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Jamaica Article

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Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 5/31/2010 11:21:21 AM

I thought this article raised some interesting points, especially about American military involvement in Jamaica.


* Posted by Korry GoodHeart on May 27, 2010 at 9:34pm
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Tivoli Gardens is a manipulation
To create the outrageous situation
For a 'legitimate' American invasion

Sugarcane, bauxite, tourism - all locked up tight
Deep, deep oil - now seeing the light
Poverty and oppression - things still not right
Freedom from Babylon - bubbling into sight

Politicians in power - caught in a trap
Reaching for gold - can't give it back
Jamaica's new wealth - Babylon wants to tap
Satellite blackmail - no stopping that

Heart of the people - under attack
600 years - it's time to end that
One Love's in play - Bob's watching fast
Soul of Jamaica - Freedom at last

As the Dudus saga plays itself out in Kingston, two of the questions that remain unanswered are 'why is the United States pushing so hard?' and 'why now?'. The world is full of dons and drug lords, not to mention the fact that the American plate is full with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a billion Muslims who are being encouraged to attack anywhere at anytime. You would think that they had more immediate things to concentrate on.

Yet they continued to poke and push, treating every Jamaican that went through U.S. customs like a criminal, openly questioned the personal honesty of the the Prime Minister Bruce Golding and even suggested that the Jamaican Labor Party were in violation of their mandate to govern Jamaica. In fact, the Americans haven't even got an Ambassador to Jamaica anymore. Obama has left the position open, a serious diplomatic slap in the face. All of this tension is for the Don of Tivoli Gardens? Something isn't right. Dudus just isn't that big of a problem.

The idea that outside interests have manipulated the situation for a long time begins to form when you question the truth of what we are being told. For two years now Dudus has had an excellent run, controlling the docks in Kingston (on Tivoli Gardens turf, and the true value of the constituency) with his buddies running the government. He has grown more powerful than ever before, with so much money that he doesn't have to rely on politicians for anything. In the old days back in the 1970's, when the street gangs were first created by the political parties, they had to get their weapons and cash from the JLP or the PNP, but since the cocaine business showed up, that relationship has slowly turned full circle. Now the politicians need the gangs to control the vote, but the gangs don't need the politicians for support. They have become an independent power.

The outside control in this is that the international cocaine business is not run by Jamaicans. Nobody manufactures coke on the island, it all comes in from South America, mostly Colombia. Somebody else determines how much of their product is moved through Jamaica, which in turn determines how much money ends up in the hands of the gangs. Dudus is more powerful than ever before because whoever is controlling The Business decided that he would make him powerful. In fact, it looks like they wanted him to become a 'threat to national security', and be such a handful that outside military assistance might be necessary.

Since the Iran-Contra hearings in the United States in the early 1980's, the world has known that the biggest player in the illegal drug business is the U.S. military. The enormous wealth involved is enough to weaponize entire armies of 'insurgents', which are then used to destabilize any country they choose. They have the best killers, the best weapons and the best intelligence, and it's all in cash. No records. There are American military troops on the ground in Colombia and Afghanistan, by far the largest producers of cocaine and heroine respectively. This is no accident.

So it isn't a stretch to consider the idea that growing Dudus into a serious problem was a manipulation that was within the control of U.S. interests. By why flare it up now, and why so hard? They could have cranked up the tension any time they wanted during the past year. What is America up to that they are forcing a dangerous situation, totally ignoring the fact that by doing so, there is a very good chance that war will erupt all over Jamaica, and innocent people will be killed?

Why would the United States want Jamaica to descend into chaos now?

One idea that comes to mind is oil. Try this one on for size - although Jamaica has never produced a single drop of oil, has no wells, no rigs, no infrastructure, the Minister of Mining and Energy, James Robertson, spent March, 2010 in England, and April, 2010 in the United States, presenting 'Jamaica's Second Formal Licensing Round 2010', billed as 'New Prospects, New Opportunities', to the Geological Society of England and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. The agendas for these meetings are on the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica's website.

He reviewed the new seismic data just before the first coffee break at 10:00 am, and the bid procedures info around 11:30, just before the lunch break, and in between talked about the investment climate in Jamaica. He was in New Orleans during the second week of April, and was in Texas at the end of the month.

