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Natural or hand-made dreadlocks

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Messenger: Bhang Sent: 1/11/2012 4:07:37 PM

Blessings for all who read this post.

I would like you to tell me what you think about doing my locks in the natural way of waiting for them to take form, or making them by myself using a crochet needle.

Thank you for reading me, and wait for Jah to walk with you in Life Ways.

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 1/12/2012 10:53:03 PM

Yea man. I man opinion. Just let your hair lock naturaly. Rasta is natural man. Blessed love.

Messenger: Bhang Sent: 1/13/2012 11:12:58 AM

Thank you for replying, Black heart.

I have another question for you, this is, do you think using a big rubber for picking your hair away from your face will make it not to lock properly?

Bless you

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 1/13/2012 2:26:19 PM

I'm not sure what yu mean by big rubber. I gues its a rubber band to tie de hair. One ting I know n experienced is dat when most of us black people stop combing our hair it eventualy form some locks. Also our hair don't usualy hang to de face when dry if its not locks. As for other people like whites I don't know if deir hair can lock itself naturaly. So brother if yu black yo locks can form naturaly but if yu white de white idrens can tel yu how dem dem hair locked. Blessed love.

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 1/13/2012 3:33:34 PM


White people and other races of people can lock their hair naturally.

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 1/14/2012 7:29:44 AM

Thanks fo de info Bro Eleazer. I hope d brother's question is answered. Yes I.

Messenger: Bhang Sent: 5/13/2012 6:49:17 AM

Hello again

I've got to thank you once more for your help, 5 months and my hair has already started locking, got some incipient locks.


Messenger: Ras Kanjas Sent: 5/13/2012 10:23:20 AM

So is it really sinful to lock your hair before it naturally locks?

Because I think that our hair was meant to be locked........ if one doesn't lock their hair, it will eventually lock itself!

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 5/13/2012 11:34:42 PM

Is there more power in Nature or artificial?

Is there more power is what man can make than what Jah forms?

Is a fool wiser than Jah? Only in his own sight. lol

Are babylon tap waters better than fresh mountain springs?

Are manufactured microwavable dinners greater than the
fresh organic produce grown in the remnants of pristine africa soil?

Jah grows best food, wild foods have more life force than organic and organic has more life food than chemically modern treated produce.

The problem is man trying to control everything and play God.
Let us be who Jah made us to be, many are called. Each one must choose for them self. To let JAHS WILL BE DONE.

Grow your dreadlocks. Thats not important. Grow your Faith.
But if you grow your dread locks do it naturally for the faith of I and I is natural livity as in befor the fall of mankind and satanic forces.

The hair is like a tropic forest.
Jah is like the sun.
And Jah send his love like rain.
Be in Jah light. and the hair will grow itself.

Live your livity as Jah wills.

Do we have to grow our hair? Do we have to beat our heart?

each One is unique or 'I'nique if them can just let it be as Jah wills.

rastafri is a natural livity. That means throw away your microwave, blow up your te-lie-vision and throw away the combs, curling irons, hair straighteners et cetra....

who is ready and worthy , to get back to the way it was in the beginning, who has the courage of a lion? Does a lion mess with its hair? No. Just be Irie Lion. Grow your faith, Its the inner transformation that is important ....the dreadlocks is just a reflection of this......

And the Spirit manifest flesh.......Jah Rastafari

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 5/13/2012 11:49:02 PM

In the book Rastafari: Healing of the nations, written by Dennis Forsythe he writes on hair something very fascinating:

The heaven or universe generates centripetal force which enters our body through the hair spiral, charges our mid-brain with images and thoughts(the way t.v. receives images), and proceeds downwards through our bodies vitalizing all the organs vitalizing all the organs on the way and exiting through to the earth..

take care of your spirals, just let them reach out like roots, like antennas, like cannabis leaves stretching for the light.

Be receptive to Jahs incoming high vibes, must tune out of eveything else and tune into Zion.

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Haile Selassie I