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The N word

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Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 6/9/2015 9:21:44 PM

like i said before, i respect that. i understand that. and personally, i dont like that word anyways. its just like refering to women by using the p-word or other physical things. "the big belly man", "the small guy over there", "the guy in the wheel chair". but i think that it isnt THAT evil that people has to be attacked or murdered just because they have said it. i also know that some people use the n-word even though there arent racists in general. their confused gradnparents say it because it was unfortunately just normal earlier in history and they have to deal with their fear of the unknown. i think, if you are an adult, you always have to deal with a certain boldness to really use the word but some people just dont know what they are doing.

i think really disgusting is when whites are superficially atracted to black women but they still have to deal with the problems ive mentioned. so they say things like "look at this hot n-word chick over there". personally, i see it as a form of mental illness and a disgusting rest of the era of slavery in our society.

if you check the people who say things like that they arent even that consious about what they are dealing with. i think the fact that our society loses its decency more and more plays also an important role regarding this issue. its cool to swear. an those words are just part of our modern society.

its just like calling white people "white bread" or "milk face" or something like that.

i think its just to stupid to care about those nasty parts of bad behaviour. its just like meeting a princess and you deny to mention her title because you dont believe in the special role of royal people. so that princes wont be mad, she will label you as a confused man in her heart who deserves to be treated with a special love because his whole life seems to be very difficult if the poor guy doesnt know how to behave. i think thats a great point regarding manners. i like statements like capleton made, but in our daily lives, we cant be too (physically) aggressive just because of this poor perceptions.

some people say it is just honest but i dont know how much of this kind of "honesty" is good for the communication of different people. it is just natural that we all have our good and bad sites. also physically. at least its just a very superficial way of seeing jah people. very negative. it doesnt respect the worth of our species (or any species and nature in general).

we must see that a white man who calls a black man an n-word is just dissing himself in a bilical way. to speak of your skin color is just to stupid to be commented. and as an insult, its just not working. my oldest grandmother was the black eve. im sure my ancestors who used to live in africa so many years ago were black. if i diss people because they are black. so what? how can my white skin be better? its just pure confusion. we should come together and kill the system.

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 6/13/2015 9:21:47 PM

Some French speakers here use Neg and Negresse as endearment terms for male and female amongst eachother

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