By May 22nd, just three weeks after showing all of this data to the oil executives in the States, Jamaica found itself suddenly on the verge of crisis, and American military personnel were seen landing at Manley International in Kingston. The next day, May 23rd, the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Bruce Golding, went on national television to declare a state of emergency.

Add to this the fact that the Government of Jamaica signed a new $1.27 billion US '27 Month Standby Agreement' with the International Monetary Fund for balance of payment support in February, 2010, and a different set of motivators enter the picture. Less than a month later the Jamaican Minister of Mining and Energy is out pimping a non-existent oil industry to England (controls the IMF) and the United States (controls the World Bank).

The per capita debt burden of Jamaica is the 4th highest in the world. Over 50% of the Capital Expense Budget goes to servicing the debt. PM Golding has an impossible situation on his hands - he has to somehow find a way to impose financial discipline enough to keep up with the payments, but he has no way to build economy with what he has now. A Jamaican oil industry would help him out big time.

However, the real trick is going to be the fine print of that IMF restructuring agreement. This same ploy was used on Argentina to force them to sell off State owned assets to raise the cash to pay the debt, which ended up with a Spanish oil company, Resopl YPF (odd in the fact that Spain has no oil, but is really a front for BP), owning all of the rights to Argentina's oil. Later is was discovered that there are reserves of around 500 billion barrels just off the coast of the Falkland Islands. Argentina does not own it's oil because of IMF debt restructuring rules.

So in February Jamaica signs a new IMF debt restructuring package, and in March the Mining and Energy Minister is in England presenting new seismic data and bidding instructions on an industry that doesn't exist, and in April he's doing the same thing in the United States, which is about the time the Deep Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded. Three weeks into May, Kingston has been transformed into a war zone by unrelenting and unexplained American pressure, which includes American military on the ground.

Hmmm. Three weeks after showing the data to the Americans, there are armed U.S. troops on the ground in the capital city.

The Deep Horizon might have something to do with that. One of the facts that CNN doesn't talk about much is that BP was drilling way, way deeper than anybody knew. The deepest working oil well on earth is around 20,000 feet, but six months ago the Deep Horizon drilling tapped 35,000 feet when they had some sort of 'catastrophic event', which ended when they sealed it up and left things alone. They were drilling again at 30,000 feet when the explosion happened. Outside of the rule breaking, they proved that the technology exists to go almost twice as deep as any working well, which means that they can now access oil that was once thought to be unattainable, in places that have never produced oil before.

In October, 2008, Cuba announced to the world that they had new seismic data which doubled the size of their offshore reserves to 20 billion barrels of oil. That's as much as the United States has with 3.5 million square miles of territory. Cuba is around 42,000 square miles. Whatever oil they found, it's a deep, deep reservoir.

In 2007, Cupet (Cuba) and PdVSA (Venezuela) signed an agreement to jointly explore Cuba's offshore areas. A consortium of Resopl YPF (Spanish BP 40% and operator), Norsk Hyrdro (Norway 30%) and ONCG Videsh (India 30%) announced that they would begin to drill an offshore exploratory well in 2010, and in 2009, Cuba signed exploration agreements with Zarubzhnieft (Russia), and Petrobras (Brazil) completed seismic work on Block 37.

At the end of 2008, Cuba announced to the world that it was sitting on 20 billion barrels of oil, the 12th largest deposits among countries, and that it was involved in developing it with Venezuela, Russia, Spain, Norway and India. Cuba is about 70 miles from Jamaica.

If you stand on the top of the Blue Mountains and look north, you can see the lights in Cuba. If they have oil that deep, you can bet that Jamaica has oil that deep, and Haiti, and the Domincan Republic. That earthquake in Haiti last January was suspicious from the start, but the 'over the top' response from the United States might now make sense. The American military controls Haiti. The foreign assistance was an army of occupation. This week they landed in Jamaica.

The bidding process for the contracts to develop these new Jamaican oil fields are in play right now. An armed foreign military in the middle of your capital city is a very powerful negotiating tool, and that brand new $1.27 billion IMF loan restructuring came with some nasty conditions, and that runaway well is pumping out an enormous amount of oil, which is going to raise a few questions about just how much oil is down that deep and when can the rest of the world start drilling for it?

