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Manna, Halucinagenic Mushrooms from Heaven

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Messenger: Eleazar1234 Sent: 12/15/2008 8:30:17 PM

Ras I-Tom,

I definitely agree that psychedelics can open one up to demonic forces, that is why set and setting are VERY IMPORTANT when using psychedelics.

Psychedelics can open one up to Demonic possession, and yes, it is real...

Here is something I found on Erowid describing a bad Acid trip. I have never done LSD {Lucifer Son of the Devil}, even though I have heard that shrooms are even more intense than LSD

You are about to read about my life altering experience. I have done approximately 200 some odd hits of acid total. During this particular experience I was on 4 hits and was smoking Hash. On Good Friday of 1994 I had a few close friends over for the long weekend and my parents were away on vacation.

I always mixed acid with hash because it intensifies my hallucinations and levels out any paranoia. I was 17 at the time. We were all very experienced with acid and I had done it about 200 times approximately always with the same group of people, always at my house. We would usually go outside for an adventure walk if we felt we needed to intensify our trips, but for the most part we spent alot of time on acid watching Fantasia, Yellow Submarine, and Pink Floyd the wall. We would always burn incense, have candles going, and we would always have hash to smoke in front of the glowing fireplace. It was like a ritual.

For us acid was a very spiritual and scientific experience. We never did acid recreationally although it was fun. We used acid as a way of opening our minds up creatively and this left us impressionable. This night there were 3 of us. My friend Jon and my girlfriend Keely.

This night started as any other would. We ate our hits and sat down on the couch and smoked hash in front of the fireplace waiting for the sensation to come on. I was always the first to notice it. As soon as the acid would hit my tongue I would get a wicked chill/twitch and about 20 minutes later I would be well on my way toward a peak.

For me the peak always came on fast. This night was no different.
I remember watching my ceiling drip and churn in waves. This was like a reality meter. The more blasted we would get, the faster and crazier the ceiling would get. The ceiling is one of those drip ceilings with the spikey stucco coming off. Often we would see faces or bodies inside the ceiling but this particular evening there was a skeleton clawing its way across.

Then I started getting flashes. It was as though I was under a strobe light. When I looked down at the candles and incense burner on the coffee table several of the candles were changing positions each time there was a flash. I could see trails of electricity moving between each of the candles as they flashed and changed position in a circular pattern. I looked across the carpet and it was growing and weaving as though it were alive. I remember the sensation of feeling as though the roof had been ripped off the house and as I looked up again at the ceiling there were many skeleton like creatures writhing there. I could see through the roof of the house and out into the night sky and I was watching the flourescent purple and green hued clouds spark out coils of electricity as they crossed the moon. My attention back on the table, the incense burner was puffing a heavy blue smoke which smelled more like sulfer than incense. As the smoke billowed off the end of the stick I could scry into it and see the faces of evil spirits and the shapes of small demons of various sizes and types twisting.

As the smoke filled out and dissipated throughout the room it seemed to take over and each of the many demons would transform into another equally diabolical looking yet marvelously beautiful form. As this hallucination intensified I could hear my friends making strange groaning noises behind me but I paid no attention. They sounded as though they were whining and that they were afraid but I was lost in this vision. I realized I had been standing and that my arms were waving and that when I concentrated and breathed rythmically in and out I could control the entities within the incense smoke. With my eyes I would follow many of the small demons through their transformation process and I would see them conjoin
as the smoke disappated back toward the fireplace.

The fireplace.... It had taken on a demonic face as well.
It was as though it were a dragon and the flames that licked inside its gaping mouth were the breath of a great wyrm. I looked up and saw demons leaping about the ceiling and licking through the incense smoke. Faster and Faster, larger and larger the shapes began to grow and twist and change form. The demons would make their form known and then they would change state or disappear into a collective whole.

