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Daughters, Empresses, Lionesses, All Wombman

1 - 1011 - 2021 - 28
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Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 11/28/2014 9:33:02 AM

Blessed love to each and every King who post on this website. Many great reasonings and things the I's have shared to Iducate Iwombman. Give thanks JAH Most I.
But Iwombman want to see more Iyah Goddesses in these forums (and in life).
Where are the royal Queens? Where are the Righteous sistren? Where are the natty lionesses?
Iwombman struggle to see the sistren around I&I so obsessed with artificial things, although each one is so truly beautiful, body and soul, and don't know it. I&I try to influence in the positive, but still I would love to see some sistren livin UP and even learn things from the Iyahs!
Love to the sistren Empress Latrice, Sister, and Royal Dawta who post up recently (and apologies if I missed another Empress up here recently), give thanks for coming forward. Love to Empress NazIr who is the invisible feminine influence to balance Ras NazIr posts haha, and give Ises for the Inity and blessed love and health to I sistren allways. To all the Kings on this site with Empresses, love to the sistren and encouragement to come forward in the reasoning.
More Ma'at, more harmony, let the wombman voices be heard!
Auset I Menen I Seshat I

Messenger: empress latrice Sent: 11/30/2014 3:24:48 PM

Blessings JAH Child,

I do check the website often, I just don't feel like a true RasTa wombman at times. I walk around, go to places, go around family members and people just think I'm weird. There is no culture here, people here don't understand what a RasTa is other than marijuana.

I stopped twisting my hair, and instead just wash them and go about my day and family members ask why I won't comb my hair, why do I have this on my head, why am I wearing this. Everything I do has to get questioned.

I'm ready for a new environment.

I read posts on here often I never comment

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 11/30/2014 11:19:32 PM

Blessed Royal Love Istren,
Give thanks for the reply!
I want to let the I know that people think I am "weird" also. I have embraced it at this point. I wear large seeing eye glasses and wrap up the dreadlocks in a turban because each serve a totally necessary purpose. But people just think I am a crazy person, so I smile and let them think what they want. A couple nice things about having a reason for everything the I do is that 1) no one else's judgments matter, 2) all questions can be easily answered (although not always satisfactorily for other people).
People ask Iwombman all the time why I have a head wrap (or what it is, what it means, so on). They ask questions about Ital Livity. Questions all the time, from family and strangers alike. But I have to use it as an UPportunity to UPlift the I's who are asking the questions. I would just answer as simply and honestly as possible, in language the people can Overstand.
I know the I do not often post on the forum, but I am allways happy to read the Ipinions, and the I can also email I&I at any time. I know the I in MS yeah? I&I in CA and not much more Overs. about RaTafarI in the culture around here either, especially not when it comes to Istren. The most Dreads in this town are Reggae dreadman.
Iwombman blessed to speak with the Istren and UPlift JAH feminine Irits. More and more Iylah Love to all of Irationkind. Selahsie I.

Messenger: RasLeigh Sent: 12/23/2014 2:38:45 AM

Greetings empress latrice and all other empresses on this thread,

to speak with empress latrice specifically, i do agree with you and often feel the same ways about feeling like a true Rasta wombman. Personally i have issues with trying to stay positive and have nothing but love in my heart when all i see is anger, greed, judgment, and ignorance. I also have the same issue with people not understanding Rastafari, regardless of any attempt of explaining. i get looks and judgment from family and friends when wrapping my locs, or wearing certain clothes. or problems like this place says its bad to do this, i read here that you shouldnt do that, all opinions are different.

i too live in a community here where there is little to no culture, let alone rastafari. when explaining rastafari, the phrases " oh bob marleys religion, or so you just smoke weed all day" is often followed.

on this site im looking for other rastas who can guide me, share experiences, and show and teach me things.

its really nice to see or hear from other rastas,

i hope everyone enjoys the rest of their night/morning and stay blessed, and happy holidays in advance

give thanks to the most high, Jah Rastafari, Selassie I <3

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 12/23/2014 5:21:56 AM

Environment cannot negate the I dem meditation. Think of the example of Howell, and the environment in which he began his trod. Rastafari emerge from the depths of sufferation, isolation, and intimidation. Hold firm.

Yet iMAN also support the idea of Exodus. Jah make this earth to trod.

