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Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 5/20/2010 10:00:12 PM

Mi a wonda if this differs from one I to another

What sort of effects to the i senses rise the clearest and strongest memories in the i mind.....and which of the i senses do you think is most receptive to the rising up of memories ?

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 5/21/2010 12:10:16 PM

I don't know, I have never really payed attention to that.

Messenger: osar Sent: 5/22/2010 12:49:58 AM

the mind is the most important organ we have. there is where I shines after we broom our hart of all unrighteousness. rastafari lives. praising HIM is I thing. memories if they are nice play them if not burn them. love . also in our mind we create heaven or hell.

Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 5/24/2010 12:50:32 PM

Well, mi nah really burn i memories, good or bad
It is the memories of bad things that mek ini strive not to let it happen again, ini cyaan forget slavery days for eg.
and yes, it is the memories of good things that remind ini that no matter how bad things get, there is still goodness inna the world

still i think i overs what the i mean, ini cant let bad memories become a burden fe carry.....but then, in that sense, even good memories can be a burden if one is not careful.

Ark I, the i know already the importance of exercising and strengthening ini abilities and capabilities, and the memory is no different, the more one Icentrates and practice ones memory, the more things we remember, beyond the things we think we know now.
I man still ididtating on it, going through I seven seals, seeing which one is the most efficient in following memory directions and right now, mi feel it is i Nose, smells. When it comes to the natural effects on i seals, i think,speaking personally,the weather and climate is the most powerful in bringing forth memories to i mind.
we all recieve memories through ini seals, i am just wondering if some a we recieve more from one seal than another seal.
We all recieve through the eyes, we get memories from things we see, objects, you can see some people are really attached to objects and wont throw anything away lol
we recieve through the ears, no need to mention, music can bring up very clear memories
nose, by smells, mouth ,by taste

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 5/24/2010 11:25:33 PM

Yes I, I just don't know which of I senses brings up more memories than others.

If I were to guess, I would guess the eyes, because the eyes distinguish between many things.

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