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Who is this Isis I hear about?

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Messenger: empress1 Sent: 11/3/2004 10:59:09 AM

Greetings in his imperial majesty's name,
Ive gained some knowledge and only wish to seek out more.
One of my bredren keep telling me that my eyes are like the eyes of Isis. I just know that she is some kind of goddess but I know nothing more. I dont want to be led blindly. Havent read about her in InI Ible. Can anyone give me some insight? Give thanks and praises to my King.

Messenger: Nyah Jahphet Anbassa I Sent: 11/3/2004 12:32:39 PM

Greetings Sista

Sorry, I can't help you there... I just wanna say that I n I should be carefully with this Egypt things.
Be thankful for the culture and knowledge the Egypts gave to this world, but never get deceived! I know guys calling themselves Rastafarian but only deal with egypt heathen idol worshipping and the book of death and things... I n I chant down Egypt paganism Itinually... like I n I Israelite JAH teaches. But still I n I should not reject everything that isn't Israelite... most of the cultures gave good things to this world... but never get deceived by the bad things! Like Moses taught Israel, Egyptians are your friends! But still be not like them!


Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 11/3/2004 10:54:41 PM

Hail sistren ...

Isis is an ancient Egyptian goddess, to make a long story short: One creation myth tells of a time when NUN, the eternal ocean, filled the universe. When the waters subsided a primeval hill appeared, on which stood the creator god- the sun god ATUM. Atum's children, SHU (air) and TEFNUT (moisture) created GEB (earth) and NUT (sky). At first Geb and Nut were joined, but Shu came between them so seperating heaven and earth. Geb and Nut had four children- Osiris, Seth, ISIS, and Nephthys. Osiris became king and took sister Isis as his queen. Jealous brothers Seth killed Osiris and cut up the body. Isis collected the pieces and made them into the first mummy. Osiris lived on as god of the underworld... the story goes on...

The bredren that was saying your eyes are like Isis is probably giving the I a compliment to say your eyes are large and somewhat almond shaped.

It is good to be aware of Khemet and all the thiefing that the US has been founded on as far as Africa (check the dollar bill for example)... there is much parallels from the bible to ancient Egypt. But even still.. InI must hold firm to FARI's ancient laws- ONE king of Kings. Qedemawi Haile Sellassie I

Blessed love and guidance

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 11/15/2004 11:31:14 AM

BLessed Love, Rasta FAR I (royalty without fear)

Khmt is the roots of all "RELIGIOUS" groundation. TO site ini ancientSs to OVERStand INI roots is essential.

There is no god other than the i-vinity that is INI as a perfect image of I-rator.

It is a mystic ital
it is a simple livity

Take the compliment from the Ras as a preface to come to know i-story in fullness.

haile I Selassie i (POWER OF THE TRINTITY)

Messenger: Zion Black Jerusalem Sent: 6/6/2017 12:43:35 PM

what god and goddess cant move or speak or dress up themselves or eat or drink?
wind and emptiness, these Egyptian gods and goddess made of wood and stone, thats what they are. Demons and evil spirits.

Messenger: Zion Black Jerusalem Sent: 6/6/2017 12:46:05 PM

They enslaved us Israelites for 400 years, in the names of these lifeless gods and goddess. Whoever follows their path again just goes back to slavery and oppression.

Messenger: Zion Black Jerusalem Sent: 6/6/2017 12:53:07 PM

They are all dead, I saw their statues and idols on tv, with the mentioned names. Why worship a dead god ?
You will end up like it.
Serve the living God and live.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 6/13/2017 11:19:06 PM

You keep them alive because Mary mother of Jesus is a bastardized version of Isis. Jesus a stolen version of Heru. And so on. Your abrahamic faith keeps them very much alive iah!

Messenger: Zion Black Jerusalem Sent: 6/14/2017 12:23:19 AM

It's no good to reason good sense into a fool.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 6/14/2017 5:43:39 AM

You prefer self dialect


Show some Tolerance to other faiths and practice what His Majesty preach

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Haile Selassie I