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Rasta Guidance/teacher

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Messenger: Knowledge seeker Sent: 12/13/2014 6:04:56 PM

Greetings to all. I am new to this 'ere page so hopefully I can make some connections. I am lookin for someone (black man preferably) who is willing to teach or reason with a young brotha like myself. I know no one can teach you how to be Rasta as RastafarI isn't exactly taught. I just have many inquiries about ways and reasonings for certain things. I find even as a black man and in a culture/way of life supposedly for a man of my color that its hard to find others that seem un willing to let you in on things. Its almost as if everyone wants to keep RastafarI to themselves. Maybe I'm running into the wrong people. But for those who may see this any knowledge and wise words will be appreciated.

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 12/13/2014 6:27:13 PM

Know Who Ras Tafari is and Why Ras Tafari!

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 12/13/2014 7:29:51 PM

Greetings and thanks for coming forward Idren. I suggest that the I ask questions on the forum, and view all of the different Idrens Ipinions. Many wise + righteous I's on this forum.
Still, I&I overstand what the I has mentioned Knowledge Seeker, and I do overstand why the I would want personal guidance. I felt very similar when I started to seek RasTafarI trod, that people often avoid answering questions directly. It helps a person to seek and Overstand ideas for Oneself, if a person has to find their own answers. Still, Each One Teach One! As a light skinned female, I am not the Black man that the I has asked for, but I am available to reason and answer/ask questions personally with the Iyah. All ones and ones should feel free to email Iwombman for any guidance or reasoning:

Qedamawi Hayle Selasie

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/19/2015 5:23:59 AM

Find some RASTA to move around. TTI an all welcoming camp as long as you come in love.

Gad enjoying the Hola vibes at the beloved manchester house

Messenger: Ras NazIr Sent: 1/19/2015 12:56:30 PM

Yes I, the Prophet Gad. Rastafari is a livity. Rastafari is reality. One comes into overstanding through trod and reasoning. The Queen JAH Idren did a good job Isplaining some of what InI am sighting. The Idren here are knowledgeable and are very great to reason with.

Just don't get caught up by different mansions (sects). Iveryone is different, so Ivery trod will be different. Rastafari isn't a religion, it is a way of life. The gift of JAH is for all man. Look to/for JAH inna your livity and the I will be guided in the I own personal trod. Seen?

JAH guide

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Haile Selassie I