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Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 4/23/2010 2:40:25 PM

As I have said before my people are from eritrea. They keep asking me why did he have to rule eritrea. I'm tellin no lie they hate him, everyone hates rastafari. Do I just seperate myself from them? My mom doesn't care so she's close. Any advise? Bless

Messenger: WarriorsConquer Sent: 4/25/2010 4:21:22 PM

His Majesty only have one on one Vibes so dont make it an issue with your family and hold your faith close. Nuff them who up Mugabe chant Rastafari all day with their lips but some peoples hate is better than others "love".

Messenger: WarriorsConquer Sent: 4/26/2010 10:20:36 AM

In otherwords, When has a blacklisted culture not been morally superior?

Messenger: Sister Ifua Sent: 4/27/2010 9:21:09 AM

Greetings Young Lion,

I know they hate H.I.M. in Eritrea and that's the reason why there are only VERY VERY few eritrean Rastafarians. See it as a test for the I self. JAH Rastafari is calling the I and the I doesn't ignore it because of pressure. Nuff respect!
And as for the Eritrea - question just ask them: What was better at that time? Foreign dominion by Egypt, Sudan, Italy, England, Russia? Or by a power that AT LEAST understood their culture?!? So Ethiopia was the best choice in a time when the rest of the world wasn't ready to leave Eritrea alone but discussed WHO should rule her.

Sister Ifua

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/29/2010 12:00:33 AM

You must know for yourself, don't look at anybody else.

Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 4/29/2010 7:15:14 PM

Blessed words from all you

thank you tena yistilign

Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 4/30/2010 9:22:56 PM

When has a blacklisted culture not been morally superior?
yes I mi like dat line deh WarriorsConquer

lol, di man say "everyone hates rastafari"

Mi say Fyah pon dat, a lie dat

All mi know say Everyone Love Rastafari

if dem love dem little children, dem love Rastafari
if dem love di sun dat rise in di mornin, dem Love Rastafari
if dem love di moon by night, dem love Rastafari
if dem love dem mother,dem daughter,dem father,dem son, dem Love Rastafari

who a go hate Rastafari and live fi see another day ?

betta uno say dem nah know Rastafari.......yet

Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 5/2/2010 5:16:04 PM

good words fikre Janhoi, there are also those who dont bel;ieve in God but yet love there family


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