African Liberation

+ Always good to sight the Empress

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 12/23/2014 10:28:29 AM

Bless up Iyahs.
Give thanks for coming forward in the forums Impress Leigh. Can I ask which issues the family is pointing out, saying the Livity is contrary? What are they reading that opposes Purity?
True Ras Garvey I, give thanks for the upfullness and Haile. When Iman facing bad vibes or downpression, how does the I maintain the positive medI?
Music? Yoga? Nyabinghi? GanJAH?
Turning the downpression into inspiration to forward ever more Hailefull?
More love All.

Messenger: RasLeigh Sent: 12/24/2014 3:32:18 AM

Greetings Jah Child, some issues my family has, mainly my mother is that they don't knowant or overstand. Things like my hair, what I belive or how I eat. My mother can be very non understanding by choice, and will male it known. Things like when I talk hypothetically about my future children and how I raise them. If I say I don't want them believing Santa clause, or I don't want them to be focused on material things. I usually get laughed at, ignored and disrespected (in the sense of her saying she will still do it, I don't have a choice etc). Just b Things like that, jokes about if I wrap my locs etc. As for what she reads or where she gets her information from I couldn't tell you. She believes rasta's are what you see on dancehall or reggae music videos.

As for what I do to try to keep my mind positive, I haven't really figured out yet c a way. I want to learn yoga and meditation top help calm me and give me opportunities to reach a different level. For the moment I try b to just walk my dogs, or read or watch TV.

Still a work in progress.

Thank you for the reply, stay blessed

Messenger: Humble one Sent: 12/24/2014 4:11:57 AM

Dear Ras Leigh,

That kind of non understanding must be very hard for you, especially the direct teasing of the locks. Where ever you are at this point in time, know that it has it's purpose.

Although my parents do not tease me, they often challenge me. I see this as an opportunity to educate them. Many times we have had conversations about food. My parents are both slaves of the system; they are on a whole bunch of "medication", eat what the system wants them to eat, and have got ill as a result, and I imagine that this has clouded their vision.

My dad often offers me tiny pieces of something; eg they have Stollen at the moment. As always, I refuse. He tells me that I should eat socially, and that, like when they cook a big meal which is not Ital, I should eat it out of respect for them.

Often this makes me feel bad for not eating it, but I stand firm that I do not eat un natural stuff, and a few positive changes have came about as a result. For example, they have altered some of the meals to make them so that I will eat them, which is better for them also.

I lead by example, and although I strongly advise them to get off the poisonous food that the system has hooked them on, I do not force them physically.

Stay strong. Since I have grew up with them, they now take more pills than ever, and my dad now can hardly walk. My mother lacks the energy to get through a morning. I do not eat the same as them, and as of yet I have not been afflicted with any illness. Often I calmly point this out to them, as I have 2 sisters the same age as me who are also ill. I ask them if they think this is a mere coincidence. They go to the doctor, and he puts them on a whole host of chemicals. I cannot physically put them in the bin as they come, and I think it would be wrong to control my parents. However, it is heartbraking for me to watch them suffer like this when I know that they don't have to; if only they would get off Babylon's food.

My mother often agrees with me in theory, but never actually acts, and still eats the poison. I see her talking about it, but never doing.

I do not have it nearly as bad as you, as although my parents are slaves of the system, they never actually directly tease me, and let me do what I want to do (they don't control me). Remember, happiness isn't a set of circumstances, it is in the heart.

All the very best,


Messenger: RasLeigh Sent: 12/24/2014 11:06:16 AM

Thank you Joe, I wouldn't say that I have it that bad as there are people everywhere far worse. I moved out when I was 17 (and am now 25) because of this reason. My mother specifically is very negative mind and always thinks the worse of a situation so it was hard for me to try and keep a clear mind. That doesn't however change how much I love her or what id do for her if she needed. We both just have two very different overstandings of the world, and it took me moving out to realize that. I don't live with my parents and only have to deal with this negativity when I come over, the problem usually lies where I want to be there and spend time but often have to leave early because I feel disrespected. I don't like how I am guilted in to change my opinions on things. As of late for example, with Christmas here I was given a "Santa list" of things (ideas) to buy my 26 year old sister, my mother and my father. When I explained that I do not want to give gifts nor receive and would rather cook, bake or make something (as I don't agree with the commercial aspect, and this one spent this much so you have to spend that much) I was scolded and told I was cheap and don't even care about this family etc. Those are the types of things I have trouble with. I'm trying, and that's all I can say to that.

