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Tetanus vaccines found spiked with sterilization chemical to carry out race-based genocide against Africans

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Messenger: RasIndi Sent: 11/15/2014 9:08:20 AM

I was given a Tetanus vaccine in 2008 and it had ruined my life. I had really bad side effects that lasted for years.

Vaccines are evil, meant to keep people sick in order to carry on a depopulation agenda.

Messenger: Ras Raza Sent: 11/15/2014 11:08:28 AM


Messenger: Ignorant/Wise Rasta Youth Sent: 4/4/2023 6:13:51 PM

I was chopping on the farm in Jamaica blue mountains and got a nasty cut into the bone of my hand. (Only 3 weeks ago) I went to the hospital of Papine and got the tetanus shot. I feel very bad about it. But on the other hand I didn't wanna risk tetanus either. Also because my granddad died from tetanus after getting a rusty nail through his hand. I really feel bad when they are de-populating the people with the covid vaccines. What can't they do with the tetanus shot in 2023 then?!

If anyone have any links to tetanus shots of 2023, feel free to share

For a rasta it was a big dillema

But I will put my trust in Jah
RasTafarI and hope that Im good

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 4/5/2023 7:58:17 PM

Greetings Idren
From what I know of the tetanus vaccine issue it was tainted with HCG hormone which made women develop an antibody to it, meaning when their own bodies begin to produce HCG when pregnant, their bodies would fight off the hormone and therefore end the pregnancy.

As a man this issue would not affect you at all.

Of course it's still possible to have tainted the vaccines with something else since that event which occurred in an isolated number of vaccines in Kenya in the early 2000s I think.

However from what I know now having gone through a lot of fertility treatments, Hcg injections is something commonly used in what is called "trigger shot" which often times is just a part of helping a woman get pregnant, and successfully so by the hundreds of thousands. So that confuses me how the tetanus vaccine including HCG would be a hindrance to pregnancy... unless the introduction of HCG at the same time as the introduction of tetanus would make the body react negatively as opposed to the trigger shot which does not include pathogens? That's something I haven't figured out.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 4/6/2023 8:32:38 AM

In the 1970s the US and the UN decided it was their responsibility to oversee global population control. Itís documented they wanted to target third world countries like Kenya with more abortions and contraception. They made a tetanus and family planning abortion shot combo In the 70s and as far as the story goes this was advertised rightly as a tetanus and abortion shot.

Some of these were found in the Kenyan tetanus vaccines a decade or so ago. Advertised to young women as tetanus shots and no mention of it being a combination family planning medicine. Not every shot contained the abortion stuff but enough to be more than a simple mixup.

Tetanus jabs in of themselves are a GOOD thing

The issue is with the covert methods of population control between the US, the UN and the WHO

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 4/6/2023 8:44:15 AM

Jah child you are right a HCG shot can cause an already pregnant lady to miscarry but will not cause infertility.

Men are not at risk neither are women in developed countries such as the US. This seems like a targeted thing toward specific countries from specific organisations who are concerned with the world becoming too expensive with too many Africans in it. I say that because I doubt the US, UN and WHO were doing the same thing for population control in ChinaÖ.. maybe only the countries in which they deem to be able to control.

Having said that, China do their own harsh population controlÖ.. but whether we agree with that on not at least the Chinese are autonomous

Africa for the Africans
Create an African Health Organisation and fuck off the WHO, infact Ban them from Africa completely. Too many mixups one after another


Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 4/7/2023 7:10:47 PM

Greetings Iyah

Yes I agree with that very much. I know in some areas the WHO used to be received with skepticism and even some would use rice to burn the arm to make it look like a polio vaccine scar. I think during the ebola outbreak some WHO members were killed in remote areas where people believed the outsiders had caused the problem.

When I was in Shashemene I was in the home of a lady who wanted to show me, with great pride, her son's immunization record... I was like 😳; ummm hmmmmm. Same lady who showed me how to make "false banana" I think they call it Qocho, a very ancient dish made from powdered scrapings of leaves and buried in the ground, and used in times of famine. Interesting how this ancient tradition lives alongside the whole vaccine compliance mindset.

I didn't know that injection of HCG during pregnancy would cause miscarriage. So is that what was going on in Kenya then? These women were already pregnant when they got the vaccine? That wasn't how I first read it. It seemed to be a sterilization vaccine moreso than an abortion vaccine, which of course there's a big difference. Not okay either way though for sure.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 4/9/2023 3:07:41 AM

It was promoted toward young women and didnít filter out those who were pregnant or about to be. I think they encouraged pregnant unvaccinated women to get it as early as possible. The reports talk about Ďtemporary sterilisationí basically until the womanís hcg levels return to her normal which can take a short while and so itís also temp contraceptionÖ. hCG isnít harmful but if injected it can fool your body into thinking your already pregnant and obviously one canít get pregnant once pregnant lol. At least that was my overstanding. Happy to be corrected

Why does one country deem itself to have responsibility over the population of another country? This seems like white supremacy bearing its ugly head once again.

It would be like China lacing American Covid Jabs with the morning after pill / plan b; because they were concerned with how quickly America was growing.

Seems crazy.