These spirits looked much like the strange animals and creatures
depicted in occult books and dungeons and dragons monster manuals.
As intense as this was I was not afraid. Instead it was as much
a feeling of incredible power and evil and I could stand and it was exhilerating. It was then that Keely buried herself beneath a blanket and began screaming 'I can see the demons around you!' and I laughed. I was breathing them into the room and my friends were sharing this experience. With a tremendous intensity I summoned up a great figure who's outline I could make out. This figure was standing in a circle and there was a gateway behind it. I could see a three headed dog and other smaller demonic creatures behind the great figure but it was forcing those creatures back through the gateway as they tried to escape into the house.
The figure itself was immensely beautiful. It was so evil yet so compellingly elegant and beautiful. It was wingless but it had horns and I could make out the facial features of its eyes and nose mouth and limbs although they were but an outline.

Pulsing within this great demon were all of the other spirits that combined collectively as a part of him. Where we would have veins and bone and muscle tissue, the angel of darkness had spirits that gleefully flowed throughout his frame. It was extremely intense. As he moved, the spirits that were making up his internals would constantly change form flicking from one shape to the next in an endless display of transformation.
There was no audible hallucination but I remember thinking 'who are you?' and psychically the spirit replied to me. 'Many.' 'Lucifuge Rofocal'.

To be fair I had previously studied spirits so I may have invented that name from what I had already read, but for me I believe this. As the monstorous form turned to me I was compelled to one knee. At this point my friends were watching intently. moments later though Keely had to watch off and on because she was so frightened she was trying to shut the site out by closing her eyes. Jon was nowhere to be found. Apparently he had left. The demon turned to me and outstretched his hand and flexed with great might as a display of power. His face flew off toward me and through me and this continued for a split second but it felt like hours. Gradually his form diminished as the ember from the incense stick burned out and the smoke was sucked out up the chimney of the fireplace. One by one each of the spirits traveled their way from where the demon form was standing and flew up the chimney. This was the last time I ever did acid.

It was incredible. It was intense. It has led me to the belief that acid is a gateway drug which can allow you to see into other planes of existance that run in parallel as our own, just at a different speed. I don't know whether this was a mass visualization (3 people saw it including myself) or just a very intense hallucination from a mega dose of LSD and hash but it doesn't matter to me. If my mind is capable of being that creative to be able to visualize something that intense (no artist could ever paint this.) I doubt it. I believe it was real. I believe and I will never see things the same way again.

Messenger: Bhang Sent: 2/19/2015 11:27:03 AM

Really, manna was an hallucinagenic mushroom, but not really Amanita Muscaria. In the bible you can find some descriptions of this substance, and it is said by many experta in the thing (and can tell you as an active user of it) that manna is really Psilocybe sp.

Messenger: ShivaJiva Sent: 2/19/2015 12:21:53 PM

Interesting thread. I was under the impression that psychedelics were a taboo subject and frowned upon in the Rastafari community.

Psychedelics have a special place in I heart. They opened I up to Jah and showed IandI the imminence of a spiritual reality which has shaped my life ever since. For I, psychedelics are an essential aspect of I Livity. When IandI speak of burning down Babylon or reconditioning ourselves from wicked ways I think of psychedelics as one of the most effective tools to do this. For anyone here interested in psychology I would really recommend researching them, not with the intent of taking them but simply for educations sake--the way in which they work on the brain is absolutely fascinating, and when you couple that information with reports of other people's subjective experience, the implications are profound. The scans of a brain on psychedelics and a brain on meditation are nearly indistinguishable, as is the subjective experience reported by both individuals.

I have a friend of Jewish faith who is interested in psychedelics. He smokes herb regularly and apparently this is not forbidden. He says that he is allowed to take anything natural, but mushrooms he cannot take until he is 30-something. He has tried Salvia Divinorum as there is no explicit rule against that. LSD and other synthetics are out of the question, however. He is very learned in the Jewish tradition, spent a year in Jerusalem studying the Torah. He has explained to me that the Old Testament is full of references to hallucinogenic mushrooms, which they refer to as manna as people here have stated.

