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i seek help about dating

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Messenger: Conscious Ras Sent: 4/20/2013 12:44:59 PM

Greetings bredren and sistrens in the name of His Majesty Jah Ras Tafari.

Recently i ended a relationship which was pulling me down soo much it made the i loose my iditation and praises to Jah. my ex is not part of i n i livity as she craves for vanity and materialism which makes i very sad. i tried to reason with her couple of times but her attention span would not last as shed get bored quickly nd start doing immature things. i seek advise from the i's as to how there able to separate themselves from the babylon way of dating. separate from the babylon woman who has no spiritual wealth only physical and how Jah has ordained the relationship between a man and a woman. i say this because i n i have gone thru many countless problems in my first relationship. she totally messed my mind by making my iditation decrease and my evil side which comprises of jealousy, no self control, poor judgement, quick to anger, judgemental, indulged in gossip to increase. whenever we were together all wr did was talk about other people, argue alot, get jealous, accusations and drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. everytime i smoked ganja my mind would tell me nothing will ever be true like this spliff but my ex would find a way to drag me back to that ill activity. how do i strengthen my iditation on relationships so that i can have a full picture of wat,how, why , and when to do certain things. Iman want to have a strong relationship like His Imperial Majesty Emperor of the first world alkebulan Haille Sellassie Jah Rastafari.
iman is currently practicing the iditation of neutrality, i dont jump on any side i sit on the fence strengthening my faith towards Jah and seeking his wise words.

all coments welcolmed with neutrality Selassie i

Messenger: Oluseyi (God Made This Child) Adeagbo ( Crown Circle) Sent: 4/20/2013 2:18:11 PM

This is a problem many Idren have both Man and Wombman InI say look for an empress not a girl not a bitch not a chick but an empress( do not let your eyes lead you to lust a beautiful empress is a blessed thing but do not your lust choose your other half ) a wombman who knows she is a queen and has expectations and goals when you find her and the relationship begins soon you will realize she makes you a better man if she not rasta it don't matter but it is a special thing to share a spiritual and physical relationship as you and her become one. To a certain point you want to look for a sister first respect her and honor her and love her as so until you KNOW she is for you because she will see the honor and respect and kingly state of your being

hope I helped much love and blessings on your search my bredren
Selassie I everytime

Messenger: Conscious Ras Sent: 4/20/2013 3:05:22 PM

give thanks iyah for ur wise words. i n i apprecilove ur kind wise words.

i have been in a relationship for 1 year and 4 months, it ended bout two weeks ago. i felt pain at first but i kept telling myself the pain is necessary because it teaches me that love is no joke business it is serious.

my only concern for the i is that there are very few kind of wombman or ladies out there who have good intentions. i say this because as i was going through my break up, my ex was very harsh towards i which made me erupt in anger, hatred and jealousy. she dint respect the fact that we had a relationship together. she felt pain too that is why she would pour it on me thus wed end up getting mad at each other leaving our egos battling each other.

i believe a perfect wombman is a rasta woman coz she overstands the divinity of Selah thus she lives a life of purity, just and neutrality coz the wise warm words of Jah rest on her heart mind and soul. even when you break up i n i will do it peacefully as long as the relationship was healthy and founded on Jah principles.

i trodd the earth seeking an empress who will overstand Jah first then i because at the end we will all have to face Jah. seen?

my question for the i is this regardimg women, why do women particularly in africa as i live in kenya choose to follow babylon and not Jah. why not live life the way it is meant to be but instead indulge in activities like spend most of the time in salons to get pretty, in shops buying materials that enhance their beauty, watching shows that potray other peoples lives, gossip most of the time and dont have time to praise the Creator (not every wombman is like this i refer to the ones who are part of that example).
i wonder a lot how babylon is winning like this and no one seems to notice this at all. why why why??? i trouble i mind with this question daily as i trodd the streets of nairobi and see what babylon has done to our women.

i welcome the the I's reasoning with neutrality and raspect. notice i am not attacking women i n i just try to reason to a topic that has disturbed the i for quite some time.
Selassie i ittinually.

