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Egyptian Pharaohs were Nazarites Africans

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Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 2/9/2014 6:32:15 AM

The Egyptian Pharaohs were Nazarites according to the Nazarite vow. The Pharaohs grew their Locks of their head. The Egyptians were Africans, They had Dread Locks, They were Nazarites.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/9/2014 6:39:26 AM

Egyptian Pharoahs were Dreadlock Africans. (Nazarite leads to confusion..)

GREAT picture display Chezidek, Wonderfill visions of truth

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 2/9/2014 6:50:32 AM

Give Thanks
Blessed love

It was only later on that the peoples started to wear wigs like in the court the people imitating those with original dreadlocks.

Rasta is the original judges of this Earth
Good over the evil
Right over the wrong

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 2/9/2014 10:05:57 AM

Give thanks

Messenger: Iyah Oats Sent: 2/9/2014 12:22:52 PM

The Celts and many other cultures had dreadlocks. That does not make them African Pharaohs.

Those that took the Nazarite vow, were often people that lived in the wilderness, natural man; like John the Baptist and Yeshua. Away from society and politics.

I never hear of any Nazarite in a seat of power like Pharaohs. That deep in politics and ways of man. If a Nazarite did come to political power, I think that the I them would more likely be a priest; like Samuel.

Blessed Love,
Iyah Oats

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/9/2014 3:25:32 PM

I think it would be wrong to claim or compare them to 'nazarites'
The Kemetic High Priests and Pharoahs depicted above outdate any 'Nazarite' by a significant amount of time.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 2/10/2014 12:25:09 AM

Yes I, recently I&I have read about certain priests and priestesses in KMT who practiced vegan livity and grew dreadlocks. But does that make them Nazarites? And was Yeshua a Nazarite if he went near dead bodies all the time (to resurrect them)?
Beautiful pictures, give thanks.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/10/2014 5:47:25 AM

Good question sistren. Since we have no record of them ever referring to themselves as NAzarites I dont think we can make this assumption. It is much more likely that the first Nazarite would have taken his vow thousands of years after the above dreadlocked Africans were ruling the world.

+Something often missed about the dreadlock shaving animal-burning Nazarites, as according to the book of Numbers:

After following these requirements for a designated period of time (which would be specified in the individual's vow), the person would immerse in a mikveh and make three offerings: a lamb as a burnt offering (olah), a ewe as a sin-offering (hatat), and a ram as a peace offering (shelamim), in addition to a basket of unleavened bread, grain offerings and drink offerings, which accompanied the peace offering. They would also shave their head in the outer courtyard of the Temple (the Jerusalem Temple for Judaism) and then place the hair on the same fire as the peace offering. (Numbers 6:18)

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 2/10/2014 10:45:05 AM

The people of KMT seem to have taken record of everything they did. If there is no record of the word Nazarite that is one thing, but if there is no record of this process, of sacrifices and head shaving and hair burning, then I&I can be almost certain that these priests and priestesses were not taking the Nazarite vow.
Sampson was one instance of a Nazarite who did not conclude his vow in the Temple, because his vow was lifelong. But it seems like a far leap to assume that the incient people of KMT were also taking lifelong Nazarite vows (because we only have one example of this happening, so it seems uncommon practice).
I&I see it more likely that the Hebrew people adopted the practices of these vegan dreadlocked priests, but some specifics were changed and it was declared that Yahweh Elohim had instituted it.
Bless up RASTA, peace and love.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/10/2014 2:42:40 PM

Yes. I like that. + that sounds more plausible and logical. Good mathematics. Another interesting point,

Pharaoh Amenhotep (Amenophis) III, built a magnificent temple at Soleb, in Nubia (near to Sudan). When archaeologists discovered that temple, they found an Egyptian hieroglyphic that appears to show the Hebrew Tetragrammaton—YHWH, or Jehovah. That engraving outdates (by 500 years) the famous Moabite Stone—previously the oldest known occurrence of God’s name. Why does the name of the God of the Bible seem to be engraved in a Kemetic temple?

Many use this as the earliest reference point for the Hebrews and to even say the Hebrews were involved in KMT at the highest level. Also to reconfirm the Hebrews were African... Others, would sight more stolen philosophy.

I have no particular view on that. I just apprecilove the appearance and combination of so many 'good' principles of religion today, found within Kemet with those beautiful dreadlock Africans. That civilisation is something ever powerful...

Peace and prosperity.

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