Psychedelics have been used in religious contexts for thousands and thousands of years. The Bwiti peoples in Africa continue to use Iboga for purification rituals, indigenous tribes in Latin America drink the infamous Yage brew to commune with plant spirits. It is hypothesized that the legendary Soma drink described in the Vedas and other Vedic(Hindu) literature is some kind of mushroom concoction. The Eleusian Mysteries are a famous set of rituals which took place in Greece for several thousand years. They were a set of purification rituals which routinely seemed to offer revelatory experiences; many famous Greeks spoke of their experiences such as Homer, Plato, and Socrates. The Kykeon is the name of the brew which was used for the rituals, and it is currently hypothesized that the Kykeon was likely some kind of psychedelic mixture, probably derived from Ergot or possibly psychedelic mushrooms. In the Middle East the use of Syrian Rue was widespread and is still common in many areas. Syrian Rue contains harmaline which is psychoactive, and is the active chemical in the B.Caapi vine (found in the Amazon) which gives Yage it's visionary power. Siberian shamans have been known to utilize Amanita Muscaria which is a dissociative mushroom, psychedelic at high doses. The Egyptians utilized Blue Lotus, a mild sedative, and it is hypothesized that they may have developed their own DMT-based brew (similar to Yage) from local plants and fauna known to contain the needed alkaloids. Many indigenous tribes worldwide, particularly in the Amazon basin, utilize snuffs which can consist of DMT, 5-MEO DMT, Bufotenine, Psilocybin, Harmaline, and Tobacco. Cannabis and cannabis extracts are also widely used for spiritual applications and it is well-documented that high doses of cannabis can be intensely psychedelic.

I've noticed in this thread lots of people talking about good and bad spirits and how psychedelics can be dangerous because they have the potential to open us up to bad spirits. I have partaken in many, many psychedelic sessions and it is my belief that psychedelics do not open you up to some measurable, external thing which is outside of you. They merely open you up to your own self (which is higher self) in a way that you can directly observe and interact with your own fullness. Because of how psychedelics affect our vision (eg hallucinations), the contents of our subconscious are often projected and so we sometimes seem to be in the presence of angels or demons. I do not see "bad" spirits as an inherently negative thing. In my view, they are simply aspects of our self which we have buried or have not come to terms with....the ugly side of ourself. I believe that these "bad" spirits can push and challenge us to overcome our own barriers which are deeply embedded in our consciousness. For example, the influence that Babylon has on our self identity as black people might present itself as an overwhelming cancerous demon. But if we run away we do not face what it is we need to face. We must interact with these "entities" and become stronger by doing so. We can not succumb to fear, and that is the biggest lesson which psychedelics have share with I. Never succumb to fear, it is simply a product of our own minds. In reality, there is nothing to be afraid of. I see uncomfortable experiences as a way to learn and really do effective healing work. Like the expression "No pain, no gain", psychedelics are not for fun; they are for healing. Good medicine does not always taste is not always fun and games. If we wish to truly heal it means we have to face some of our own inner demons no matter how terrifying and uncomfortable that might be. For those of you who exercise, have you ever had an effective workout in which you didn't feel pain or soreness? Your muscles have to stretch in order to grow, sometimes it hurts. This is the nature of life; all things must grow, and growth requires suffering. When we become too comfortable with where we are we become captives of our own fears, we stay put and we no longer grow. We have to step outside of our comfort zones. All things in life live according to this principle. Even as the seedling grows towards the sun, it must leave the comfortable womb of the dark earth and push out through the topsoil, which can be stressful for the plant. Have you ever overcome a fear without having to face it directly?

In other words, don't condemn something or be afraid of it simply because it has the potential to be uncomfortable. If the I is wanting to take psychedelics because they think it will be a good time, or they will have all of the answers to life given to them without being challenged or doing any critical thinking, dont do it. But if the I is looking for self-improvement and growth, and is willing to persevere and work through the barriers that might arise, than the I has nothing to fear but fear itself. Like any real work, it takes effort to achieve the desired results.

