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Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 4/8/2010 7:41:58 PM

I'm eritrean, but i claim Ethiopia because thats where my father is from and we are from the tribe ob Abeshan. But what i want from a knowledgable Rastafarian is what did Haile Selassie try to do with Eritrea. Eritreans suffer alot of oppression from Italians and they blame Menelik for not pushing the Italians out of Eritrea in the battle of adawa, they blame Mengustu for destroying thier country and same with Selassie. If Haile Selassie felt eritreans were one with Ethiopia why did he have the British to rule them for 9 years, i Just want to know what really was going on in Eritrea during Haile Selassie time?


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/9/2010 10:59:19 PM

The I should look into history and the I will see what happened.

The land that is now Eritrea was part of Ethiopia and then certain groups converted to Islam and fought against Ethiopia and eventually became independant. Then the Ottoman came in and took over and drove many of the remaining Ethiopians away. The Ottoman's ruled Eritrea for a long time and fighting continued with Ethiopia hundreds of years and then the Italians came. The Italians came and started buying land in Eritrea and then started fighting and took over the whole country and Italy continued toward Ethiopia. Then after Menelik regained control of parts of Ethiopia that were previously stolen, Italy realized that it wouldn't be as easy as they thought to take over Ethiopia, so the Treaty of Wuchale was made between Ethiopia and Italy, that said that Italy will not try to take any more land from Ethiopia past Eritrea. But Italy continued to advance in Ethiopia right after the treaty and then in the first major war between Italy and Ethiopia, Eritreans fought alongside Italy against Ethiopia. Menelik defeated Italy, then in 1896, the Italians agreed to The Peace Treaty of Addis Ababa, which nullified the Treaty of Wuchale and recognized the absolute independence of Ethiopia.

In the next war between Italy and Ethiopia, many Eritreans fought alongside Italy again against Ethiopia, and when the British came in, they set up British military administration of Ethiopia and Eritrea. A year later the British made an agreement with Haile Selassie I so that he could regain control of Ethiopia, but the British continued their control over Eritrea.

in those wars, if Ethiopia continued across their borders to fight in Eritrea, it would have given other heathens an excuse to join Italy against Ethiopia.

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