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My past and my future

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Messenger: Woz Sent: 12/20/2012 10:10:32 PM

I am a young man from the UK. A few years ago i was involved in a life-threatening accident. Before this i smoked much weed socially, but something about it attracted me to it in a personal way...

I did not smoke weed the night of my accident, just consumed alcohol, and I believe that was a sign. I awoke from my coma and started a new life. I developed my own beliefs in things and my perception on the world forever changes because i feel I am somewhat an observer of life. I believe Babylon is here in my country, and I want to get away from here. But I also have other reasons and plans.

I have briefly researched lately about Rasta, I believe Haile Selassie I was a good man and I respect him for giving the land of Shashamane. I feel that I have a connection with him, as my heart and brain are telling me to go here and help. I want to be a leader, or show that I am willing to be a leader by offering my everything to the Rasta community.

I am only 19 and I smoke marijuana on my own every day. I do have a broad perception of marijuana, but that is because i am an observer. When I smoke on my own I hope you believe me when I say I believe I am doing the right thing. It is illegal here and this gives me fear. I want to live a life where I can offer my everything so i can have a happy life without fear and pain due to propaganda brainwashing people's minds regarding marijuana.

Could I go to Shashamane and be part of the Rasta Community?

Messenger: Woz Sent: 12/21/2012 10:59:22 AM

As I grow I learn from my life observations. When I smoke I focus on my thoughts and think of reason, I feel like I am trying to find myself but I cannot whilst trapped here. As I speak I say what I feel, nobody understands but I know I make sense. My beliefs and how I see such things as justice, is also very different to most people here because I do not give in to false information.

In my personal sessions of smoking marijuana, I look into a reflection of oneself and I see a leader. I have much to give, I just fear that I may be rejected by the Rasta.

I hope someone understands.

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