Just my perspective. I overstand that psychedelics have the potential to go very wrong, but with proper set and setting such instances are rare. I would always recommend a sober sitter, so should your experience go down the wrong path there is someone there to make sure you stay safe. I can honestly say that I have had a few extremely uncomfortable experiences that shook me up for a long time...but I am glad they happened. While they were not very pleasant experiences I learned more about myself in those few hours than ever before....the tough experiences force you to grow up, force you to look where the I does not want to look. They force you to be aware of things exactly as they are, which is not always pretty, nice, or simple; and because of the way our minds operate we often have a hard time letting go of these neat little pictures we have created of reality. But the truth is that the pictures our minds create are not an accurate reflection of reality; we filter so much of it, and only look at what we want to see and what is directly relevant. Psychedelics open it ALL up for us, and that can be uncomfortable. If the I has a good heart and the right intentions, however, surely they have nothing to fear.

"Lucifer Son of the Devil"....this makes me laugh I have to say. LSD is hands down one of the most benign substances you can put into your body. LSD is less neurotoxic than THC the active chemical in herb. It is less toxic than coffee or alcohol, and it is completely out of your system within a few hours. Yes it is synthesized, but if the I looks into the chemistry behind it IandI can see that it is silly to be afraid of it. LSD is derived from ergoline, which is naturally occurring. The synthesis of LSD falls under the umbrella of "organic chemistry", meaning that it is made up of organic molecules that can be found anywhere in nature. The role of the chemist is simply to create an environment for these organic molecules that allow for them to form in certain ways. So to use an analogy, you want to grow a plant but it is winter outside. The external conditions do not allow for you to grow a plant. But lets say you have a seed and you have potting soil. Well IandI can create an artificial environment by placing the seed in soil, putting near a source of light, and giving it adequate airflow and water. The I is simply creating an environment so that processes essential to plant growth can occur. Organic chemistry is much like this, and there are many "man made" substances that we have later discovered to occur in nature given the right conditions. So LSD, for all we know, could be in abundance in some kind of unknown plant species. It could exist on other planets, it could exist in our backyards....anywhere where the conditions are right it will occur. I'd wager that there is an "LSD plant" somewhere out there, just waiting to be discovered. Now I overstand that Rastafari prohibits the taking of anything synthetic and I'm not saying Rastas should just take LSD anyways....definitely not. I just wanted to share some info about LSD to help inform the community. There is no need to fear something as benign as LSD even if IandI chooses not to take it. I am sure we have all seen people abuse LSD and use it in conjuction with other harmful substances but these people are simply irresponsible. When you use a substance irresponsibly that is the result you get, it does not make the substance itself evil. I have seen many people abuse the sacred herb and turn it into a poison from over-use. It does not make herb evil it just means it should be treated with respect.

Glad to see this thread. And please overstand that in no way am I trying to convince people to take LSD or mushrooms, I 100% respect the traditions of Ras Tafari. I just figured that since this thread was here and people seem to be interested I would share some information for anyone who cares.

Thanks and Praise for Divine Gifts

Messenger: ShivaJiva Sent: 2/19/2015 1:21:04 PM

Oh I also wanted to touch on, "Just because it occurs in nature doesnt mean we should be taking it" and this is a very valid point. Not everything in nature is good for us.

But curiously, our brains have a countless number of receptors specifically for psychedelics. We also, curiously enough, have a myriad of psychedelic compounds which are endogenous, meaning that they are produced by our bodies. We do not know their function, but there are more psychedelics in our brains right now than we can count or identify.

