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Messenger: Matthew Sent: 12/13/2012 9:08:44 AM

The temple of the most high begins with the human body, which houses our life, essence of our existence.
Africans are in bondage today because they approach spirituality through Religion provided by foreign invaders and conquerors.
We must stop confusing religion and spirituality. Religion is a set of rules, regulations and rituals created by humans which were supposed to help people grow spiritually.
Due to human imperfection religion has become corrupt, political, divisive and a tool for power struggle.
Spirituality is not theology or ideology. It is simply a way of life, pure and original as was given by the Most High."


Messenger: Black heart Sent: 12/15/2012 8:02:21 AM

My king Mathew. Dat massage is realy truthful n inspirational. Many Africans are realy in bondage becas of adopting de invader's religion. De negative impact of de slave masters religions (chrisianity, islam, e.t.c) can b seen on many black people (including many rasta). It is a disgrace when an African looks down pon his own African heritage n claim Jewish heritage dat is far from him. It is a disgrace when an African see another race or group of people as God choosen people. It is a disgrace when an African think of Jerusalem, Mecca or any other place outside Africa as a place holy than our own grounds ina Africa My question to u black sista n brother who get dis masage: how long shall u keep on lookin at dat sky fo de comin of d christ? How long shall u look pon another race or person fo yo own christ? How long shall u keep on praying to de god of israel instead of de creator? What makes u think other people s' ancestors are more impotant than our own African ancestors? What makes u to b easily fooled into thinkin Solom was wiser than our own past African leaders? U na see dat de christ is those dat fight fo black liberation. Cant u see dat u are yo christ. Didn't dem tell u dat Christ is d son of God? U brother n sista are de son of God so u is Christ. Ithopians it is iwa, I n I haffe rise n shine. Blessful.

Messenger: NordMan Sent: 12/15/2012 9:17:34 AM

"This speech may not actually be a speech from Haile Selassie I. It is not found in any of his books of speeches. The earliest mention of it I can find is a booklet circulated in Jamaica in the 1980s, and it was made popular by a poem Mutabaruka made that featured the speech.

That being said, just because it is not in the book of speeches doesn't mean that it is not a speech from Selassie I, because the book of speeches contains only a portion of all the speeches Haile Selassie I made.

Just keep in mind that the speech may not be from Selassie I"

Regarding the speech in mattew's last post. This text is to be found together with the supposed speech in the Word section on this web page.

Messenger: Matthew Sent: 12/16/2012 6:58:32 AM

BlackHeart Said....
Cant u see dat u are yo christ. Didn't dem tell u dat Christ is d son of God? U brother n sista are de son of God so u is Christ.

Yes King. It's that love within that is the true God, InI can't love others without loving I selfs first, How can we sight Jah externally without sighting ourselves first. InI really need to know ourselves, like the man say.. MAN OF RIGHT IS JAH IN FLESH

Hon Nord Man the I was aware of the uncertainty surrounding that speech.
on further meditation I real eyes that even if selassie I didn't utter them words in the flesh he inspired them through his Irits

Closing with seven words of love

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