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White Privilege

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Messenger: Cedric Sent: 7/3/2020 7:45:19 AM

Blessed Love Idren

I man know I promote ignoring this agent and their vile behavior, but since I man here and fully engaged, I man going to reason on this topic of white privilege:

When the United States constitution was written, there was only one group of people that voted it into creation. White men. That is where the privilege starts, if InI trace it to the source. At the creation of this country, Native Americans were being displaced from their land, and Africans who had been brought to this country against their will, were living in a sub-human standard of slavery that was and remains unique to this country. The constitution was supposed to rule all the people in this country, but no people of color had any type of representation. For years and years. Not victim mentality, fact.

Then the civil war happened and oh joy the freeing of the slaves where InI can all live in equality. Black people get forty acres and a mule to undue slavery and we are all good, right? Except how can InI really reason itís fair that a people who it was considered ILLEGAL to read or write and have any basic human rights up until that point, in a shytstem they did not choose to be in, actually be expected to overstand the value of what they had been given? How can InI even perceive that as an even playing field? So all those 40 acre parcels (lets just pretend they were all of equal value to surrounding properties at that time) and mules were easily bought or traded for much lesser value than their worth, because again, up until that time black people had no representation or legal rights in this country. That is why still to this day, reparations have not been appropriately addressed and the facts show that babylon designed the shytstem for black people to be held back.

Of course the truth stands that black people are equally capable at creating their own destiny as white people. That statement alone does not address how still to this day there has been no form of compensation for the work that black people did as slaves, or the lack of representation they had in the government for all the beginning years of this country. That is how it isnít realistic for an agent to sight a black person tellings us something like, ďI donít think white privilege is a thing because I saw a poor white homeless person begging for money the other day.Ē Seen I? White privilege is a fact that InI can read about when InI sight the history of this country. That isnít to create white guilt or shame white people into washing feet. That is to sight financial realities of this countryís history and the necessity of attempting to heal those discrepancies. I sight the agent brought up how no one thinks the new white kid at school is interesting or white people are considered boring and so therefore they arenít privileged, but these are reactions to the ongoing problem of white privilege, not accurate examples of how white privilege doesnít exist.

And normally I don't promote copy paste but I feel the need to end this with a disclaimer that I sight: This agent uses valid and/or half truths to tell you a pretty (usually more like ugly) story to embrace some of the same notions that white supremacy uses. And still InI interact and respond, which becomes a way we propagate the notion of its validity.

Haile Selassie I teach InI the truth

Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 7/5/2020 12:02:58 AM


Do you, or have you ever listen to Stefan Molyneux?

That dude is a white supremist.

When you say things like, "Complain about the 13th amendment and life in America, while ignoring the 9.2 Million slaves CURRENTLY in Africa"
"Africa just recorded the highest rate of modern-day enslavement in the world. Enslaving other Africans"

When you say things like that you sound like Stefan Molyneux, a white supremist.

We were not talking about Africa; however, look again at those puppet masters. Look at what they have done and are still doing to Africa. White supremacy causing destruction and corruption.

History shows that as soon as slavery "ended" in the United States the 13th Admendment reinstated slavery.

The pupet masters ARE white supremists.
The "founding fathers" ARE white supremists.
The left and the right are infiltrated with white supremists.
The United States is founded on white supremacy.

What the United States needs to do is create a new system. One that brings together the greatest minds and hearts from EVERY culture in the United States. The People= All The People

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Haile Selassie I