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Fragrance tree

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Messenger: bredren aaron Sent: 4/6/2012 4:31:49 PM

24.5 And then I said: "Behold, this beautiful tree! Beautiful to look at, and
pleasant are its leaves, and its fruit very delightful in appearance."
24.6 And then Michael, one of the Holy and Honoured Angels, who was
with me, and was in charge of them,
25.1 answered me and said to me: “Enoch, why do you ask me about the
fragrance of this tree, and why do you inquire to learn?”
25.2 Then I, Enoch, answered him saying: “I wish to learn about
everything, but especially about this tree.”
25.3 And he answered me, saying: “This high mountain, which you saw,
whose summit is like the Throne of the Lord, is the throne where the Holy
and Great One, the Lord of Glory, the Eternal King, will sit, when he
comes down to visit the Earth for good.
25.4 And this beautiful and fragrant tree, and no creature of flesh has
authority to touch it until the great judgment, when he will take vengeance
on all and bring everything to a consummation forever, this will be given to
the righteous and the humble.
25.5 From its fruit, life will be given to the chosen; towards the north it will
be planted, in a Holy place, by the house of the Lord, the Eternal King.
25.6 Then they will rejoice with joy and be glad in the Holy place. They
will each draw the fragrance of it into their bones, and they will live a long
life on earth, as your fathers lived. And in their days sorrow and pain, and
toil and punishment, will not touch them.”

InI was wondering if this tree is also the tree from the Garden of Eden since man was not to eat from that tree until a such time.


Messenger: K Youze Sent: 4/28/2012 7:54:42 PM

Give Thanks RastaFarI Always Living Continually.

Messenger: bredren aaron Sent: 4/29/2012 8:53:59 AM

32.4 And it is like the carob tree, and its fruit is like bunches of grapes on a
vine, very beautiful, and the smell of this tree spreads and penetrates afar.
32.5 And I said: "This tree is beautiful! How beautiful and pleasing is its
32.6 And the Holy Angel Raphael, who was with me, answered me and
said to me: "This is the Tree of Wisdom, from which your ancient father
and ancient mother, who were before you, ate and learnt wisdom; and their
eyes were opened, and they knew that they were naked. And they were
driven from the garden."

After sighting this Iman believe know that the fragrance tree that Enoch spoke of was the Hola Herb bearing seed.

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