Messenger: Oluseyi (God Made This Child) Adeagbo ( Crown Circle) Sent: 4/20/2013 11:05:59 PM

It is not just the wombman but the men of Africa too me bredren Africans are still coming into themselves fully which is why InI still see dictators and guns and war in Africa I am Nigerian but live in the states the "Black" Identity is still misunderstood among alot of the Idren yet that is why the Ible say Many are called few are chosen to be a Rasta is to not conform this is not easy as we already know some people find that righteousness is not worth trials and tribulations so they take the easy and glamorous way out and follow the ways of Babylon
some are also forced like one brother had a empress and two children to feed yet him could not find a job because he carry him dreadlocks long can you tell him it is not righteousness to cut his locks to feed the bellies of his wife and children with neutrality comes Overstanding Rastafari is a personal trod so we can't expect every Idren to also Overstand

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/21/2013 12:36:37 AM

Here is a Reasoning,

Man and Woman
King and Queen can come together in peace and harmony. Before I met I Empress I asked Jah to send I a Woman that will be strong and help I in I trod. When Jah send I the Empress I asked for I gave Thanks to the Most High Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I.

We have been together since 1996 and married since 2004. We have never had a serious fight, we argue a little from time to time, but it is never that serious.

The first step is the most important. Ask Jah for a Man or Woman that will be good and strong for you and help you in your trod.

Next you have to be very observant when you meet them. Pay attention to what they say and do and don't let things slip by or allow yourself to be blinded. The first person that comes your way after you ask Jah may not be the right One, or they may be. That is why it is so important to observe and study and be honest with yourself so you know if they are the Right One or the wrong person.

A person doesn't have to be perfect to be the Right One, but make sure who you choose is somebody you will be happy with even if they don't get any better than they already are. The reason I say that is because if you choose a person like that, then they will likely be a person that will get better. But if you don't choose a person like that, then there is a high chance that they will stay the same or get worse.

Another thing to remember is that it would be beneficial for you and the person to have an agreement that if one of you brings up a problem about the other, then the other shouldn't bring up a counter-problem at that time. Deal with the problem at hand, and at another time (preferably on another day) the other person can bring up a problem to discuss. Otherwise, problem calls out problem that calls out problem and argument can turn into fight.

And when they speak about a problem, first think about what has been said and put yourself in their shoes, and then react, and they should do the same if you bring up a problem. A few seconds of thinking can bring a very different response and usually a better one. Also, when one of you brings up a problem, try to bring it up at the right time. In the heat of the moment, bringing up a problem will go on deaf ears and it will be useless. But if a person waits a little, when they bring up the problem the other person will be more likely to at least listen.

And unless it is absolutely necessary, the I them shouldn't bring up a problem in front of others because that will probably cause the accused embarrasment and they will likely try to defend, and it is also more likely to become a competition instead of a reasoning. Always look for usefulness, discuss problems in a manner that will fix them, instead of way that will cause more problems.

daughter of zion(not a poem)


If a man and woman are seeking to please Jah and Live in Righteousness then there is no first or last between them and there is no higher or lower. There is just righteousness and wickedness, so both should trod towards righteousness and if there is a difference of opinion between a man and woman, they should reason until they figure out which opinion is the Right choice or if the Right choice is a combination of both opinions or if both opinions are the wrong choice.

I will never accept that a woman has no say, and should just do whatever a man say. Many men out there are not good examples of Jah Livity, and all they will do is teach a woman foolishness. A woman should never trod against Jah RasTafarI, no matter if a man tell her to do this or that. Also, I sight that the men who don't consider the instruction and opinion of their wife will be weak. I will never refuse good instruction or correction, no matter who brings it to I. I don't have any desire to continue in foolishness because I am too stubborn to deal with what a woman say. Man and Woman come together as One, and Jah should be their guide and light. A woman often times will think of things that a man doesn't, and a man will often times think of things that a woman doesn't. So as One, I and I should rise and come closer to Jah with One mind.

