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Messenger: akgrown25 Sent: 10/7/2010 10:35:00 PM

Greeting again.
I would like to say that you have helped me to see many things that were confusing to me but I am still confused about many other things.

For example, on other Rasta forums I have seen many people asking if a white man or woman can be a Rasta. Some have said no, but more often then not the answer has been yes, as long as they devote their life to Jah and Selassie I. If this is so, what does that do to one of the founding principles of Rastafari, that being repatriation of all Africans.

How do the non-African Rastas factor into this.

Messenger: Ras Mikael Enoch Sent: 10/8/2010 12:31:11 AM

Marcus Garvey Greetings to You and Yours,
with Haile Selassie always in mind...

Let I be totally forthright, for I take
pride in speaking I's mind, as I have always,
since birth, and the wicked always take offense
at the TRUTH which InI know to set one free.
I am free, like Free-I (Jamaican radio sensation).

Okay, InI's roots are from Eire (Mac Cartaig),
Irish royal from Cashel especially, and notably
Blarney castle whom the totally occult wicked
Queen Eliz. I, would darn on Mac Cartaig, the
term: "Blarney" (invented term by Queen Eliz. I)
because Mac Cartaig was eloquent in not giving
up Irish land to the evil oppressors and
invaders, the english.....
The other side of the family goes back to
Denmark, and definately from Iceland.
Iceland and Ireland - Totally Eire.

Can a "white" person become a Rastafarian ?
Interesting concept there. I am "white",
and proud to be such, as Marcus Garvey told
me that I should be proud to be white.
However, I like Marcus Garvey realize that
the black man, the melanin man of this world
must unite (U.N.I.A.) to form a perfect idea
to the solution of suffering slaves in America,
still. That is repatriation and reparations.
Very few "whites" will embark on the journey
of TRUTH and of joining forces with the good people
of this world who have been phucked-over time
and time again, by unfortunately, for the Irish
the Eire (Irie) smile, that cute countenance,
that the ugly english have envisioned for
the innocent people.
Causing the famine in 1847 !
Shipping Vast Amounts Of Food Out Of Ireland !
As if that one issue was enough alone, to prove
my point to the savage brutality that the Irish
and Black Men and Women have suffered in this
evil world by POMS / Pommies.
Fe Fi Fo Fum

'England Be Nice'
Ini Kamoze

Enough of the Irish,
the mainstay of enjoyment and upliftment comes
with the awareness of Ethiopian Abyssinian culture
and Jamaican participation in that celebration
of the wonderful message and guidance that comes
from Africa (O.A.U.) and Jah Ras Tafari,
Haile Selassie I,
with every solution to every problem the world
needed at the time, of his loving and wonderful

Release H.I.M. Now !
(middle to end of page)

Jah has connected with I in a personal way,
no man or woman can tell InI that I cannot
achieve success and praise from Jah, for
taking a stand for HIS people,
HIS struggles,
HIS wishes,

I love Jah !
and I love Nanny and Kojo,
and of course Macus Garvey...
Honestly, InI am too rare of a commodity to be
just thrown away and cast aside.
There are some great "white" people out there,
except that there are so many wolves in the
scene, it is so hard to tell sometimes...

Jah Loves You !

Have a nice day !

" Love Jah And Live "
- Bunny Wailer

Ras Mikael Enoch

Messenger: Ras Mikael Enoch Sent: 10/8/2010 1:15:56 AM

When I strut down the street, with InI's Ethiopian
cross on I's chest (b.t.w. - I've always wanted to
know why I's crosses have hinges
on them....InI am fascinated in
knowing the Itiopian meaning),

I want to feel good inside that I am not a wolf,
* can someone say hi to Bunny for me....
I really like him a lot.
I want him to be so happy in life,
for I know who has made him stumble.
Jah love to Bunny Diamond !

I have taken pride in exposing some nefarious
activities on the radio, or at least I attempted
to, inform people of, sadly, some white guys who
got into reggae (because it is great), and in turn
have attacked the message of reggae, the attention
paid to Haile Selassie I, Jah Ras Tafari, and of
course to the wails and cries of the the slaves in
the world who still suffer in Jamaica especially.
Lord, I have been to West Kingston, that shit hole
I have been called "duppy" before, and it hurts
some times, when I am there to help and to support
and to nurture and Lord Almighty, to drive a accident
victim to the hospital in Port Morant and then
on that same day (of / oh Jah), I would be framed
out of KKUP FM, then in Cupertino,
All web-pages have audio (lol)

Oh No !
"Rambo" Enoch is gonna post the below ?
Warning Will Robinson (lost in space)...

