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Ask and you will receive

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Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 12/27/2012 12:20:47 PM

" Seek and you will find .Ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened." -Matthew 7:7

Many times I have asked with my mouth but not my heart. I asked but did not receive because i did not knock on my heart persistently . The doors did not oped.
One must not ask with the mouth only, other wise the vibration of a ready and prepared heart are not ready for the gifts being asked for. I must be able to be responsible for what I am asking, the heart must be free of all self condemnation the devil uses from keeping Jahs children back from the glory of Zion, JAHS LIVING KINGDOM OF BEAUTY AND WISDOM

So ask in with the heart and receive all I deserve as SONS AND DAUGHTAS OF THE MOST HIGH JAH RASTAFARI

Love and forgivness , truth are few of the keys of christ that The King Of Kings Lord od Lords Conquering Lion of The Tribe of Judah uses that unlocks the heart and sets all the IRITS free, lossens the seven seals

Ask with a pure heart, harmonize the MoST High Vibration within with conscious mind ans word sound power coming through IandI VIOCE hands drums radiating out having a impact through the whole Iniverse because its the POWER OF JAH,and JAH GIVES HIS POWER TO HIS FAITHFUL TRUTHFUL HONOST COURAGEOUS SONS AND DAUGHTAS TURN ALLWAYS TO AND PRAISE YE JAH FOR HE SEARCHES THE HEARTS OF MAN AND GIVES THE AS THEY DESERVE

Ask with the heart in purity and truth and receive JAH

Messenger: jah-spear Sent: 12/31/2012 9:22:34 AM

Yes I, blessed words of truth. And IandI must work to obtain what we have asked for, because Jah helps those who help themselves. So make a conscious effort, Iyah.

Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Sent: 2/1/2013 3:34:05 PM

Blessings..yo post caught me, once you ask jah for anything and look towards it, you shall receive it, Thats what Christ showed me, live up never give in to satan

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 2/1/2013 6:49:32 PM

seeking for....reaching the promised land
looking over the Jordan and how INI rejoice!
asking heartically for the spirit food that feed INI soul
knocking persistently on the doors that let Jah glory in.
with JAH RASTAFARI be whole and thriving in soul.
Unite all the irits within the self in serving charity love and harmony.
Unite all the Irits within INI in JAH, THE SPIRIT, AND THE CHRIST
Irits rise to heights fly with Jah in spirit
dance to the mystic experience
Many Ispects of life, gotta bring em all into harmony and balance so the are serving the liberated Irits within
Jah fill INI with Holy Spirit, fill INI with Love and joy and peace
INI will live up and walk according to the way of love and light appointed to INI
never give in, serve faith, beleive in Jahs promise of salvation and life eternal in Zion, never give in to satin, never beleive in doubt and satin negative life deteriorating thoughts,
cannot serve two masters, cannot mix fresh and salt water and keep it fresh, cannot get to promised land serving doubt
are ye of little faith? If not act big.

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 4/6/2013 3:04:18 PM

Asking with action
finding satisfaction with Selassie
content with what is meant to be
in the sight of the allmighty the children
will be set free as with animals in african lands
so will there be no more boundrys and sperations
asking with action, doing the works and will of Jah Jah
Asking with HEARTICAL action whats truthful and righteous
is Jahs sight, truely it will be given...
For the little child dont get nothing.....even if begging
that they shouldnt have from the father and mother of creation

Blessed Queens and Queens

Messenger: Jah sebo Sent: 4/19/2013 2:39:05 PM

Greetings idren me only want to thank de I for such words of rightiousness and truth .Blessings and Guidance from Jah Selah

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 7/10/2019 5:51:44 PM

I've asked JAH for much, and knocked on alot of doors. I dont receive everything I want but get all that I need. I've tried to force things that weren't meant to be and I've done what JAH wishes and things flow, align and signs show I'm blessed in this. Asking is deeper than words, knocking is more than physical and seeking is more than using just the eyes.
Not everything is for everyone, jus got to know your path and trod on strong lion!

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Haile Selassie I