The problem is itís no longer the 1970s and I doubt these governments need vaccines or an injection to engage in chemical warfare. COVID itself which was man made (accident or not) didnít need. To be injected only breathed in, remember anthrax just needed to be barely touched and that was 20 years ago. The vaccine world is already filled with mistrust. Now this same chemical war in 2023 I predict to be much more covert, much more hidden, much more deadly. PrayersÖ

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 4/9/2023 9:47:51 PM

So true about the chemical warfare. And the need for nations to be in charge of their own policies whether population control of otherwise. In fact I am adamantly opposed to population control even in the case of a nation perpetrating it on its own people. Yes China did quell a population overload but at the same time individuals had to face extreme horrors in order for the one child policy to be upheld. So I can never be in favor of a human having to face those horrors. And I always will support the idea of more life - who knows if, among one of those unborn babies, there was a genius who could have solved the entire world's issues of resource scarcity, or something along those lines, negating the need for population control at all?

As for the possibility of getting pregnant while hCG is in the system, I think it is possible yes, because I know that many women who get the trigger shot immediately before having an embryo transfer are told not to do an hcg test too early as the shot is still in their system for two weeks, yet after that the positive test can be trusted to be a true pregnancy. So the trigger shot can still be in their system and they can get pregnant. However I'm not medically trained, that's just from my experiences in fertility clinics and talking with other women going through IVF and such procedures, so I might be missing something along the way there?

Thankhs for the reasoning Idren, prayers indeed, more Life, more Love

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/11/2023 2:23:41 PM

So I want to make a couple of points and then explain why I am pro-population control and why misinformation can actually be the cause of race-based eugenics. And if the watchmen on the walls are asleep then these so-called warnings are the very weapons they are warning about.

Buckle up for this one...

In the OP, posted in 2014, the post said that tetanus vaccines given to millions of young women in Kenya have been "confirmed by laboratories to contain a sterilization chemical that causes miscarriages"

This chemical is stated to be HCG. From this we are to automatically assume that HCG is bad so including it in a vaccine must be bad as well. This story smelled fishy to me, mainly because I think most conspiracy theories are in support of a white supremacy agenda. So I googled HCG.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (abbreviated as hCG) is a key pregnancy hormone. In early pregnancy, its primary function is to help ramp up the bodyís production of estrogen and progesterone. This helps to support the growth of the uterus and uterine lining.

HCG is called a sterilization chemical. So how come googling this "hormone" will show you that low levels can indicate a miscarriage? There's some sleight of hand going on here. Hormones are technically chemicals but HCG was not called a hormone in the post because either that or the original source wanted us to think that HCG is unnatural.

I think we can all agree that a conspiracy to practice eugenics on Africans would be terrible, but to practice this on your own people? That would make little sense. White supremacy isn't interested in ending white pregnancies. It is afraid of the balance of power shifting away from white hetero men. Any information given to everyone is not going to be some secret conspiracy. In order to make something into a weapon you have to have a target. If the target is so big it includes your own children then it wouldn't make any sense as a weapon. That's basic logic. Not to mention, any effort to kill millions will cost money that has to come from somewhere and be administered by someone. The idea that medical doctors who take an oath to do no harm, and who probably include a racial mix, would knowingly administer such a weapon and publicly advocate for the "secret ingredient" would be like not only committing mass murder but announcing to the world exactly what method you used and advocating for that very method be mainstream. Does this make any sense?

The original post makes the argument that HCG is bad and then blasts the Kenyan government for saying it's perfectly safe. And why wouldn't it be? It promotes healthy childbirth. It is naturally occurring in a woman's body but if it's too low there could be a problem. But this post tries to contend that it simply "doesn't work 100% of the time."

It seems like the point of this post may have simply been to scare people into thinking that HCG sterilizes "the majority" of those injected with it. This is not just bogus. It's the opposite. While low hCG levels can mean a possible miscarriage, high levels can indicate multiple pregnancies.

So if you are someone who fears hCG you better hope your body naturally has enough because if you turn down treatment that includes hCG you could be the one killing your unborn child!

We saw similar misinformation surrounding COVID-19, did we not? People want us to think the government is trying to kill us and doctors are in on it and all these people are conspiring because they all want the same thing and yet the misinformation about covid seems to all be coming from a single source that also happens to not be an ally of black people. Who says it here or there doesn't matter because people who don't trust the government can be tricked just like people who do. I'm not saying I trust the government. I'm just saying it wouldn't be wise to automatically take a position against everything the government does or imagine that everyone in government is evil and capable of mass murder. COVID-19 was deadly for a lot of people; especially those with pre-existing conditions. So the fact that someone had the nerve to tell us not to wear masks... I saw that as an attempt to make us kill ourselves and our close family members. And since this is on a forum with no pictures or real identities there are no consequences for inciting people to literally kill themselves.

So in summary, medium levels of HCG are good. Low levels are bad. Doctors did not go to school for 8 years in order for the chance to kill people. That's the wrong profession for that and we have a system of checks and balances called the courts. And frankly, if there was such an effort, especially between nations, it doesn't matter which nation was guilty or how rich a person is, there would be major consequences beginning with sanctions. But there are no consequences if a population simply denies care. So we have a treatment that is applied to women of all races but someone specifically targets black communities to tell them not to accept life-saving treatment. That's is how they (not a government but a community) are trying to influence our population.

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