Here below is an excerpt from black leader Marcus Garvey's
book, writing while he was being hunted down by the N.A.A.C.P.,
while he was being convicted, during the trial, and while he was
in Tombs Prison in 1925:

The Philosophy & Opinions
Of Marcus Garvey
(or, Africa for the Africans)
ISBN: 0-912469-24-2 (pbk.)

---> page 243

" That a Juror on several occasions during the
trial had conversations with the learned Judge
in Court, by approaching the bench, the
conversations ending in laughter, with the
Juror staring at me, etc., and during the
trial a Juror was heard to say "he was going
to do what the Judge tells him to." The verdict
of the Jury was arrived at after a second charge
by the learned Judge, who himself called for the
Jury. I was not aware during the trial that this
was improper conduct on the part of the Juror.

That the learned trial Judge, being a member
and active supporter of an antagonistically rival
Negro organization, known as The National
Association for the Advancement of Colored
People [NAACP], was petitioned by me not to
preside at the trial of the case, but he ruled to
the contrary and did sit during the trial, and
during the trial agents and officers of the said
organization [NAACP] were busy promulgating
sentiment against me, and immediately at the
close of the Prosecutor's summation, one of the
chief agents of the organization [NAACP], and
one who had signed on their behalf a wicked and
vicious letter appeal to the Attorney General to
"hurry up" my conviction and deportation. "

" That the chief director of this association
[NAACP], W.E.B. DuBois, wrote in the
official organ of the society that one of the
greatest achievements for the year was my
conviction, and he subsequently wrote in
the same organ that I was convicted for
my "monkey shines" in Court. "

- Marcus Garvey

Like any >< JAMAICAN ><
I Love Marcus Garvey ! ! !

Ya know what, that excerpt alone, will cause people to try
and get rid of me.....
It is shocking, totally shocking, about the N.A.A.C.P.,
when InI as a righteous "white" Rastafarian with Maori
Warrior vibes, see that the same organisation, by
framing Garvey, and hatching his demise,
would be none other than the N.A.A.C.P.,
who really want the African Diaspora across the
planet to still suffer.....
Never having the chance to Repatriate to Africa,
to Liberia, to Ethiopia, to wherever their wonderful
hearts wants to take them.....
But alas, Marcus Garvey's dream was sabotaged, by
who ?

For Shame.
So now you know....
I told you that I was controversial !

Jah !
Word, Sound and POWER !

Ras Mikael Enoch

Messenger: Ras Mikael Enoch Sent: 10/8/2010 1:45:35 AM

One last thing,

I will never dislike a person (African)
who still shuns I because I am white.
For I know the pain and suffering runs
so very deep.

I however, will love that person, and
hope all is well, and Jah speed to his
or her success, and maybe hopefully he
or she can see that some whites are not
devils......even though you would think
otherwise, with all the wickedness that
white kulture has birthed acrosss
Africa, Jamaica, Oceania....

As Nitty Gritty sang from the label:

Black Victory

That !
Is what I want !
And I will try to take-down any white clowns
like UB40 who are on Government MI5 payroll
to attack the message of Rastafari. I know
this because I have been on the scene for some
time and I have heard them on radio interviews.
They are evil shrewd government propaganda
weapons against a rising english jamaican
So therefore the creation of UB40, the Gov't
UB40 Term, on the payroll of the English Gov't.
Attacking Jah Ras Tafari message in reggae music.
And sadly the locks-shorn Pato Banton.....
I took him around in I's vehicle in the 80's
touring San Francisco and Berkeley....
and what happens, later, oh bwoy,
he disses Jah Ras Tafari and becomes a Christian
instead and cuts his locks,
and is like buddy buddies with UB40
I have to apologize, I obviously did not instill
in Pato Banton, during InI's long car adventures
with him, the love of Jah Ras Tafari,
and THAT -

Ras Tafari ---> IS <--- JAH !
Of Jah
Look To H.I.M.

Not some Pommie / POM evil UB40
version of "christianity"

Pato Banton, come back to the faith,
let your locks flow once again
(I thought he looked really handsome)
and come and praise H.I.M.
as Jah Almighty.
Pato, you have been deceived,
come back to me,
I will drive you to salvation,
the right salvation !
Not with UB40 ($)

So go figure.
Well I did. And I don't like what the fuck
is going down !
Against Haile Selassie people and their message
in reggae music, to be replaced with some Red
Red Red Red Lush Liver Solvent Destruction Liquid
that Pato Banton I guess dances to, when he is
connecting with the (Fe Fi Fo Fum) clowns from

I have to laugh....sadly.