Jamaica needs an oil industry before it can sell it to the Americans to pay off the debt. That's why the IMF and the World bank were created to begin with, to manipulate poor countries into such an enormous debt load that they would have to sell off their natural resources and utilities to pay it. This is the plan in action.

The cat jumped out of the bag before the deal was done when that well exploded, but now it's living proof of the size of the discovery, which is apparently big enough to destroy all life on the planet if BP can't figure a way to shut it down. That's a lot of oil. America wants to wrap this one up fast. For 600 years they've taken all of the wealth from sugarcane and fruit. For the past 70 years they've taken all of the wealth from bauxite and alumina. For the past 40 years they've taken all of the wealth from tourism. Jamaicans live in poverty because vampires from Babylon have been sucking it dry since Chrisopher Columbus sailed by on his way to discovering America. Imagine the palace that Jamaica could have become if all of that wealth had stayed on the island.

Now more money is in play than all of that combined. Black Gold. Texas Tea. The Devil's Blood. One of the largest oil deposits ever discovered. This whole Dudus soap opera is really just a manipulation to create a situation where America can get their hands on Jamaican oil, which most Jamaicans don't even know about. Bablyon has come calling because it wants something, not because it cares about saving Jamaican lives or locking up a bad man. This is the same country that thought up slavery, and then did it for 400 years because it made them rich.

If America is involved, you know it's about money.

The only solution is probably impossible. Every single Jamaican has to ask themselves if they love Jamaica enough to make peace with each other. This attack is on Jamaica, not Jamaicans. They are just the victims, but the oil the Americans want is as much a part of the island as the snow white sand, the swaying palm trees, the spectacular ganja or the incredible reggae.

This trick works only if Jamaicans battle with each other. If America can somehow manage this flare up to get a military presence on the island, they will control the oil. The only path out is for each person to raise his spiritual consciousness to the point where they are prepared to forgive and make peace with their brothers and sisters. Only Jamaicans can do what is necessary. They are the living, breathing soul of Jamaica, and it is up to them to stand as one and shout out 'No More!'. If they don't then Babylon will crush them down like never before.

This isn't about JLP, and PNP, and Posse's, and Matthew's Lane, or Rema, or Tivoli Gardens, or Dudus, or running the docks, or selling cocaine. It's about manipulating all of that so Jamaicans see each other as the enemy, and keep warring. It's about Babylon stealing the Big Money while Jamaicans fight like dogs over the Little Money. There are at least 50 Garrisons in Jamaica, with 16 in Spanish Town alone. There are around 20 Posse's affiliated with the JLP, maybe 30 affiliated with the PNP, and at least 30 Posse's that are 'unaligned' and can be hired when needed. It's an unstable combination that is designed to break down and destroy.

Dudus and the others like him have been played like a piano. They are the perfect excuse for American military intervention, 'one of the world's most powerful drug lords', according to CNN ...over and over and over again. The reality is that the DEA estimates the total cocaine volume through Jamaica each year at 100 metric tonnes, which is worth $25,000 per kilo if it's sold in North America. About $2.5 billion US. The estimated world total consumption of illegal drugs is $400 billion a year. The cocaine going through Jamaica is worth about half of one percent of the market. Nobody in Jamaica is in the top 200, let alone one of the most powerful.

The oil deal can alleviate all of the debt, all of the poverty, all of the illiteracy, all of the hunger, for every Jamaican on the island ...forever. The palace that Jamaica was intended to be can be built, but Bablyon knows it, and has no interest in seeing the island become strong and independent. Then Jamaica might turn into a Dudus themselves, powerful enough to stand up and say 'No More! What's ours is ours, and we're keeping it this time.'

The only way out of this trap is peace. How's that for a Babylon trick?

This could also be the work of Jah, forcing the right kind of threat into action so that the spiritual consciousness of every Jamaican shakes itself awake and realizes that they are blessed to be born at this time, that they are warriors who have been forced to endure the humiliations of poverty and oppression so that when the time came they had a voice and were aware, and would raise their game to the level required to finally free themselves of Babylon.

