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Messenger: Bobobinghi Jahcub Sent: 10/11/2014 10:57:11 AM

Blessed love from Iration be with InI

InI know say Africans are the firstborn so everyone in a sense is African,people say anyone who's flesh was 'born' in the continent or has lived in Africa from a very early age is African,ones will say African is black,brown,mixed only and from one has white skin that is not an African,so for example a white south african or even an Moroccan,Algerian,Egyptian etc are not Africans,I personally know plenty of black people in England who strongly identify themselves as 'Black British',to even call them an African is serious insult to them,Iman would say part of being African is to have a deep love for ones creational roots,heritage,Istory,culture,the land itself of course and a desire to see Africa progress,but there is people in Africa who can't wait to get out or feel they are only validated by an European education,clothes,music,house,spouse,etc.

So what is an African to the I?

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 10/11/2014 1:39:45 PM

There is no such thing as black British. Those Negroes are yet to wake from slavemaster mental trap and brainwashing.

Take a lion out of its den and put it in a pig pen. Is still a lion.

Which is also why those white skin Arabs in Egypt Morocco n dem place you mention, are not African

'jus sanguinis' > 'jus soli'

African is an african there is no what is an African 'to de I' that only gna create confusion. Chinese dont ask what is a Chinese etc I dont know why it only black people a ask dese form of questions. Know yourself

Big up

Garvey I

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 10/11/2014 6:06:01 PM

Buku a Dem wha deh on d continent don't see dey self in a collective way (Africans), it's more Ethnic dat why any other people can go deh and do jus but anything dey wan.

Buku a d scattered ones do d same thing so dey always under others.

On I job dis one sister wha speak Spanish and is dark skinned not d mixed lookin type and one very dark Brother ask I what she is cuz she ain black cuz she not speakin English wtf!!! Dis same brother, a nigerian Igbo brother walk up to him and called d brother a real African he was kinda offended couldn't understand how he ca look African smh?
Some from d continent will say d scattered ones ain't Africans cuz dey ain born deh, but dat collective term of identity by blacks started in west once InI realEyes we were in it together despite ethnic differences. In some places like Brazil Muslim Huasa would uprise but not include non muslim and non Hausa and would try enslave dem til dey realEyes we all Black African!!!

Some on d continent refer to light skin African/Blacks as 'white'. I read dat Rihanna say back in Bim she is refered to as 'white'?

Many within African Ethinic groups believe they 'migrated' to African from d Middle East, some say Fulanis come from India some think they were d Hyksos. Many Madagascar people are half Malaysian.

To I whoever has blood from Tribal groups of D continent and are awaken to Ifrican identity is Ifrican, some may b African politrikkkal but InI don't deal politrikkkal, so mayb dey are dey Tribe are country! If some Black British or Black whatever don't wan b Ifrican not every enslaved tryd break free so they were slaves but them dat pree freedom were ENslaved not slaved! Mama Harriet say she free 1000s ENslaveds and coulda free 1000s mo, "only IF they Knew they were slaves!!!!!"

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 10/12/2014 12:15:00 AM


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 10/12/2014 8:56:10 AM

Garveys Africa,
Take a lion out of its den and put it in a pig pen. Is still a lion.

So your analogy is African people are lions and European people are pigs?

Messenger: Ras Raza Sent: 10/12/2014 9:58:12 AM

Okay cool, but what if I and I Iriginal roots are in a place in Africa (it doesn't matter where)? Wouldn't that "make" us all Africans originally speaking?

Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 10/12/2014 11:24:26 AM

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 10/12/2014 12:05:12 PM

One Ifrican Love RasTa,
Give thanks and Ises Itinually JAH.
Bless up the sacred Irth, the Mamaland and her humans, animals, insects, rocks, and plants. Give ANKHs and more Itality to the High ground. Ifrica is the home of I&I heart from nature, and Iwombman not really sure "what makes a person Ifrican" but I know that it is deeper than skin color and deeper than Istory even (agreeing with the I in the Homo-sapian genesis within Mamaland). I don't think there is ever going to be a clear answer, who is Ifrican and who isn't; especially in this time when people are so confused, even Black skinned people don't want to be Ifrican, and many light skinned people have Black Ifrican relatives also.
Iwombman love Ifrica deeply, most especially the little Ones in Ifrica who need love desperately in this Iwah. Iwombman can't stray for a moment from Iyah goals of live in Ifrican lands caring for and Iducating Ifrican children.
However, I realEyes at this point that the global situation is more serious than national boarders and ethnic alliances. RasTa UPlift Ifrica Itinually, but still, everyOne every where needs to get real and set Fyah to the shitstem like RasTa has been doing for decades. RasTa and other groups alike have to work hand in hand for HUMAN INDEPENDENCE and survival of the planet. Ifrica as a continent, not to mention the human Ifricans, will not even survive if the rest of the world CONtinue to pollute the air, poison the water, wipe out crop biodiversity, position spy satellites in the atmosphere, etc. etc. etc. This is bigger than Ifrica now, and for Ifrica survival itself, the entire global shitstem if babywrong MUST crumble.
Iwombman wanna be in Ifrica Itinually, alongside I Ifrican sistren, bredren, and the babies; and let I bones rest in the soil after I finish with this body. This is the avenue I choose in which to Yant down babylon, and I suppose this is what makes Iwombman an Ifrican human.
Blessed love ALL, Haile in this Gideon.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 10/12/2014 9:33:43 PM

What is a European

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 10/12/2014 9:36:13 PM

This is where we stray from the teachings of Garvey and example of His Majesty

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Haile Selassie I