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The Tree of Life (Herbs),the Body,Spirit and Mind!

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Messenger: jah_cedes Sent: 4/12/2012 5:06:58 PM

Greetings in the Light of Ras, Ras Tafari Mekonnen, RasTafarian and JahRasTafari.Salvation!

Now In these Days, I Hear People Ah Say This And That and That and This About The Herbs or Trees of Life! Like how it make you Meditate and Motivate and Even Some say it Kills The I Brain Cells and make The I Forget Or DUMB! and All! but Really them Are Lying For: Life is Motivation Everyday no matter What! and The Body is Meditation,the Spirit Is Explanation and the Mind is Imagination Or is Imagining Everyday. Would The Almighty God Who Put Every Thing in Place Put A Seed Of A Plant That Kill the Brain Cells of the I Children to make Them Dumb on Earth? or confident in opinion or assertion tending towards progress or improvement to move between alternatives or extremes in Heaven? Meaning that the "Trees of Life" is Positive Vibrations! Not Meditating, but it can Help That!Not Motivating, But it Can Help That! Not Explaining, But it can help That! not Imagining, but it can help That! and not Educating, but it Can Help That! Seen, Not Killing the Brain Cells But Can Help the brain Cells be Calm and Sharp meaning Peaceful and Clever! Tomorrow always Pulls and Yesterday Pushes and Today holds...Every Thing that happened in history is Pushing its Way into I-n-I Life every Day and Night Today Have No Choice but To Hold it and Tomorrow is Pulling it for a Reason to Keep! So everything in Life Is the Same as So! TOO! When Smoking The Herbs I Have To Pull hold Push Or Inhale hold Exhale!...
LEGALIZE IT! Imagine What Would Happen to the Negativity,
LEGALIZE IT! Explain That's What Should Happen to the Vibrations, LEGALIZE IT! Meditate That's What Could Happen To Positive,
LEGALIZE IT. Motivate That its not Forgetting but not Paying Attention For I didn't Forget Africa But Wasn't Paying Attention Every thing is Seen.
LEGALIZE IT! Education That is From the "African Gemini" Assertion, One Everlasting Jah Blessed Brother Love.

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Haile Selassie I