Right now might be the most pivotal time in the entire history of Jamaica. Not 1834 and the end of slavery, not 1962 and Independence, not 1981 with the death of the Prophet Robert Marley, but 2010 and the discovery of oil, the point in time the future generations of Jamaican children will always remember as either the greatest of achievements or the worst of failures, when their parents and grandparents faced the demon straight on and decided what the future of Jamaica would be. Simply put, are Jamaicans strong enough to forgive each other the past, in return for a better future? If they can, they win BIG. More wealth than anyone ever thought possible. If they can't, then their children, and their children, and their children, will be doomed to the same vicious cycle of poverty, violence and oppression. Are Jamaicans strong enough to fix this? Do they love their children enough to accept the responsibility to give up their claim to vengeance, so that their children can live free of the burden?

It's all on the line right now. That's why America is pushing so hard.

On May 25th, a Jamaican born Congresswoman in the United States, Yvetee Clark, was on the front pages in both countries, saying that she was going to seek the help of the U.S. State Department to restore peace and stability in Jamaica. A State of Emergency had been declared for less than 48 hours and already 'Jamaica's best friend in the U.S. Congress' was calling for the release of American soldiers on Jamaican soil to kill Jamaicans. Nice.

We are looking at the beginning of an American military occupation of Jamaica. Once they get control of the oil and begin to invest billions to develop it, the term 'Strategic Resource' will apply, which also means 'vital to U.S. national security interests', which will require U.S. military bases to protect it. Think Iraq.

This is part of the militarization of the Caribbean. It started in Haiti after the earthquake in January and it has reached Jamaica by May. With WWIII looming in the Middle East, America is going to need new sources of oil, and with the Russians, Spanish, Venezuelans, Norwegians and India already active off of the coast of Cuba, they are playing catch up in Jamaica. What is at stake is enormous - a change in the balance of power among the nations of the world. Done right, Jamaica will rise up. Done wrong, Jamaica will drop to it's knees and beg forever.

With that much money in play the corruption of politicians will be child's play. This gambit is for the sovereignty of the country. It has little or nothing to do with gangs, cocaine, ganja, guns, violence or even Dudus. It is all about oil, soldiers and America taking it all ...again.

Babylon is back on the island, and the only thing that will make it leave is love. One Love. Remember the Prophet. He saw this coming 30 years ago and drove himself to death to make sure that when the time came, Jamaicans would have the tools necessary to finally defeat the bastards in Babylon. Now is that time. One Love. I and I.

Free yourselves. Free Jamaica. Stop the fighting. Don't give them the excuse they want. One Love wins this war, once and for all. Freedom is 35,000 feet straight down, and all you need is love. Stop the fighting.

Why is America pushing so hard? You know. Look at the timeline.

1) October 2008 - Cuba announces reserves are now double previous estimates.
2) January 2010 - Haiti earthquake. American military build up in Caribbean.
3) February 2010 - Jamaica signs $1.27 billion debt restructuring agreement with IMF.
4) March 2010 - Jamaican Minister of Mining and Energy presents 'Second Formal Licensing Round 2010' seminars in London, England, new seismic data and bid procedures to Geological Society of England.
5) April 2010 - Jamaican Minister of Mining and Energy presents 'Second Formal Licensing Round 2010' seminars in New Orleans and Houston, new seismic data and bid procedures to the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.
6) April 20, 2010 - Gulf of Mexico oil rig explosion.
7) April 2010 - American pressure on Jamaican government over extradition of Dudus escalates to red zone.
8) May 22, 2010 - American military personnel seen landing at Manley International in Kingston.
9) May 23, 2010 - State of Emergency declared by Prime Minister of Jamaica.
10) May 25, 2010 - American Congresswoman born in Jamaica calls for U.S. State Department intervention to stop the violence in Kingston.

In just over a year from Cuba announcing to the world that there are huge oil reserves deep under the Caribbean, events unfold that result in an American military build up on Haiti, the island closest to Cuba.

In less than 30 days since signing the IMF debt restructuring agreement, Jamaica has to present their 'non-existent yet' oil industry to the people who control the IMF and World Bank, and offer a bid process.

In less than 30 days after presenting this data in the United States, the Dudus extradition conflict is escalated and Jamaica is destabilized.

You do the math. What do you think?

Is Dudus just a pawn, nurtured to become the perfect excuse to provide the necessary conditions for the presence of heavily armed American soldiers, on the ground in the capital city at the same time as the most important contracts in the history of Jamaica are open for bidding, immediately after the government restructures a $1.27 billion US debt package with the IMF, who has always used that situation to strip away a country's control of it's own natural resources and utilities, just as the United States is mobilizing to engage in a war with the Middle East and will need to guarantee themselves some new supplies of oil?

