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Messenger: Yardee Fa_real Sent: 12/12/2014 12:10:08 PM

blessings my fellow rasta in jah
i man have been having a problem.
i man have been medzing the highgrade for a
month till one evening a friend of i tricked i
and gave me a drink and do obeah on i trying
to make i his slave.
since that day when i man try walk i n i feel
like something pulling me to people or specific
i man have been having trouble deciding what
to eat, i have no trust with anyone. when i
tryed eating processed food it affects i. i
activated my third eye and my subconcious
affects me physically. i can smell signals from
i can connect to animals but my neigjbours
foumd out in a way and they push obeah on
me i can never have peace of mind. they
connect i to a hen n feed it with tea so i n i
cant sleep. i n i know it when my armpits start
to smell like feathers. ewhen i want to smoke
the herb they connect me to the hen n i n i
feel i n i cant meditate.
my subconcious affects my physical.
neighbours wont let me have a peaceful state
of mind atall. they stay out and stay all night
pushing obeah on i. when i catch sleep they
bang doors so i wake up and feed the hen tea.
they even want to arrest i when i conquer
some of their obeah. when i walk out, cars
race past me like they watch me. same cars
keep track of i.
help i fellow rastai n i was forcefully taken to a psychiatric
hospital by my father and they forced me to
take drugs because i refused to eat babylon
food and watch t.v
they even gave me appatite drugs so i cannot
fast and they bring meat at home everyday and
no other food.
they are forcing i n i to choose between
hunger and spirituality.
i n i starved myself to a point i n i cant go on
n dem report me telling the psychiatric doctor
that i n i mad n dont want to eat
help i

Messenger: Yardee Fa_real Sent: 12/12/2014 12:14:35 PM

they want i n i to submit i n i soul to them.
they want i n i to let them control i n i on dem devlish cults

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 12/12/2014 2:15:07 PM

Bless my Lord. De I haffe get some ital to eat if possible. Don't starve yo self fo dat can lead to mental instability, body damage & even death. Just eat plenty of diverse ital to nourish yo brain n de rest of yo body. If possible to get ganja seeds then eat plenty of dem. U can grind dem & use dem to cook ital as a subtitude fo cookin oil . Eat plenty of nuts, fruits & vegetables. drink plenty of water. Give yoself a break from de high grade. Try to avoid stress. Stand firn. hold on

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 12/12/2014 9:26:58 PM

Messenger: Sister Sent: 12/14/2014 4:06:51 PM

...' A schizophrenic person, from the yogic viewpoint, is not mad, but sees too much and cannot integrate it. [On an energetic level that means one or all of the three higher chakras are open, while one or all of the four lower chakras are closed (excluding the base chakra which deals with survival).]'

So, take care of your physical needs primarily, the body being the temple from which you worship, with capacity to heal your spirit. If you can serve your own body and function at a reasonable level you will be left to make your own choices about what you feed it and your spirit with. If you are overwhelmed with the choice of what is 'safe' to eat, keep it simple and clean, to sustain and strengthen your being toward wellness. Instead of fasting by not eating, take a fast from herb, humble to the physical level of the I's being and establish a way of living that sustains from the ground up. Fast from strong emotional pulls toward this and away from that. Purify the temple.

Blessings and Strength.

Messenger: Yardee Fa_real Sent: 12/14/2014 5:25:27 PM

Blessed love Black heart. blessed love sister. i n i apreciate your advice.
i will start taking care of i temple with every ital i see and allow jah to use me and to abide in i temple.
one love black heart. one love Sister!

Messenger: nefale ke Sent: 1/5/2015 3:47:26 PM

my brothren!! dis thn is very common in few ppl that r fotunate enough 2 b transportd by JAH HIM self frm lower level 2 highr level of spiritual livity,, wat u r experiancin nw is the fight btn good nd de bad withn urself,, u r nt mad or anythn related 2 madness,,,,.

ur faith wil determin who u r nd if u submit urself 2 them u wil suffr frm their dirty spiritual, mental nd emotional influence,,, nd it cn lead u 2 lose ur mind nd blvn dat u r mad..

in lyf ther is no madness!! ppl call those who r nt controlld by babylon system mad nd crazy ,,,, dnt let them fool u,, hv faith nd act n live lyk all is fine JAH will bless u..... if madness exists then all who were favourd by god wer crazy nd mad bcz they walkd naked nd they leavd their family nd eat cow's shit...

be strong nd hav faith all will b fine!! u r 1 of the stolen sheep!!! the king is busy workin 4 ur liberation frm THEM so hav faith

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