A man and woman will always trod in weakness if they think that one person (whether man or woman) should make the decisions without the others input or even when the other has the choice to agree or disagree. When both people are free to bring forward a reasoning and the reasoning is discussed it will always lead to more strength, provided that they actually reason instead of just debate or argue. This way of trodding will allow both people to use their wisdom and knowledge to the best of their ability and will encourage both to think more and bring forward guidance from Jah.

I don't feel that I empress is in control of things and she also doesn't feel that I am in control of things. Both of us propose good and bad decisions and through reasoning we realize the difference between the good and bad.

The trod of I empress and I can be summed up in the vows we made to eachother at our Marriage. I have posted them before, but I will post it again because I see it as the way for a Man and Woman to trod towards Jah.

Our Love will always grow throughout all time
We will always be One, Love without end
I ask God for Guidance to lead us in His Way
So that we Live as we should, bringing strength to each other
I will always think of you when making choices in Life
You are with me in all things. We walk side by side
I Live to raise you higher and I know you do the same
Let us rise in Godís Light, the Creator of all
By the Word of God, we are made One

Here is another related Reasoning.

Cycle of argument


Messenger: Conscious Ras Sent: 4/21/2013 2:51:32 AM

oluseyi. i agree with what you said, many are called but few choose to hear. my ex heard the calling but never chose it because of her friends peer pressure. i always tried to reason with her about righteousness vs wickedness but she couldnt see what i was talking about. i agree that africa still has a long way to go spiritually, babylon has done everything to keep the black man busy and struggle to bring food to the table but i n i think that we should join the rasta communities as i have observed them in Kenya, they live like kings and queens without any form of babylon thinking. get up stand up for your rights!!!
Ark i, i have a question regarding your marriage as i have pondered on it for a while as well. how did you get married, where did you do it, in a church? and the congregation as well who was your focus. in general please explain to the i how you were able to do your marriage considering you are a rastaman. i am curious as i will get married too, id like the i to give i guidance.
Sellassie I

Messenger: Oluseyi (God Made This Child) Adeagbo ( Crown Circle) Sent: 4/21/2013 3:48:23 PM

To leave Babylon and take asylum with our bredren is always an option yes but is it the right thing for InI to do? when His Majesty came to Jamaica he told the rastaman "Liberation before repatriation" we can not always run away from the problems that Babylon brings we as humans have lusts and urges we want to follow and Babylon represents them and indulges in every one of them which is why InI reject Babylon like I reject the part of Iself that wants to do these things so do what you can for your brother and sister in Babylon be the shining light that shows the love of His Majesty but to leave and retreat seems justified at a certain point yet selfish at another because if you remove yourself who WILL tell them about Selassie I like brother Bob said " My life is only important if I can help plenty of people"

One Love , One Aim, One Destiny

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/21/2013 11:41:57 PM

Concious Ras, here are some details of I marriage.


Messenger: Conscious Ras Sent: 4/22/2013 11:39:07 AM

yes brother i agree with what you said. it is not fair to selude the i from the society. what i forgot to say was that the rasta community that separate themselves from the society actually do good things thats benefit the same society they live in. they plant trees, have workshops that teach the youth the truth, teach music, hold nyabinghi nights and more other beneficial stuff. we are here on earth to teach one another and learn from each other.
trust in Jah and he will provide through us. bless brother
Selasassie i itinually.

Messenger: Zion Black Jerusalem Sent: 6/12/2017 10:49:32 PM

Keep it natural,and simple, and truthful and honest. Out of everything get understanding at this time. Do not complicate things with lies or complicated sayings and doings like they do on those stupid tv soaps.
Love one another. I met a nice and loving black sister weeks ago, and our friendship is developing into a stronger bond. She's not Rastafarian, neither does she go to church on Sunday, but with the principles outlined up there, we've never been in any sort of misunderstanding,and I don't think we ever will. I love her, and I am sure she loves me. The goal of relationship is to understand one another. Rely on the most high for wisdom on how to deal with things, when all is well, and also when things get out of control,how to solve them.
Royal black love my Lord.

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