Does that sound possible?

Every Jamaican involved in this conflict has to stop fighting if they are going to save their oil wealth. The gangs, the leaders, the constables, the military, the politicians, the people. They need to begin a process of reasoning to avoid the trap set by Babylon.

America is good at this. They've done it before.

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 9/14/2012 10:27:49 PM

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Monday May 28, 2012 After a few years of uncertainty, it has been confirmed that the Canadian oil and gas exploration company, Sagres will begin the process of drilling for oil in Jamaica come next year.

Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell revealed recently that a deal had been signed between his government and the company and that drilling will be concentrated on the southern St Elizabeth Coastline.

While not disclosing specifics, the energy minister said the deal is a production sharing agreement where the government will receive a certain per cent of the oil and there would be no financial burden to the government.

Paulwell made these disclosures while addressing a group of geologists at an awards banquet of the University of the West Indies recently.

In highlighting the importance of energy to economic growth, Paulwell said it is a matter of urgency for the country to find new energy sources.

In 2010, Sagres Energy, the parent of Canadian firm Rainville Energy, which has the rights to explore three blocks offshore Jamaica for oil, stated that it had identified a "seismic bump" that could indicate three billion barrels of oil undersea.

However, the actual drilling had been delayed since then as Sagres, which specialised in oil exploration but was yet to venture into commercial oil drilling, sought a drilling partner.

Sagres had hoped to start drilling by yearend 2011 to meet its original deadline set by the government, but was forced to seek a four-month extension from state company the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) until April 30, 2012 on the first phase of its programme, to allow potential joint-venture partners sufficient time to do their evaluation of the blocks.

"We continue to be excited by the potential of the La Concepcion prospect, a prospect mapped straddling Blocks 9 and 13, with an independent evaluation establishing a gross mean prospective resource estimate of 3.0 billion barrels," said President and CEO of Sagres Gary Wine at the time.

Paulwell also noted at the time that, based on the data collected to date, there were indications that there could be as much as 10 billion barrels of reserves in the Walton Basin.

Sagres and PCJ are party to three production sharing agreements covering the right to explore and develop three blocks covering approximately 8,860 square kilometr

Read more:

Messenger: Officia non magnam e Sent: 5/25/2020 4:23:20 PM

No one have the enough time to hear such boring documentary about things which exists too low around us. The thesis writer captures the new and emergent areas of the world. So, why we should hear these ugly files than those fields?

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/26/2020 11:15:47 PM

The US is more interested in the drug war now because of it is suddenly affecting much more whites now. Almost everyone in the white community is starting to feel it; knowing someone who knows someone who is either addicted to or who overdosed on heroin or fentanyl. That's why they care.

There is a large segment of the US population that is racist. Period. Donald Trump excited them because they felt like he was speaking their (8th grade) language. And he was. Because he is also racist. But they simply try to rebrand racism as white nationalism and then get on tv and act like the "white" in white nationalism is silent.

They didn't feel the pain of any minority community when drugs came in and ravaged our families and took over our neighborhoods. Some corners literally became war zones. But for them, it was all criminals buying from criminals, getting what they deserved. They weren't as interested in the supply side because the demand allowed them to lock up millions of black people and extra fortunes from our community in legal fees, bail, taxes, commissary, etc.

But the effect on their community now is problematic. They can feel it because it's happening to them. And all of a sudden it's not okay. I don't hate this white people. But I universally hate ignorance and hypocrisy. And by going after the supply side now, is simply a way to cast blame on someone else for supplying drugs where as before they put all the blame on the black community for distribution and consumption.

Truth is, white people have always consumed large quantities of drugs. It is because of fentanyl that these drugs are much more dangerous and more people are dying as a result. But since they're addicted (and part of it is pain killers) they don't feel like they have a choice, except to continue using.

Messenger: SiennaFarrell Sent: 6/15/2020 4:40:46 AM

American military information having very secure but people who have the interest will make very good knowledge about it. Jamaica articles have the papernow review who have full access to the very good point at you.

Messenger: SiennaFarrell Sent: 6/26/2020 7:58:22 AM


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