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As It Was In The Beginning

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Messenger: Ras Kanjas Sent: 7/4/2012 12:14:08 PM

yes-i Rasta!
I get you now!

In other words, you were referring to Eden as Ithiopia!

Love and raspect..

Messenger: chica Sent: 7/5/2012 10:52:42 AM

Brother Ras Kanjas, thank you for your teaching and your guidance. As a newcomer, I feel welcome to be learning on this site. You and Brother Eleazar have given me many new insights, opening my mind to new enlightenment. I am most grateful. I look forward to your teaching. I am now researching the written works of His Majesty, Emperor Selassie hoping to gain better understanding.

What amazes me is even before I began my search on this site, I am realizing there was what can best be described as a calling from within for a peace that surpasses understanding. It is that calling that drew me to this forum. I feel I am in this place not by accident but by divine intervention and that has provided me a wonderful joy. Some of my inquiries may seem incredibly childish and obvious to more mature minds, but I have to start somewhere, yes? Again, thank you for your patience. Peace and blessings.

Messenger: Ras Kanjas Sent: 7/5/2012 12:17:45 PM

Thanks be unto Jah who has allowed you to reason with me,
it's also a joy for me to reason with you here!

Blessed heart of love Sistren......I guess you are, hahaha!!!

Messenger: chica Sent: 7/5/2012 12:26:52 PM

Yes, I am a sistren. I have been referring to you as "brother," because of your postings. I apologize if I have been mistaken. It just seems to me that you write like a wise man and your teachings sound like a wise man, so I assumed you must be a man! Yes?

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 1/1/2016 5:35:01 AM

I would like to ask the present time and ones of the Allmighty I in this time about more insight into how it was in the beginning and how to get back? Rasta is future.

I give thanks for previous answers and reasoning . I give thanks for the most Ancient tradition and livity so pure and true.

One thing is language, we must get back to a more original language yes? That true word sound power of Ancient of Days?

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Haile Selassie I