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Higher education and the crossroads

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Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 4/22/2010 6:56:52 PM

Tena yistillign

Our Lord Rastafari expressed the importance of higher education, yet Bob Marley said ''babylon the great decieving the people building church and university''. Which one is true or are both true?

Messenger: Sister Ifua Sent: 4/23/2010 9:13:00 AM

Greetings Young Lion

Well, the I have the choice either to learn how to fool people or to help mankind. The I can find both things at highschools as the I can find good or evil in every aspect of life. It is up to the I to make the choice. One thing is for sure: Knowledge is better than no knowledge, even if it is only to know what your enemy does...
If the I search for the good, the I will find good and JAH will show the I a space where to do His work for Him. Even THROUGH universities.
Bob Marley said "Babylon" - he didn't say 'all highschools in general'.
Therefore both expressions of the I's question are right, and everyone has to choose what he wishes to learn.

Wisemind, knowledge, overstanding!

Sister Ifua

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/28/2010 11:52:22 PM

Here is a Reasoning I made before

Starting in 1995 I attended university for 4 years. Every day I was there I always kept this saying from Bob Marley in my head.

Me no have education me have inspiration, if I was educated I'd be a damn fool.

And by keeping Bob's words in I head and trodding the trod of RasTafarI, I avoided becoming a damn fool.

And when I speak of education, I am speaking of the education through the schools of the system, not self-education or gathering of knowledge. And although the education from the system is designed to turn people into damn fools, there is still useful information that can be gathered from the education system, and it also provides people with a "ticket" to accomplish their goals, because babylon system is made to work with those "tickets". So I encourage people to learn what they can from the education system and get the "ticket" it provides, but to always remember Bob's words and observe how it turns people into damn fools and resist that part of the head-decay-tion.

In addition to teaching people about the work that they desire to do, the education system also manipulates them to integrate with and adopt the mentality of Babylon, where wickedness is taught as greatness. The economists praise the murder and downpression of people, by praising the great economical strategies that accomplish these goals, which in turn accomplishes the goal of imbalance, to make the rich even richer, and strips energy from the others.

The education system convinces the students that they are higher than the others because of their system, and this leads to separation from the others, making it easier to downpress them without feeling a thing.

They teach the students to think with the same mind as them, and to look through the same babylon spectacles as them. Downpressing others to rise themselves up higher.

I went to school to learn about engineering, and one class that I had was business related, it was called organizational design or something like that. The class promoted and praised the great techniques that they used, for example JIT (just in time) manufacturing, the concept of this technique is to hold little stock of products, or preferably, no stock, and to meet orders as they come. This way the company doesn't have to pay for space for storage. A requirement of JIT is to heavily make use of temporary work agencies, so when more orders come, they higher the temps, and then let them go when the order are a little less. This is great for the company because they only pay for workers as they need them, providing no job security, no return to the people, they let the people fend for themselves. This is what the people get in return for helping the rich man get richer. And there are so many other techniques they praise that use and abuse the people that work, and shift the imbalance so more and more money goes to the men that already have much more then they need, and less and less goes to the people that already have less then what they need.

I remember also that just as the professors praised these techniques, the students in my classes also praised these techniques as they were trained to do, being the best damn fools they could be. A year or two ago I was speaking to a young man that recently completed school and was working as an engineer. I reasoned to him about what Bob Marley said, and I reasoned to him about what I saw the schools teaching, and about these things that they praised as greatness but were actually wickedness. And how this head-decay-tion causes people to become damn fools.

After I was finished reasoning with him he was surprised at the perspective I showed because he never saw it that way before I told him, he said, "I never thought of it like that, I guess I am one of the fools you are talking about"

Education- Learn, but don't let it fool


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Haile Selassie I