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The Innerman.

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Messenger: jehosaphat2011 Sent: 2/27/2012 12:49:28 PM

Get ready- for, Instruction is the key to success, in this world: Get steady- again, experience is the best techer, in this life: Production is the key to Survival, universaly: Dicsipline is the Answer, to Everything. Pause. First a child craws: by Understanding Movement. Next he stands and walks, then runs, jumps, skips and hops: by Overstanding motion. Then it Rests, and meditates about all its actions: this is the Innerstanding, the Innerman Living, which, by the Grace of JAH dwell in I and I and I.

Messenger: Nazarite_I Sent: 3/1/2012 7:36:45 PM

Yes I. I just read this and its well relevant to some things that passed recently in I trod so give thanks to the I.
The whole thing revoloved around a Ras who just arrived on the scene who's young but he's got plenty of fire and passion and plenty of skill and knows it if the I them know I what I mean. There was a bit of tension with the elders because even though this Ras has all the credentials, the man was coming across like he wanted to try and rule things.
I'm just a youth still, younger than this Ras even, so I was just observing and listening as the Reasoning seemed like it might turn into a skism. What I saw and heard was exactly what the I is talking about, with this Ras trying to jump before he is ready. The Reasoning ended on a good enough footing between I and I in the end, but before I and I were meeting again this young Ras did something rash because he thought things weren't moving fast enough.
So when I next saw the man, I said to him that I thought he had plenty of fire and the talent to back it up, but it was clouding things and he was trying to move one step ahead of how things were set and that was what was causing the tension amoung I and I. Because even though the youth is plenty talented, the Elders are talented too and they set the order.
Later I and I went forward to the local Binghi house to Reason it with the key Elder and I and I reached that Innerstanding, because I and I all move by the grace of the Most High Jah who dwells in I and I.

Blessed love and give thanks once again.

Messenger: jehosaphat2011 Sent: 3/2/2012 12:22:16 AM

Give thanks to the I, for Experience is the best teacher in this life. There is an African proverb that says: Too much haste breaks the yam in twain. This is a warning to the yam farmer when havesting. I sight that the yam is a root fiber that takes seasons to mature. When time comes to harvest, the farmer has to dig deep into the ground to extract the root crop, much like meticulous excarvation. if he is in haste, he may only harvest part of his crop and loose the rest to the soil. blessed love.

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