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Rasta Can Not Be Gangsta!

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Messenger: righteous not criminal Sent: 3/8/2012 2:45:23 PM

Where I live, people think that Rasta and Gangsta the same.

Some people wear Rasta clothing, have grown dreads and have learnt to talk the talk. They are percieved as Rasta and Holy by the ignorant.

But in reality, that is where the similarities stop.
The same people participate in crimes against JAH by breaking the covenant with JAH as outlined by MOSES in the 10 Commandments which was dictated by JAH via the burning bush (not herb).

These fakers do not even loosly follow the 10 Commandments.
Many of them lie, slander, steal, commit adualtry, deal hard drugs, cheat, not to mention keep idols, and gang bang.
Some may even murder!

Such Fake rasta do not Keep JAH LAW, instead they keep Criminal Law!
And victimise people in numbers!

While at the same time, there are many humble people whom are victimised by such fake rasta / gangstas who are closer in word, deed and action to that of all those who look like RASTA who may not even look anything like Rasta.

Some of which may not even have black skin, wear their hair in locks or wear the colours associated with Rasta.


Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 3/10/2012 6:33:34 PM

rasta cant be a gangter but a gangster can become a Rasta, its like a saint is always a saint, no more falling,

in imitating Christ we become Christ like, it all starts with acting, I see nothing wrong with posing as long as one is identifing with and living The Way, leaving babylon, one has to learn some how Bless

but woe to the hypocrite, all will see, it will be clear to all even more Jah one may speak of gospel of God but but do evil, they are like nice pretty wrappers for there evil contents, looks is deceiving, one must look beyond all forms and see the essence of Ones vibration
all will be know by the truth of their way will be reveiled and that all shall reap
what they sow

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Haile Selassie I