Psychedelics are neurotransmitters, they have specific shapes; they look almost like "keys", and we have ports or "locks" in our brains specifically for them. In fact, consider this: The blood-brain barrier is very protected, and your body will do all that it can to divert anything it deems as toxic or unnecessary out of your body and as far away from the blood-brain barrier as possible. Most recreational drugs operate in the body so that they work around your bodies defense mechanisms so that you might experience a "high". In other words most drugs have to trick your brain to get access. Otherwise, the only substances which are actively allowed (and encouraged) to cross the blood-brain barrier are those which are essential to life. So glucose (sugar) is one obvious and well known example. Our brain goes out of it's way and will actually expend energy to integrate as much glucose as possible into your system. Glucose is essential to life; we need it for energy and to keep our bodies functioning. Well, turns out that the brain reacts to psychedelics in much the same way. Not only do we have receptors for a million and half psychedelic substances, but our brain will actually EXPEND vital energy to integrate a psychedelic into the system as rapidly as possible. Our brains actually feed off of psychedelics like sugar. Most other drugs cannot make this claim. Gives a whole new meaning to the term "brain-food"...

So, I have to ask...why do we have these receptors? Why do we have a "soup" of psychedelic chemicals in our bodies already? I personally don't know the answers, but I think it's an important question and is worthy of unbiased investigation. Sure, not everything in nature is beneficial for us...but I think the fact that our brains seem to be designed to interact with these chemicals says a lot.

Messenger: Humble one Sent: 2/19/2015 1:21:18 PM

Shiva Jiva knows and speaks divine truth, on every level. Babylon's greatest enemies are these plants that JAH PLANTED on the earth for us to be able become aware of ourselves, and reality as it is.


Remember though, these plants are tools for opening doors, and can sometimes be extremely uncomfortable.

But doors only need to be opened if they have been closed in the first place. For much too long, babylon has pulled the wool over the eyes of the masses in creating false reality, primarily closing the third eye of the masses via the food supply.

Remember, if one does not live amgonst the poison of babylon, eat it's food, then doors do not close, and the I is living in spiritual zion. This is the ultimate goal; these plants just give us deep insight along the way.

In short, if the I eats a completely natural diet free of the poison of babylon, then each organ and every part of the brain, along with the third eye will be systematically purified. JAH didn't intend for these plants to be used everyday; he intended fruits and vegetables to be used everyday. These are what are able to maintain spiritual zion in the long run.


I could not put all the theory of it better than you have put it ShivaJiva, just remember that, as I said before, doors only need to be opened if they have first been closed, and although these plants can temporarily open the doors, ONE MUST FIRST LOOK AT WHAT IS CLOSING THE DOORS; babylon.

All the best,


Messenger: ShivaJiva Sent: 2/19/2015 1:55:34 PM

Good points Joe. Psychedelics are not for everyone, not everyone needs them. It is important, as it is with anything, to look at root causes.

You might find this article of interest, it's very relevant:
And this is the book which they are discussing in the above article:

Both links are great reads and relevant to anyone interested in looking at the pathology of Babylon in an analytical way. In other words, why does Babylon exist and why is it so widespread? Why do so many people seem to mindlessly conform to Babylon thought constructs? Why do some people seem to be more aware about obvious and fundamental truths than others? How can one's Livity affect their perception, what is the biological role of healthy food and plant-based diets?

Messenger: Humble one Sent: 2/20/2015 1:14:53 PM

Thanks ShivaJiva,

I don't know whether you have noticed it, but I have definately noticed that the third eye seems to be much more active during the summer months when there is much more sunlight... perhaps why they push for the advertisement of suncreams upon the masses. Not saying that you should sunbathe for 24hrs a day, just that no plant can live without light; light, in I opinion is light for the soul as well.

Of course, if you live on the equator there are no distinguishable seasons... But I just thought I would mention it because for I, living in the UK, my spiritual vision is MUCH more clear in the summer that in the winter.

Seems logical - the idea of winter being a time of hibernation; spring being a time of reawakening. I grew up and learned spanish from my grandad, who is spanish, and the word for spring is "primavera", which literally means "first sight". Just food for thought.

All the best,


Messenger: Humble one Sent: 5/21/2015 2:49:46 PM

"How can one's Livity affect their perception, what is the biological role of healthy food and plant-based diets?" ShivaJiva

An interesting read about how levity affects the consciousness. It has some similar ideals to Rastafari, in terms of her view of "Babylon" and living Ital (or her respective words for it) in order to manifest a spiritual connection with jah.

All the best,


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