Ras Mikael Enoch

Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 10/8/2010 5:09:28 AM

Ras Mikael, Mi woulda apprecilove it if yuh could write as all of us here do, if yuh could write in full sentences and paragpraphs instead of these short short lines that go down and down
give thanks

Messenger: Dubside Sent: 10/9/2010 5:42:21 AM

Ises unto the Most High, JAH.,
Ras TafarI.

Yes I, Repatriation is a must.
But not without the support from Afrika. As I site, most of the Afrikan coutries does not take the issue of Repatriation as a major thing! Afrikans in Afrika are more into gospel wars., so much into "born again V/s Jehova witness, or Christians V/s Muslims".
They can waste a whole day talking about who's religion is the right one and who's wrong!
I happen to know a group of Ras Tafarians who repatriate to Afrika. All of them were supprised to see their fellow Afrikans telling them to go back to the coutries they came from. Some came from England, some from America and some from Jamaica. This was back in 1979.
By now, some have sattle but without a "permanent stay"or work permit!
Man, they'v jump out of the frying-pan into the fire.
It's clear that the barrier which colonizes has built within the Afrikans is hard to break!
In many Afrikan families they consider I n I who are Ras Tafarians as lads who pretend to be Jamaicans!
The idea of claiming our people is not there at all even though the evidence which prove that Afrikans were stolen from Ithiopia is open to be seen.
What oppressors has manage to do through brainwash education and religion is to cause moral death within the Afrikans.
Clearly, the "mass Repatriation" which has been a thought of many, I don't see it happening. It is better to repatriate alone or with a family but with a clear plan of how one can contribute in different sectors of development.
In the mean time, I n I here in Zion have register a Ras TafarI Movement with a aim of preparing a place where those who will decide to repatriate can come and live on. But I have to tell the I deh, it was not easy to register. The government said they don't know RasTa! It's a Bob Marley thing! And many more.
It will take time to reach the goals but it's assurance will never end. I n I are Ras Tafarians born in Zion. No politician can come and take I slice of mt. Zion as in Sheshemane, where a big portion of land given to Ras Tafarians by His Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I, is now on the hands of politicians just because Ras Tafarians who were given the land was not born in Ithiopia!

Fire burn.

Messenger: akgrown25 Sent: 10/9/2010 2:57:31 PM

I see what you are saying Dubside. If I hear you right, you are saying that repatriation cannot be a mass exodus but instead must be a individual movement. What you say makes sense to me. The repatriation of Africans is still just as important now as it was when the Honorable Garvey was calling for it.

From what I have read, some Rasta Elders such as Bongo Floyd of the Royal Judah Coptic Church focused their attention on repatriation of the conscious African while at the same time trying to create a more just society in Jamaica for those who had not yet come to know Jah. I find this shift in thinking very interesting. I am unsure how many of the users of this forum live in Jamaica, but would love to find out because I would like to know if the abandonment of Jamaica in exchange for moving back to Zion is still an end goal, or is Bongo Floyd's vision of building a better Jamaica still alive. I ask with all due respect.

Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 10/9/2010 5:03:14 PM

By the Ime Jah send father Moses to lead his people out of Egypt,mi wonda how many had already given up on ever seeing that day

....inna twinkle of an eye

Messenger: akgrown25 Sent: 10/10/2010 4:30:34 AM

I wonder too Fikre Jahnhoi, that is why I am asking.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 10/11/2010 1:21:17 AM

Here is a Reasoning I made before.

Some people learn some of the ways of RasTafarI and learn the things that RasTafarI Idren and Sistren say, but they look past the reasons for the ways and the reasons for what is said.

RasTafarI people don't speak of Repatriation for Africans to Africa because they decided to pick Africa out of all the places of the world because Africa is some special place that people must go to.

RasTafarI people speak of Repatriation of Africans to Africa because Africa is the home of Africans. I and I are speaking for the Ones that were taken away from Africa and used as Slaves in the West. I and I are speaking of returning a people to the Home they were taken from.

The role of all RasTafarI people(of all colour) is to Live by the example of Jah RasTafarI. I and I are also the Ones sent to Chant and Rise in the Spiritual heights and perform the works of the seals opened by RasTafarI. I and I are also the Ones who speak and chant for Repatriation of Africans to Africa. I and I also speak and chant in support of all the downpressed in the world and speak and chant against all the downpressors. One example is that I and I don't speak about the First Nations(Indian) people being Repatriated to Africa. I and I speak and chant for the First Nations people to have the control of their land (North America) returned to them.

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