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Homophobia ?!?!

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Messenger: Black heart Sent: 4/3/2012 2:57:00 PM

Yes I, rasta like I say de world is confused. So don't rise d confusion. Too much hatred, violence, killing, bigotry, hypocricy etc already. Why do u wana add to dis intead of reducing it. Two wrongs cannot make a right. I n I afe do good by shining Jah light to dem. I n I affe gi love n raspect to I n I fellow brothers n sistas in d confused society iregadles of faith, sex, sexality, culture or race. Once dem feel d positive vibes of rasta humbleness, peace, inity dem can easily conect to d forces of mather nature dat mek I n I ovestand dat same sex is wrong. Teach dem rasta don't hate. Jah know.

Messenger: jah_cedes Sent: 4/3/2012 7:04:48 PM

Yes I, seen. Bless

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/3/2012 11:30:58 PM

No reason to hate somebody for that. I feel that it is a disrespect to their ancestors, who fought to survive since the beginning of their existance. I and I are here to Live, but if somebody chooses to end this Life we have been given, that is their choice.

Different people have different things they do against the way of Life. Some worse some better, but most have something that is against the way of the Creator. Whatever a person can do to Learn and Live by the example of the Creator Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I, is a better thing to do than not changing anything.

So if a person can't accept a certain Teaching, then show them the Teachings they can accept, because every Good Teaching Learned is worthwhile.

Messenger: Icey legit Sent: 4/8/2012 1:23:09 PM

Qick question I-theren! could any of InI accept "Gays" as RastafarI?
imean personally i believe that Jah created man & woman for a reason! and laying apon the same sex is an Abomination, because we Africans Lived as Kings and Queens never "Gay" Honestly the white man invented the act of sleeping with another man in the Roman times, not I!.....but i also have nothin against them nor judge them cause thats their choice!.. BUT I DO LIVE LIFE BY 1LOVE FOR ALL InI AS ONE! NEVER Judging like all the other "religions" thats what RastafrI is mostly about, Love for All as InI could you accept a Gay as RastafarI? just wondering????

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 4/8/2012 2:02:30 PM

Icey legit,

There never has and there never will be a homosexual Rastaman. It is impossible.

All who claim to be homosexual and Rasta are liers and imposters.

Messenger: Icey legit Sent: 4/8/2012 4:16:39 PM


i already know that homosexual can't be considered rastafari due to the path of wickedness they astray from Jah, but thats just my reasons....
i really wana hear another rasta's reasoning to why they feel they cant be Ras, are they not 1 with InI?, just to have an over-standing of the whole situation with that.. Enlighten me?..

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Haile Selassie I