On a positive note, It's Christmas eve, and I hope everyone is with family or loved ones and thinking about all the ways each of you have blessed each others life. Jah bless all my new families and friends on this site, my day is already brighter as I read threads on here for inspiration and positive vibes.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 12/24/2014 12:38:18 PM

Most Haile Love and Peace All.

Sistren Leigh, I overstand what the I is going through.
When Iwombman first begin to seek Truth, I started smoking ganJAH and asking questions about the bible and christianity, and my family was beyond shocked. My older sister actually forbid I from seeing her child for a couple of years, because she thought that Iwombman had gone crazy, she actually said that I was demon possessed by "a spirit of confusion" because of all the questions I posed. It took a lot of time, but most of the family eventually warmed to the changes, and my sister eventually changed her mind as well. In part, I know that I had to make some changes in order to return the comfort to our relationships. For a long time, I did not speak of "myself" at all around them, I would only ask them how they are doing and just play with the children. When I was able to be calm and humble around them, their comfort returned, they realized that I am more at peace than I was before all of the seeking, and through this, I think they began to accept Iyah.
As for the people who don't accept the I divine rights to THINK and SPEAK and LIVE UP, I would remove Iself from those people as much as possible. I would not even talk about "this is what I will do when I have children" to that person, if the person is only going to mock I views.
And remember I Goddess, the family members may be spiritually lost, and may need even more grace. Strive for Overstanding over being Overstood, seen? Try to think of where she is coming from - she may even feel that her own mothering skills are being insulted when the I talk about what the I would do differently.
If I wanted to say something like that to my mother, I would phrase it like, "I know that you always tried as hard as you could to make sure we had special holidays. And i have so many good memories of all of that time together. But now, seeing it from an adult perspective, I don't think it is right to lie to children about invented characters, and it seems like the whole gift tradition just breeds greed and discontentment. And it is more of a gift to the big business man than it is to anyone else, to spend so much money supporting this tradition. So I would hope that you can see where I'm coming from with that when I have my own kids, if I choose not to celebrate holiday with them."
The hair issue may be the same, she may feel that the I is judging or condemning her practices, simply because the I choose differently. It may be as simple as saying, "I respect your authority over your own hygiene habits, I just have chosen differently, and I have good reasons. But I don't judge your decisions."
I am not saying that it is a personal fault, that the family responds the way they do. But I hope that the I can also see what I am saying - that sometimes we can change the whole picture if we humble and give kind words, even when other people act rude or defensive. We are ALL a work in progress haha.
Iwombman have a very close relationship with I MAMA GODDESS. But it is not a daughter-mother relationship. I give her advice just as much as she gives I. It took realizing that she and I are ONE, she is not my mother, She is I. I am she, in a different form. I am in her life to guide her, just as much as she is in Iwombman life to guide I. Sistren, one soul, one being. When she shows imperfections, I forgive them, because she has forgiven mine for so many years. We are reflections of each other. We have to be gracious and merciful to each other.
By the way, even now as far as we have come, my family members still make comments like "it looks like you have a towel on your head." Well, so what if it does look that way? Haha sometimes the Iyer I just has to take the Iyer ground, seen?

As far as personal practices to rewire the mind and retune the vibes, physical yoga really does help for I, as well as running when really stressed! I can imagine that walking with the doggie helps too ♡;; If the I want tips getting started with yoga, I will try to walk the I through some beginning practices. It may require a phone call haha.

Bredren Joe Iyah, give thanks for sharing the Ixperiences also. I can relate to watching parents poison themselves on meat n cheese, not wanting to change although they know it would heal them. My biological father is wheelchair bound at only 65 because of obesity and gout, and despite his claims that he will "go vegan", nothing changes, and it only gets worse! Truly Idren, do not feel bad about refusing their food! The I should feel Irie and know that the I is building a better future than the ones these sick people have built for themselves. As the I said, Iman can only Iducate and live by Ixample. It is up to each human to make wise choices and Live Up. I hope that as the years go on, the I will Itinue to be a good Ixample, and the family will be inspired to change! And if not, at least the I shall Itinue to love them. Health is important, but love is even more so, agreed?

Guidance JAH Most High I&I&I

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Haile Selassie I