and the fact that they are the keepers of ancient and esoteric knowledge.

Of course it is noteworthy that some of the Nyubi, or APES OF WHITE HAIR people go by the name of SHAWASHA. This is very close to the name given to the Libyan soldiers. The Shawasha will tell you that they are a very martial people. According to legend, it was from these HUDO/GUDO people that one of their leaders, Tingini, left for pre-colonial KwaZulu-Natal to ply his trade of ironsmith specializing in iron weaponry.

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 5/11/2015 3:21:32 PM

very interesting. thanks for sharing.

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