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Education and the Youth Rising

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Messenger: Nazarite I Sent: 12/12/2010 3:45:51 PM

I don't know how widely reported it has been outside of Britain but last Thursday there was an uprising of sorts in the very centre of London. Students and schoolchildren here have been demonstrating for some time against plans by the government to cut massive ammounts of funding to higher education and raise yearly university fees by more than half from around £3000 to up to £9000. The politricksters voted on the proposal on the Thursday and thousands of young people turned out on the streets of London to oppose it, only to be met by police in full riot gear with horses and batons.
Iman went along to the demonstration to represent I views as a Rastaman on the matter and maybe try to prevent some of the violence that has been present at previous events. What Iman did not realise however was just how badly the odds were stacked against the youths on that day. Although Iman did not arrive until around mid day, the police were using the tactic of 'kettling' for the entirety of the event.
For those not familiar with this tactic, it essentially means that the police form lines of riot police at every exit for the crowd to contain it and supposedly make it easier to manage. What has attracted the nickname of 'kettling' however, is that when you trap a crowd of people who are angry enough to take to the streets about something inside a police cordon and stop them from leaving, things are going to start boiling over.
Now when Iman arrived at Parliament square, Iman and I friends were forced inside the cordon by the police. Thousands were already trapped inside with no food, water or toilet facilities and some had been trapped since the morning. Inside, it wasn't difficult to tell that things were going to get heated. Those who were looking for a fight had the perfect excuse and many who weren't were angered enough to begin considering it. Not suprising then that within half an hour of I arriving, a large scale battle had broken out between the youth and the police at one of the exits to the square. This fighting went on for hours until the result of the vote was announced in the evening and the square erupted into more violence. By this time, Iman had been trapped inside for six hours and was trying to leave the square along with thousands of others who wanted nothing to do with the violence. When this peaceful crowd tried to leave, I and I were stopped from leaving by the police. The police then resorted to using their batons, riot shields and even charges by mounted police on peaceful people who wanted nothing more than to get away from the violence.

Now, education of the youth is something that is close to Iman heart. Selassie I teaches I and I that "Education of the youth is the surest guarantee of a better life" and I and I take that seriously. What babylon has done with this bill has essentially priced many of the youth out of the opportunity for higher education. Many of the angriest on Thursday were the poorest youths from the ghettos of London and I can't say Iman blame them for their reaction. It has been testing even for I to not lash out in anger after a police officer struck me in the back with his baton while the crowd I was in was being forced back into a riot.

What Iman hope to achieve with this Reasoning is perhaps mostly guidence. Iman feel as though I am at a crossroads at the moment. This event has perhaps prompted I to become slightly more politicised as a Rasta than Iman would like. Perhaps Iman am just more angry than normal at the injustice commited but I would like to Reason on the subject amoung I and I Rastafari people so perhaps Iman can gain a better overstanding of I position in this.

Blessed love.

Messenger: Nazarite I Sent: 12/12/2010 4:03:04 PM

Some more quotes on education from I and I King Haile Selassie I, Jah Rastafari:

"Humanity by nature is gifted to think freely, but in order that this free thought should lead him to the goal of liberty and independance, his way of thinking must be shaped by the process of education."

"It is understood that the independance of mind, created by education individually, will have as a result the creation of an independantly minded nation."

"Loyalty inspires understanding and understanding cooperation: these are the clearest evidences of strength. But the solid basis for all lies in education. It is education which allows people to live together, makes them avoid the pitfalls of immorality, and induces respect for the law."

Blessed love.

Messenger: asifkhadim Sent: 11/18/2019 12:31:23 PM

For those unfamiliar with the tactic, it actually means that police create police lines of violence in every outlet to contain it and are said to make it easier to manage. What has drawn the nickname of 'kettling' though, is that if you pull a bunch of people angry enough to take to the streets with something inside the police cordon and stop them from going, things will start to go wrong. Now when Iman arrives at the Parliament square, Iman and our friends are being pushed by the police by the police. We have Essay Tiger to show. Thousands have already been trapped inside without food, water or toilets and some have been trapped since morning. Inside, it wasn't hard to say that things were going to get hot. The fight continued for hours until the outcome of the election was announced in the evening and the stage began to escalate further violence. By this time, Iman was still interned for six hours and was trying to get out of the square with thousands of others who did not want to do anything about the violence.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/19/2019 7:27:09 AM

Move to Canada?

