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Why Slander was included in the big 10

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Messenger: righteous not criminal Sent: 3/12/2012 11:42:26 PM

Slander was one of the 10 commandments.
Now if you are from a modern western society, you may ask why this could be.

As slander is used on a daily basis, a long with other forbidden behaviors such as telling lies, adultery and in some cases even murder. Many people in the west who participate are not shamed in their actions but are often proud as they think they are clever if they have gotten away with their actions. Or even worse, they beleive that acting is such a manner is the most effective and advisible method of winning.
Some will also say the old saying "sticks and stones" etc, meaning that words cant hurt you.
However, in my opinion, slanderous words, if spread enough, can be more damaging than any non fatal violent attack and can ruin a persons life.

For those of you out there who can not distinguish between right or wrong, criminal or righteous.
The breaking of any of the 10 commandments by any one who considers themselves righteous is wrong and criminal (the original meaning of the word).

But why is Slander so bad?

Well. I suggest that the reason why JAH sees Slander in such a poor light, is because of the damage that such false acussations can have on a persons reputation.

I know from experience and have witnessed the cowardly unholy use slander to murder their victims and in some cases it worked.

Among criminals, slander is one of the methods used to attack.
All one has to do is spread the rumour that your victim is a grass/pedofile/rapist/wife beater/stalker etc.
and your victim will be harassed from that day onwards.

I have heard that this is a common bullying tactic in prisons, and that many people die in prison due to being subjected to this type of sadistic behavior.

I beleive this is why any acussation needs to be brought to trail before the acussation is taken as gospel truth. especially when the acussation is coming from a less than credible source. Mind you, in this day and age, even the most credible sources are also corrupt or prone to sadism, even if these sadistic traits hide themselves in archetypal heroic stereotypes in the individuals psyche.

Those who consider them selves as noble or heroic are sometimes the worst bullies when given an excuse. I know of Doctors, who when approached by a mans adulterous lover, decides to murder their patient after being sold a bs story by the adulterous lover.

In my experience, those who commit adultery are often untrust worthy.
The very nature of adultry is deceitful.

When a snake of such type approaches anyone and tries to sell such a devious story, instead of automatically accepting the snakes word(sound familiar. Genesis), one must examine the evidence / witness testimony and refer to the scriptures for guidance.

If the snakes evidence is lacking. Then the snake should be punished for his sin. (Slander in Mosiac Law is punished with death, although, due to our present law system, I can not recommend this course of action. Perhaps the best course of action is to ignore the snake and to treat the acussed with out judgement until PROVEN otherwise).

Personally, I like the idea of the Mosiac law punishment system as at least it keeps society clean and free of the those who cause all the damage to the innocent victims.

Leave all the murderers / slanderers / liars / pedo's / rapists in society, and wonder why more they continue to prey on the innocent.

This is the fatal flaw of Christianity (in my opinion).
As forgiveness only works if those guilty repent.
However, I wonder how many dangerous people are released from prison on the grounds that the criminals have repented and "found Jesus" only to reoffend almost instantly as soon as released back into society. (high rates of reoffending for pedo's/rapist/murderers, sociopathic career criminals).

I do not hate these criminals, I just know that by nature they are damaging to society. Perhaps such people can co-exhist but within a secure society that they can not damage the innocent.

Any thoughts?

Messenger: SuperSmile Sent: 3/13/2012 1:03:52 PM

Whilst reading the Autobiography of HIM it is clear that Italy used slander to deceive the nations of the world about Ethiopia. theres no doubt its a very evil thing to do to anyone, let alone a country.

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 3/13/2012 8:22:57 PM

Slander is a vile thing. As Marcus Garvey say:

It is said that there is honor even among thieves, but it is apparent that there is no honor and self-respect among certain Negroes, in that they would resort to the meanest and lowest methods possible, not only to pilfer the pockets of their brothers but to rob one of his fair name. Stealing a man's money is, as Shakespeare says, trash, but to injure a man's reputation, to tarnish his character, is a crime of the lowest kind, which not even ordinary thieves would indulge in.

Marcus - Eight Negroes vs. Marcus Garvey

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