Seriously though, welcome to the United States. Higher education has long been exploding in cost. And the result in the US is crippling student debt.

"Our researchers found that the average cost of college for the 20172018 school year was $20,770 for public schools (in-state) and $46,950 for nonprofit private schools, only including tuition, fees, and room and board."

(study this link. It has a breakdown of all the costs)

So it's gone up to about $11,600 US. A lot of people in the US might be jealous. When it's all said and done a private 4 year college in the US could run a student $200,000.

So I would say, in order to mount ANY kind of successful protest you must be fully informed as to all the variables or factors that go into the price at the low end and at the high end and see whether this price hike has merit and if so, how much.

Because you're not going to force your government to go into extreme debt to pay these schools. No amount of protest is going to accomplish that. What it sounds like is that your government can should a portion of the cost but has to move more of the added cost to the student. While this may feel insanely unfair, the government cannot fully control what they're being forced to pay and it would be unpopular to fully fund it which means significantly raising taxes on everyone.

If they did fully fund and the people actually using the free service didn't have to pay anything for it, then you could use the public's money to get the highest degree possible and come out with the sole benefit of making more money than most people. Except most people would then do the same thing. Colleges would be flooded by people wanting to make more money. And since colleges know that the government is fully paying they can raise tuition even higher. What are they going to do? Not pay up?

The same thing happens with health insurance. The cost skyrockets at the hospital level because they know the insurance companies have to pay. If you don't have insurance they'll ask you whether or not you want certain things done because you may not want to pay for those things. This is especially true of tests and xrays. If a third party is paying then the patient doesn't care because they're paying the copay or deductible anyway. The insurance company just gets a big fat bill.

This is a stretch to put it in the same category but for example, I took my cat to the vet to get spayed. Of course, just like if you take your car to a mechanic, there's a likelihood they will either find something else wrong or find something that MIGHT be wrong and they wont know for sure unless they run a test or take something apart. So the vet asked me if I was okay with them testing what they thought looked like a scratch on the cat's eye. The test was about $25 on top of the $400 I was already spending. I told them to go ahead and do it but I seriously doubted I would hear anything else about it. Sure enough, I picked my cat up and no one said anything about the results of this other test.

Go to the dentist and its the same thing. With insurance, there is a high probability they will xray you every visit. Without insurance they'll ask if you want it because I think its like $100 or some stupid amount like that when they do so many of these. And you know it doesn't cost anything to operate the machine. They're just using the cost to pay for the machine and increase their revenue.

So at the end of the day... on one hand it's capitalism on the part of the companies running up the bill. But that capitalism is intervened by, either insurance, or government subsidy. I hate to say this but when you interfere with the market forces like this, now you have one market force seeing that they have a buyer who will pay anything they want as long as they can justify it. And if there's a problem and the insurance company refuses to pay then that bill is going to go to the patient. So yes, they are over charging which is the source of the problem, but it is aided by the fact that someone other than the patient (and I can't believe I'm saying this) is paying the bill.

There are a few solutions; most of which are extremely uncomfortable.

1. total communism: the government would get to then control the price of the services its paying for.
2. total capitalism: patient pays which forces hospitals to lower pricing to compete with each other
3. strict regulation: the government uses forensic accountants and undercover investigators to detect price fixing, gouging, etc. and fine the institution or hospital equal to the amount of the overcharge + the cost of investigation.

simply paying the bill is BAD because it will encourage the price to go up until its out of control. What you need is to petition the government in a big way to add specific legislation to regulate every industry being subsidized.

The uncomfortable part in #3 is that if these institutions are adapted to this general practice of overcharging then either they will fall apart if they stop and possibly go bankrupt... or they will cut staff and equipment which means poorer service... or they will find other ways to pass on this liability to someone else who may keep passing it like a hot potato until the tax payer is paying for it anyway.

This is why #1 is the best solution but the most uncomfortable. Because if the government owns it then that means the objective is to save as much money as possible rather than needing to make a profit for private owners and equity. Of course the downside to government running it means lower salaries and other issues that may make more qualified doctors, college professors, etc. run to other private institutions. So there is almost no good solution. You need to subsidize and regulate, perhaps to where the government is a 10-30% stake owner and uses that equity position to ensure that the institution is operating efficiently and making profit at the same time. This will probably never happen.

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